Search most popular, unique or unusual Baby names for Boys and Girls with name meanings, origin information of international names

Name Origin Gender
aapeli finnish m
aapo finnish m
aaren english m,f
aarne finnish m
aaron spanish m
aaron english, biblical m
aatami finnish m
aatto finnish m
aatu finnish m
abaddon biblical m
abban irish m
abbas arabic m
abbey english f
abbie english f
abby english f
abd-al-aziz arabic m
abd-al-malik arabic m
abd-al-qadir arabic m
abd-al-rahman arabic m
abd-allah arabic m
abdul arabic m
abdul-aziz arabic m
abdul-rahman arabic m
abdullah arabic m
abe english, jewish m
abednego biblical m
abegail spanish f
abel hungarian m
abel english, french, spanish, biblical m
abelone danish f
abena african f
abeni african f
abhay indian m
abiah biblical m,f
abidan biblical m
abidemi african m
abiel biblical m
abigail english, german, biblical f
abigayle english (modern) f
abihu biblical m
abijah biblical m,f
abilene biblical f
abimael biblical m
abiram biblical m
abisai biblical (variant) m
abishag biblical f
abishai biblical m
abital biblical f
abla arabic f
abner english, biblical m
abraham english, jewish, biblical m
abram biblical m
absalom english, biblical m
absolon french m
acacia english f
acacius ancient greek (latinized) m
acantha greek mythology (latinized) f
ace english m
achaicus biblical, ancient greek (latinized) m
achan biblical m
achieng african f
achille french, italian m
achilles greek mythology (latinized) m
achim german m
acke swedish m
ada english f
adah biblical f
adair m
adalbert ancient germanic, german m
adalberto italian, spanish, portuguese m
adalheid german f
adalia biblical m
adam hungarian m
adam english, french, german, polish, russian, romanian, biblical m
adamina english f
adamo italian m
adan spanish m
adao portuguese m
adara f
addie english f
addison english m,f
addy english f
adel arabic m
adela english f
adelaide french f
adelaide english f
adele french f
adelheid german, dutch f
adelia english f
adelina italian, portuguese, spanish f
adeline french, english f
adelle english f
adelmar german m
adem turkish m
aden m
adena f
adhara astronomy f
adhiambo african f
adi jewish f
adil arabic m
adina biblical f,m
adino biblical m
adisa african m
aditya indian m
adjoa african f
adlai biblical m
adolf german m
adolfo italian, spanish m
adolph english m
adolphe french m
adolphus history m
adonai theology m
adonia f
adonijah biblical m
adonis greek mythology m
adora spanish f
adorinda esperanto f
adorjan hungarian m
adrasteia greek mythology f
adrastos greek mythology m
adria english f
adriaan dutch m
adrian spanish m
adrian english, romanian, russian m
adriana italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian, english f
adrianna english f
adrianne english f
adriano italian m
adrien french m
adrienn hungarian f
adrienne french f
adwoa african f
aegle greek mythology (latinized) f
aelfwine anglo-saxon m
aella greek mythology f
aelred anglo-saxon m
aemilia ancient roman f
aeneas roman mythology m
aengus irish m
aeoel?ryo anglo-saxon f
aeoelbert anglo-saxon m
aeoelfrid anglo-saxon m
aeoelmaer anglo-saxon m
aeoelred anglo-saxon m
aeoelstan anglo-saxon m
aeolus greek mythology (latinized) m
aeron (1) welsh m,f
aeron (2) welsh mythology f,m
aeronwen welsh f
aeronwy welsh f
aesc anglo-saxon m
aeschylus ancient greek (latinized) m
aeson greek mythology (latinized) m
aesop ancient greek (anglicized) m
afanasi russian m
afanasy russian m
afanen welsh f
afia african f
afolabi african m
afon welsh f,m
afonso portuguese m
afra f
africa english f
afua african f
agafya russian f
agamemnon greek mythology m
agape greek, ancient greek f
agapios greek, ancient greek m
agata italian, spanish, polish, czech, slovene, russian f
agatha english f
agathangelos ancient greek f
agathe french, german, greek, ancient greek f
agathon ancient greek m
agaue greek mythology f
aggie english f
aghavni armenian f
agi hungarian f
aglaia greek mythology, greek f
aglaya russian f
aglea f
agnes hungarian f
agnes french f
agnes english, german, dutch, scandinavian f
agnese italian, latvian f
agnessa russian f
agneta swedish f
agnethe german f
agnieszka polish f
agostina italian f
agostinho portuguese m
agostino italian m
agoston hungarian m
agota hungarian f
agrafena russian f
agrippa ancient roman, biblical m
agrippina ancient roman f
agrona celtic mythology f
agueda spanish f
agustin spanish m
ah chinese m,f
ahab biblical m
aharon jewish m
ahmad arabic m
ahmed arabic m
ahmet turkish m
ahriman near eastern mythology m
ahtahkakoop native american m
ahura mazda near eastern mythology m
ahuva jewish f
ai (1) japanese f
ai (2) chinese f
aias greek mythology m
aida english f
aidan irish, scottish m,f
aiden m
aigneis irish f
aikaterine greek f
ailbhe irish m,f
aileas scottish f
aileen scottish, english f
ailill irish, irish mythology m
ailin irish m
ailis irish f
ailpein scottish m
ailsa scottish f
aime french m
aimee french f
aimo finnish m
aina spanish f
aindrea scottish m
aindreas irish m
aindriu irish m
aine irish f
aingeal irish f
aino finnish f
ainsley english, scottish m,f
ainslie english, scottish m,f
aintzane basque f
aiolos greek mythology m
aisha arabic f
aislin irish, english f
aisling irish f
aislinn irish f
aithne irish f
aitor basque m
ajax greek mythology (latinized) m
ajeet indian m
ajit indian m
ajith indian m
akakios greek, ancient greek m
akamu hawaiian m
akanksha indian f
akeem arabic m
akemi japanese f
akhil indian m
aki japanese m,f
akiko japanese f
akilah arabic f
akilina russian f
akim russian m
akinyi african f
akio japanese m
akira japanese m
akiva jewish m
akoni hawaiian m
akosua african f
aksel danish, norwegian m
aksinya russian f
aku finnish m
akua african f
akulina russian f
al english m
alaba african f
alain french m
alaina english f
alan english, scottish m
alana english f
alanis english f
alanna english f
alannah english f
alannis english f
alaois irish m
alaric history m
alasdair scottish m
alastair scottish m
alastar irish m
alastriona irish f
alayna english f
alba italian, spanish f
alban english, german m
alberic english m
albert english, french m
alberta english, italian f
albertina italian, german, portuguese, english f
albertine french f
alberto italian, spanish, portuguese m
albina italian f
albrecht german m
alby irish m
alcaeus ancient greek (latinized) m
alcippe greek mythology (latinized) f
alcyone greek mythology (latinized) f
alden english m
aldo italian m
aldous english m
aldrick m
alea english (modern) f
alease english f
alec english m
alechjo esperanto m
aled welsh m
aleesha english (modern) f
aleit german f
alejandra spanish f
alejandro spanish m
alejo spanish m
aleksandar bulgarian, macedonian, croatian, serbian m
aleksander polish, slovene, albanian m
aleksandr russian m
aleksandra russian, polish, serbian, bulgarian, slovene f
aleksandrina serbian, croatian, russian f
aleksandro esperanto m
aleksanteri finnish m
aleksei russian m
aleksi finnish m
alene english f
alenka slovene f
ales czech m
alesha english (modern) f
alessa italian f
alessandra italian f
alessandro italian m
alessia italian f
alessio italian m
aleta english f
aletha english f
alethea english f
alex english m,f
alexa english f
alexander english, german, dutch m
alexandr czech m
alexandra german, scandinavian, dutch, english, greek, portuguese, romanian, cze f
alexandre french, portuguese, hungarian m
alexandrea english f
alexandria english f
alexandrie french f
alexandrina english f
alexandros greek, ancient greek m
alexandru romanian m
alexei russian m
alexej czech m
alexia english, german f
alexina english f
alexis (1) german, french, english, ancient greek m
alexis (2) english f
alexius ancient greek (latinized) m
alexus english f
alf english m
alfeo italian m
alfhild norwegian, swedish f
alfons german m
alfonsina italian f
alfonso spanish, italian m
alfred hungarian m
alfred english, french m
alfreda english, polish, german, italian f
alfredo italian, spanish, portuguese m
alfsigr ancient scandinavian f
algar english m
alger english m
algernon english m
ali arabic m
alia arabic f
aliah f
alice english, french f
alicia spanish, english f
alida hungarian f
aliisa finnish f
alin romanian m
alina (1) arabic f
alina (2) german, polish f
aline french, english f
alis welsh f
alisa english f
alisha english f
alisia english f
alison english, french f,m
alissa english f
alistair scottish m
alister scottish m
alisya english (modern) f
alix english m,f
aliyah jewish f
aliz hungarian f
aliza jewish f
allan english, scottish m
allannah english f
allegra english, italian f
allegria english f
allen english, scottish m
allie english f
allison english f
allon biblical m
ally english f
allycia english (modern) f
allyn english m
allyson english f
alma english f
almas arabic, iranian f
almira english f
almudena spanish f
alodia f
alois german, czech m
aloisia german f
aloisio portuguese m
alojz slovene m
alon jewish m
alondra spanish f
alonso spanish m
alonzo italian m
aloysius english, german, dutch m
alp turkish m
alpertti finnish m
alpha english m,f
alphaeus biblical m
alphonse french m
alphonsine french f
alphonso italian m
alphonsus m
alphonzo english m
alpin scottish m
alta f
altan turkish m
alte jewish f
alter jewish m
althea greek mythology (latinized) f
alton english m
aludra astronomy f
alun welsh m
alva m
alvah biblical m
alvar english m
alvaro spanish, portuguese m
alvena english f
alvilda danish f
alvin english m
alvina english f
alvis norse mythology m
alwilda english f
alwyn english m
alya arabic f
alyce english (modern) f
alyona russian f
alys english (modern) f
alysha english (modern) f
alyson english f
alyssa english f
alyssia english f
alyusha russian m
alyx english f
alzbeta czech, slovak f
ama african f
amabel english f
amada spanish f
amadeo italian m
amadeus late roman m
amadi (1) african f
amadi (2) african m
amal (1) arabic f,m
amal (2) biblical m
amala indian f
amalia hungarian f
amalia german, english f
amalric ancient germanic m
amalthea greek mythology f
amanda english f
amandine english f
amando spanish m
amani arabic f
amar indian m
amara f
amaranta english f
amarante french, ancient greek f
amardad m
amariah biblical m
amaryllis english f
amaterasu far eastern mythology f
amato italian m
amaury french m
amaya japanese f
amber english f
ambra italian f
ambre french f
ambrogino italian m
ambrogio italian m
ambroise french m
ambrose english m
ambrosia ancient greek f
ambrosine english f
ambrosio spanish, portuguese m
ambrus hungarian m
amedea italian f
amedee french m
amedeo italian m
amedeus english m
amelia portuguese f
amelia english f
amelie french f
amen egyptian mythology m
amenhotep ancient egyptian m
america english f
americo spanish, portuguese m
amerigo italian m
amethyst english f
amhlaidh scottish m
amhlaoibh irish m
ami english (modern) f
amias english m
amice english f
amie english f
amika esperanto f
amilcar portuguese, spanish m
amilia english f
amin arabic m
amina arabic f
aminda esperanto f
aminta f
amir (1) arabic m
amir (2) jewish m
amira arabic f
amita indian f
amittai biblical m
amity english f
ammiel biblical m
ammon egyptian mythology (hellenized) m
amon egyptian mythology m
amos biblical, english, jewish m
amparo spanish f
amrit indian m,f
amrita indian f
amy english f
amyas english m
amynta f
an chinese m,f
ana spanish, portuguese, slovene, bulgarian, romanian, croatian, serbian f
anacleto italian, spanish, portuguese m
anacletus ancient greek (latinized) m
anahid armenian f
anahita near eastern mythology f
anais provencal, catalan, french f
anaitis near eastern mythology (hellenized) f
anakin literature m
anakoni hawaiian m
anan (1) african m,f
anan (2) biblical m
anand indian m
ananda indian f
anani biblical m
ananias biblical m
ananta indian m
ananth indian m
anantha indian m
anargyros greek m
anaru maori m
anas arabic m
anass arabic m
anastacia english f
anastas spanish m
anastasia russian, greek, ancient greek f
anastasie french f
anastasio italian m
anastasios greek, ancient greek m
anastasius ancient greek (latinized) m
anasztaz hungarian m
anasztazia hungarian f
anat near eastern mythology f
anath (1) biblical m
anath (2) near eastern mythology f
anatole french m
anatoli russian m
anatolius ancient greek (latinized) m
anatoly russian m
anatu near eastern mythology f
anaxagoras ancient greek m
anca romanian f
anchjo esperanto m
andela czech f
ander basque m
anders scandinavian m
anderson english m
andor norwegian m
andra english f
andras hungarian m
andras welsh m
andraste celtic mythology f
andre french, portuguese m
andrea (1) italian m
andrea (2) english, german, czech, slovak, hungarian, scandinavian f
andreas german, greek, scandinavian, ancient greek m
andree french f
andreea romanian f
andrei russian, bulgarian, romanian m
andreia portuguese f
andrej slovene, czech, croatian m
andreja slovene f
andres spanish m
andreu catalan m
andrew english, biblical m
andriana english f
andries dutch m
andrija croatian, serbian m
andrina english f
andris hungarian m
andriy ukrainian m
andro croatian m
androcles ancient greek (latinized) m
andromache greek mythology f
andromeda greek mythology f
andronikos ancient greek m
andrzej polish m
andy english m
ane danish f
aneirin welsh m
anelie german f
anemone english f
aneurin welsh m
anfisa russian f
angel english m,f
angela spanish f
angela english, italian, german, romanian, slovene f
angele french f
angelia english f
angelica english, italian, romanian f
angelika german f
angelina english, italian f
angeline french f
angelique french f
angelita spanish f
angelle english f
angelo italian m
angelos greek m
angerona roman mythology f
angharad welsh f
angie english f
angus scottish, irish, english m
angyalka hungarian f
ania russian, polish f
anibal spanish, portuguese m
anica slovene f
anicetus ancient greek (latinized) m
aniela polish f
anika f
aniketos greek, ancient greek m
aniko hungarian f
anima (1) indian f
anima (2) english f
aniruddha indian m
anisa arabic f
anise english f
anisim russian m
anita spanish f
anja scandinavian f
anjali indian f
anjelica english (modern) f
anka polish f
anke german, dutch f
ankur indian m
ann english f
anna english, italian, german, dutch, scandinavian, greek, hungarian, polis f
annabel english f
annabella english, italian f
annabelle english f
annalisa english f
annas biblical m
anne french, english, german, scandinavian f
anneka english f
anneke dutch f
anneli finnish f
annelie german, scandinavian f
anneliese german f
annelise danish f
annemarie dutch, german f
annetta english, italian f
annette french f
annice english f
annick breton f
annie english f
anniina finnish f
annika dutch, swedish, finnish f
annikki finnish f
annis english f
annmarie english f
annunciata italian f
annunziata italian f
annuska hungarian f
anona english f
anouk dutch f
anoush armenian f
anouska russian f
anrai irish m
ansel m
anselm english m
anselma german, dutch, italian, spanish f
anselme french m
anselmo italian, spanish, portuguese m
ansgar german, scandinavian m
anshel jewish m
anson english m
antal hungarian m
antanas lithuanian m
ante croatian m
antero finnish m
anthea greek mythology (latinized) f
anthony english m
antigone greek mythology f
antigonus ancient greek (latinized) m
antiope greek mythology f
antipater ancient greek (anglicized) m
antje german, dutch f
anto croatian m
antoine french m
antoinette french f
anton german, russian, scandinavian, bulgarian, slovene, romanian m
antonella italian f
antonello italian m
antonette english f
antoni polish, catalan m
antonia english, italian, spanish, portuguese, german, scandinavian, dutch, an f
antonie czech f
antonietta spanish, italian f
antonija croatian, slovene f
antonina polish, russian f
antonino italian m
antonio spanish, italian, portuguese m
antonius ancient roman, dutch m
antono esperanto m
antony english m
antti finnish m
antun croatian m
antwan english (modern) m
anubis egyptian mythology (hellenized) m
anunciacion spanish f
anupam indian m
anushka russian f
anwar arabic m
anwen welsh f
anwer arabic m
anya russian f
aodh irish, scottish m
aodhan irish, scottish m
aoibheann irish f
aoibhin irish f
aoide greek mythology f
aoife irish, irish mythology f
aonghas scottish, irish m
aonghus scottish, irish, irish mythology m
aphra f
aphrodisia ancient greek f
aphrodisios ancient greek m
aphrodite greek mythology f
apikalia hawaiian f
apolinar spanish m
apollinaire french m
apollinaris ancient greek m
apollinariya russian f
apolline french f
apollo greek mythology (latinized) m
apollodoros ancient greek m
apollonia ancient greek f
apollonios ancient greek m
apolonija slovene f
apostolis greek m
apostolos greek m
apphia biblical f
appius ancient roman m
april english f
aquila biblical, ancient roman m
arabella english, italian f
araceli spanish f
aracelis f
aracely f
arachne greek mythology f
aragorn literature m
araminta f
aran f
aranka hungarian f
aranrhod welsh, welsh mythology f
arantxa basque f
aras lithuanian m
arata japanese m
aravinda indian m
arcadia late roman f
arcangelo italian m
arcelia spanish f
archelaus ancient greek (latinized), biblical m
archibald scottish, english m
archie scottish, english m
archimedes ancient greek m
archippos ancient greek m
ardal irish m
ardashir iranian m
arden english m
ardghal irish m
arduino italian m
areli biblical m
ares greek mythology m
aretha english f
arethusa greek mythology f
arevig armenian f
argus greek mythology (latinized) m
argyris greek m
argyros ancient greek m
ari (1) jewish m
ari (2) ancient scandinavian m
aria english f
ariadne greek mythology, english f
ariana english f
ariane english, french f
arianna italian f
arianne french f
arianrhod welsh, welsh mythology f
aric english m
ariel biblical, jewish m,f
ariella english f
arielle english f
arienne french f
aries roman mythology m
arik m
arina russian f
arisha russian f
arista astronomy f
aristide french m
aristides ancient greek m
aristocles ancient greek (latinized) m
aristodemos ancient greek, greek mythology m
aristomache ancient greek f
ariston ancient greek m
aristophanes ancient greek m
aristotle ancient greek (latinized) m
arisu japanese f
arisztid hungarian m
arjan dutch m
arjun indian m
arjuna indian m
arkadi russian m
arkadios ancient greek m
arkady russian m
arkell english m
arleen english f
arlen m
arlene english f
arlette french, english f
arlie english f,m
arline english f
armand french m
armando spanish, italian, portuguese m
armel french m
armelle french f
armin german m
armo finnish m
arn english m
arnaldo italian m
arnau catalan m
arnaud french m
arnaude french f
arndt german m
arne (1) scandinavian m
arne (2) german m
arnie english m
arnold english, german m
aroha maori f
aroldo italian m
aron hungarian m
aron polish m
arpad hungarian m
arrigo italian m
arron english m
arsen armenian m
arseni russian m
arsenios ancient greek m
art english m
artair scottish m
artemidoros ancient greek m
artemis greek mythology f
artemisia ancient greek f
artemisios ancient greek m
arthur english, welsh mythology m
arttu finnish m
artturi finnish m
artur hungarian m
artur german, portuguese m
arturo italian, spanish m
arundhati indian, hindu mythology f
arvel welsh m
arvid scandinavian m
arvo finnish m
arwen literature f
aryana f
arzu turkish f
asa scandinavian f
asa biblical, jewish m
asad arabic m
asad arabic m
asaf biblical (variant) m
asaph biblical m
asbjorn norwegian m
asdis icelandic, ancient scandinavian f
asdrubal spanish m
aseem indian m
asenath biblical f
ash english m,f
asha indian f
ashanti f
asher biblical, jewish m
asherah near eastern mythology f
ashlee english (modern) f
ashleigh english (modern) f
ashley english m,f
ashlie english (modern) f
ashling irish f
ashlyn english f
ashlynn english (modern) f
ashok indian m
ashoka indian m
ashtad m
ashton english m,f
ashtoreth biblical, near eastern mythology f
asia english f,m
asim arabic m
asklepiades ancient greek m
asklepios greek mythology m
asl?g danish f
aslaug norwegian, danish f
asli turkish f
aslog swedish f
asma arabic f
aspasia greek mythology f
aspen english f
assumpcio catalan f
assumpta irish f
assunta italian f
asta scandinavian f
astaroth near eastern mythology f
astarte near eastern mythology (hellenized) f
astor english m
astra english f
astraea greek mythology (latinized) f
astrid scandinavian f
astrithr ancient scandinavian f
astrophel literature m
asuncion spanish f
asya russian f
ata turkish m
atalanta greek mythology f
atallah arabic m
atara jewish f
atarah biblical f
ataullah arabic m
atefeh iranian f
athanas ancient greek m
athanasia greek, ancient greek (latinized) f
athanasios greek, ancient greek m
athanasius ancient greek (latinized) m
athelstan m
athena greek mythology f
athenias ancient greek f
atieno african f
atilio portuguese m
atilio spanish m
atiya arabic f
atlas greek mythology m
atticus m
attila history, hungarian m
attilio italian m
auberon english m
aubree english f
aubrey english m,f
aude french f
audie english f
audley english m
audra (1) lithuanian f
audra (2) english f
audrea english f
audrey english f
august (1) german, polish m
august (2) english m
augusta english, italian, polish f
auguste french m
augustijn dutch m
augustin french m
augustine english m
augusto spanish, italian, portuguese m
augusts latvian m
augustus ancient roman m
aukusti finnish m
aulay scottish m
aulus ancient roman m
aune finnish f
aura english f
aurangzeb indian m
aurel german, romanian m
aurele french m
aurelia ancient roman, italian, romanian f
aureliano spanish m
aurelie french f
aurelien french m
aurelio italian, spanish, portuguese m
aurelius ancient roman m
aureole english f
aurora roman mythology f
aurore french f
ausra lithuanian f
austen english m
austin english m
austyn english (modern) m,f
autumn english m,f
ava (1) english f
ava (2) iranian f
avalon english f
avdotya russian f
avedis armenian m
avelina english f
aveline english f
averill english m,f
avery english m,f
avi jewish m
avia f
avice english f
avidan jewish m
avila english f
aviram jewish m
avis english f
avishai jewish m
avitus ancient roman m
aviv jewish m
aviva jewish f
avner jewish m
avra f
avraham jewish m
avram jewish m
avril french, english f
avrum jewish m
awotwi african m,f
awstin welsh m
axel scandinavian m
axelle french f
aya japanese f
ayala jewish f
aydin turkish m
ayelet jewish f
ayesha arabic f
ayg?l turkish f
ayishah arabic f
ayla (1) jewish f
ayla (2) turkish f
ayla (3) literature f
aylmer m
ayn russian f
ayo african f
ayomide african f
aysel turkish f
aysun turkish f
azalea english f
azarel biblical m
azaria biblical (variant) m
azariah biblical m
azarias m
azeneth f
aziz arabic m
aziz arabic m
azrael judeo-christian legend m
azubah biblical f
azucena spanish f
azuolas lithuanian m
azura english f
azure english f
baako african m,f
baal near eastern mythology m
babajide african m
babak iranian m
babar indian m
babatunde african m
baber indian m
babette english f
babirye african f
babs english f
babur indian m
bacchus greek mythology (latinized) m
badr arabic m,f
baha arabic m
bahiga arabic f
bahij arabic m
bahija arabic f
bahiyya arabic f
bahman iranian m
bahram iranian m
bai chinese m
baila jewish f
bailee english (modern) f
bailey english m,f
bairbre irish f
bakr arabic m
bala indian m,f
balazs hungarian m
baldassare italian m
balder norse mythology m
baldev indian, hindu mythology m
baldo croatian m
baldomero spanish m
baldric english m
baldur german m
baldwin english m
balfour m
balint hungarian m
baltasar spanish m
baltazar judeo-christian legend m
balthasar judeo-christian legend m
balthazar judeo-christian legend m
bambi english f
bandi hungarian m
banu turkish f
bao (1) chinese m,f
bao (2) vietnamese m
baptist german, english m
baptiste french m
baqir arabic m
barabal scottish f
barak biblical, jewish m
barakat arabic m
barb english f
barbara portuguese f
barbara english, italian, french, german, polish, hungarian f
barbie english f
barbora czech, slovak f
barbra english (modern) f
barbro swedish f
barclay scottish, english, irish m
baris turkish m
barlaam judeo-christian legend m
barna hungarian m
barnabas hungarian m
barnabas english, german, biblical m
barnabe french m
barnaby english m
barney english m
barra irish m
barret english m
barrett english m
barrie irish, english m
barry irish, english m
bart english, dutch m
bartal hungarian m
bartel dutch m
barthelemy french m
bartholomaus german m
bartholomew english, biblical m
bartlomiej polish m
bartolome spanish m
bartolomeo italian m
bartosz polish m
baruch biblical, jewish m
bas dutch m
basajaun basque m
basant indian m
basemath biblical f
bashe jewish f
bashemath biblical (variant) f
basia (1) polish f
basia (2) jewish f
basil english m
basile french m
basilio italian, spanish m
basim arabic m
basma arabic f
basmath biblical f
bassam arabic m
bassem arabic m
bastiaan dutch m
bastian german, english m
bastien french m
basu indian m
basya jewish f
bathsheba biblical f
battista italian m
batya jewish f
batyah jewish f
baudouin french m
bautista spanish m
baylee english (modern) f
bea english f
bearach irish m
beata hungarian f
beata polish, german, scandinavian f
beate german f
beathag scottish f
beathan scottish m
beatrice french f
beatrice italian, english f
beatriu catalan f
beatrix english, german f
beatriz spanish, portuguese f
beau english m
beaumont english m
beauregard english m
beavis m
bebhinn irish f
bebhionn irish f
bebinn irish f
becca english f
becka english f
beckah english f
becky english f
bede history m
bedelia irish f
bedivere welsh mythology m
bedrich czech m
bedros armenian m
bedwyr welsh, welsh mythology m
bee english f
beelzebub biblical m
behnam iranian m
behram iranian m
behruz iranian m
beibhinn irish f
beileag scottish f
beitris scottish f
bekki english (modern) f
bela hungarian m
belenus celtic mythology (latinized) m
belgin turkish f
beli welsh mythology m
belinda english f
bella italian f
belle english f
bellona roman mythology f
belphoebe literature f
ben english m
benaiah biblical m
bence hungarian m
bendiks latvian m
bendt danish m
benedek hungarian m
benedetta italian f
benedetto italian m
benedict english m
benedicta late roman f
benedicte french f
benedikt german m
benedikta german, czech f
benedikte danish, norwegian f
benedita portuguese f
benedito portuguese m
benesh jewish m
bengt swedish m
bengta swedish f
beniamino italian m
benigna spanish, italian, portuguese f
benigno italian, spanish, portuguese m
benita spanish, english f
benito spanish, italian m
benjamin spanish m
benjamin english, french, german, hungarian, biblical m
benjamine french f
benjy english m
bennett english m
bennie english m
benno german m
benny english m
benoit french m
benoite french f
benson english m
bent danish m
bente danish f
bentley english m
bento portuguese m
benton english m
benvenuto italian m
beowulf anglo-saxon mythology m
beppe italian m
ber jewish m
berach irish m
berenice english, italian f
bergliot norwegian f
bergljot norwegian f
berit scandinavian f
berjouhi armenian f
berk turkish m
berkant turkish m
berker turkish m
berlin f
berna turkish f
bernadett hungarian f
bernadette french f
bernadine english f
bernard english, french m
bernardetta italian f
bernardine english, french f
bernardino italian, spanish, portuguese m
bernardo italian, spanish, portuguese m
bernat hungarian m
bernat catalan m
bernd german m
bernetta english f
bernhard german m
bernice english, biblical f
bernie english m
berniece english f
bernt scandinavian m
berry (1) english m
berry (2) english f
bert english, dutch m
berta polish, czech, hungarian, german, spanish f
bertalan hungarian m
bertha german, english f
berthe french f
berthold german m
bertie english m,f
bertina english f
bertok hungarian m
bertoldo italian m
bertram english m
bertrand french, english m
bertrando italian m
berwyn welsh m
beryl english f
bess english f
bessie english f
beth english f
bethan welsh f
bethania spanish f
bethany english, biblical f
bethel biblical f
bethney english (modern) f
bethuel biblical m
betrys welsh f
betsy english f
bette english f
bettie english f
bettina (1) english f
bettina (2) italian f
bettino italian m
betty english f
bettye english (modern) f
beulah biblical, english f
bevan welsh m
beverley english f
beverly english f
bevin irish f
bevis english m
beylke jewish f
bhaltair scottish m
bharat indian, hindu mythology m
bhaskar indian m
bhatair scottish m
biaggio spanish m
biagino italian m
biagio italian m
bianca italian f
bibiana italian, spanish f
bice italian f
bich vietnamese f
biddy irish, english f
bidelia irish, english f
bienvenida spanish f
bijay indian m
bijoy indian m
bile irish mythology m
bilge turkish f
bilhah biblical f
bill english m
billie english m,f
billy english m
bindy english f
bine danish f
binh vietnamese m
binyamin jewish m
birger scandinavian m
birgit scandinavian f
birgitta scandinavian f
bithiah biblical f
bjarne scandinavian m
bjoern scandinavian m
bjorn scandinavian, ancient scandinavian m
bjorne scandinavian m
blaanid manx f
blaine m
blair scottish m,f
blaise french m
blaithin irish f
blake english m
blanca spanish f
blanch english f
blanche french, english f
blanid irish f
blathnaid irish f
blathnat irish, irish mythology f
blaze english m
blazej polish, czech m
blejan cornish f
blodeuwedd welsh, welsh mythology f
blodeuyn welsh f
blodwen welsh f
blondie english f
blossom english f
bluma jewish f
blythe english m
bo (1) swedish, danish m
bo (2) chinese m
boadicea ancient celtic (latinized) f
boaz biblical, jewish m
bob english m
bobbi english f,m
bobbie english f,m
bobby english m,f
bodil scandinavian f
bogdan polish, russian m
bogdana polish, russian f
boghos armenian m
bogumil polish m
boguslaw polish m
bohdan czech, ukrainian m
bohumir czech m
bohuslav czech, ukrainian m
bohuslava czech, ukrainian f
boipelo african m,f
boitumelo african f
bojan slovene, serbian, croatian m
bojana slovene, serbian, croatian f
bolanle african f
boldizsar hungarian m
bolek polish m
boleslav russian m
boleslava russian f
boleslaw polish m
boleslawa polish f
bolivar spanish m
bonaventure italian m
boniface english, french m
bonifacio italian, spanish, portuguese m
bonifaz german m
bonita english f
bonnie english f
booker english m
bopha khmer f
bora turkish m
borbala hungarian f
borghild scandinavian f
boris russian m
borislav russian, serbian m
borje swedish m
borya russian m
bosede african m
bosmat jewish f
botros arabic m
botum khmer f
boudicca ancient celtic f
boulos arabic m
boutros arabic m
boyce english m
boyd scottish m
bozidar czech m
bozsi hungarian f
bozydar polish m
brack english m
brad english m
braden english, irish m
bradford english m
bradley english m
brady english, irish m,f
braeden english, irish m
braelyn english (modern) f
brahma hindu mythology m
braiden english, irish m
braidy english, irish m,f
braith welsh f,m
bram english, dutch m
bran (1) irish, irish mythology m
bran (2) welsh, welsh mythology m
brand english m
branda english f
brande english f
branden english m
brandi english f
brandie english f
brandon english m
brandt english m
brandy english f
branimir croatian, bulgarian m
branislav serbian, slovak, croatian, czech m
branislava serbian, slovak, croatian, czech f
branka croatian, serbian, slovene, czech f
branko croatian, serbian, slovene, czech m
brannon m
brant english m
branwen welsh, welsh mythology f
bras portuguese m
bratumil polish m
brava esperanto f
braxton english m
brayden english m
breana english f
breandan irish m
breann english f
breanna english f
breanne english f
breda irish f
breindel jewish f
brenda english f
brendan irish, english m
brenden english m
brendon english m
brenna f
brennan irish, english m
brennus ancient celtic (latinized) m
brent english m
bret english m
brett english m
briallen welsh f
brian irish, english m
briana english f
brianna english, irish f
brianne english f
briar english m,f
brice french m
brid irish f
bride irish f
bridger english m
bridget irish, scottish, english, irish mythology f
bridgette english f
bridie english f
brielle f
brigham english m
brighid irish, irish mythology f
brigid irish, irish mythology f
brigida italian, spanish f
brigit irish, scottish, english f
brigitta german, hungarian f
brigitte german, french f
brin m
briony english f
briscoe english m
bristol english m
britney english f
britt swedish f
britta swedish f
brittani english (modern) f
brittany english f
brittney english f
britton english m
brock english m
brodie irish, english m
brody irish, english m
brogan irish m,f
bron f
bronach irish f
bronagh irish f
bronislav czech, slovak, russian m
bronislava czech, slovak, russian f
bronislaw polish m
bronislawa polish f
bronte english m
bronwen welsh f
bronwyn welsh f
brook english m,f
brooke english f,m
brooklyn english f
brooks english m
bruce scottish, english m
bruna italian f
brunella italian f
brunette f
brunhilde german, germanic mythology f
bruno german, italian, spanish, portuguese, french m
brutus ancient roman m
bryan english m
bryana english f
bryanna english f
bryant english m
bryce english m
bryn welsh m,f
brynja icelandic f
brynmor welsh m
brynn welsh m,f
brynne f
bryony english f
bryson m
buck english m
bud english m
buddy english m
budur arabic f
buffy english f
bulus arabic m
bulut turkish m
burcu turkish f
burgundy english f
burkhard german m
burt english m
burton english m
buster english m
buz biblical m
byelobog slavic mythology m
byrne english m
byron english m
bysshe english m
cacilia german f
cade english m
cadell welsh m
caden english m
cadence english f,m
cadeyrn ancient celtic m
cadfael welsh m
cadfan welsh m
cadi f
cadoc welsh m
cadogan welsh, irish m
cadwalader welsh m
cadwgawn welsh m
caecilia german f
caedmon english m
caelestis late roman m
caelie english f
caerwyn welsh m
caesar ancient roman, english m
caetano portuguese m
caetlin f
cahal irish m
cahir irish m
cai m
cailean scottish m
caileigh english f
cailin f
cain biblical m
cainan biblical m
cairbre irish, scottish m
cairo english m
caitlin irish, english f
caitlyn english f
caitr?ona scottish f
caitria irish f
caitriona irish f
caius ancient roman m
cajsa swedish f
cal english m
calanthe english f
calanthia english f
calbhach irish m
caleb english, biblical m
caleigh english f
caligula history m
calista english f
calisto spanish, portuguese f
calix m
calla english f
callahan english m
callias ancient greek (latinized) m
callie english f
calliope greek mythology (latinized) f
callista english f
callisto (1) italian m
callisto (2) roman mythology f
callistus late roman m
callum scottish m
calogera italian f
calogero italian m
calum scottish m
calvagh irish m
calvin english m
calvino italian m
calypso greek mythology (latinized) f
cambria english f
camden english m
camelia romanian f
camellia english f
cameron scottish, english m,f
camilla english, italian, ancient roman, roman mythology f
camille french f,m
camillo italian m
camillus ancient roman m
camilo spanish, portuguese m
cammie english f
campbell scottish m
camron english m
camryn english f
can turkish m
canan turkish f
candace english, biblical f
cande f
candela spanish f
candelaria spanish f
candelario spanish m
candelas spanish f
candi english (modern) f
candice english f
candida english f
candis english f
candy english f
canute english m
caoilainn irish f
caoilfhionn irish f
caoimhe irish, scottish f
caoimhin irish m
caolan irish m
caprice italian f
capricia f
caprina f
cara english f
caradoc welsh m
caradog welsh m
caramia f
caratacus ancient celtic (latinized) m
carbrey irish, scottish m
carbry irish, scottish m
cardea roman mythology f
careen english f
caren english f
carey irish, english m,f
cari f
caridad spanish f
carin english f
carina scandinavian, german, english f
carine french, english f
caris english f
carissa english f
carita english f
carl german, english m
carla italian, portuguese, english, german f
carlene english f
carles catalan m
carley english f
carlie english f
carlisa english (modern) f
carlisle english m
carlito spanish, portuguese m
carlitos spanish, portuguese m
carlo italian m
carlos spanish, portuguese m
carlotta italian f
carlton english m
carly english f
carlyle english m
carlyn english f
carmel english, biblical f
carmela italian, spanish f
carmelita spanish f
carmella english f
carmelo spanish m
carmen spanish, english f
carmi biblical m
carmina italian f
carmine italian m
carmo portuguese f
carol english f,m
carola english f
carole french f
carolina italian, spanish, portuguese, english f
caroline french, english f
carolus ancient germanic (latinized) m
carolyn english f
caron welsh f
carpus biblical, ancient greek (latinized) m
carran m
carreen english f
carrie english f
carrol irish m
carroll irish m
carry english f
carson scottish, irish, english m,f
carsten german m
carter english m
carwyn welsh m
cary english m,f
caryl english f
caryn english f
carys welsh f
casey english m,f
casimir english m
casimiro spanish, portuguese, italian m
caspar dutch m
casper dutch m
cass english f
cassandra english, greek mythology (latinized) f
cassarah english f
cassia english, ancient roman f
cassian english m
cassidy english f,m
cassie english f
cassiopea greek mythology (latinized) f
cassiopeia greek mythology (latinized) f
cassius ancient roman m
castor greek mythology (latinized) m
catahecassa native american m
catalin romanian m
catalina spanish f
catarina italian, portuguese f
cate english f
caterina italian, catalan f
cathair irish m
cathal irish m
cathan irish m
cathaoir irish m
catharine english f
catherina spanish f
catherine english, french f
cathleen irish, english f
cathryn english f
cathy english f
catina f
catrin welsh f
catrina irish, scottish f
catriona irish, scottish f
cayetano spanish m
cayley english (modern) f
ceallach irish m
ceallagh irish m
ceara english f
cearbhall irish m
cearra english f
cebrian spanish m
cecelia english f
cecil english m
cecile french f
cecilia portuguese f
cecilia english, italian, spanish, scandinavian f
cecilija slovene f
cecilio spanish, portuguese, italian m
cecily english f
cedar english f
cedric english m
cees dutch m
ceinwen welsh f
celandine english f
celeste french f
celeste english f
celestin french m
celestina spanish, italian f
celestine french f
celestine english m
celestino spanish, italian, portuguese m
celia portuguese f
celia english, italian f
celina f
celine french f
celino italian, spanish m
celio italian, spanish, portuguese m
celso italian, spanish, portuguese m
celyn welsh m
cenek czech m
cephalus greek mythology (latinized) m
cephas biblical m
cepheus greek mythology (latinized) m
cerberus greek mythology (latinized) m
ceren turkish f
ceres roman mythology f
ceri welsh m,f
ceridwen welsh, welsh mythology f
cerise french f
cernunnos celtic mythology (latinized) m
cerridwyn welsh f
cerys welsh f
cesaire french m
cesar french, spanish, portuguese m
cesare italian m
cezar portuguese, polish, romanian m
chad english m
chadwick english m
chaim jewish m
chalchiuhticue new world mythology f
chalice english f
chanah jewish f
chance english f,m
chanda indian f,m
chandan indian m
chandana indian m,f
chander indian m
chandler english m
chandra indian, hindu mythology f,m
chandrakant indian m
chandrakanta indian f
chanel english f
chang chinese m
chania f
channah jewish f
channing english m
chantal french, english f
chante french f
chantel english f
chantelle english f
chao chinese m
chara greek f
charalampos greek m
charis english f
charissa english f
charita english f
charity english f
charla english f
charlene english f
charles english, french m
charley english f,m
charlie english m,f
charline french f
charlot french m
charlotta scandinavian f
charlotte french, english f
charlton english m
charmaine english f
charmian english f
charna jewish f
charnette english (modern) f
charo spanish f
chas english m
chase english m
chasity english f
chastity english f
chatzkel jewish m
chau vietnamese f
chauncey english m
chava jewish f
chaya jewish f
chayim jewish m
chaz english m
che spanish m
chelle english f
chelo spanish f
chelsea english f
chelsey english f
chelsie english f
chenaniah biblical (variant) m
chenda khmer f
cheng chinese m
cher english f
cherette english f
cheri english f
cherice english (modern) f
cherie english f
cherilyn english f
cherise english f
cherish english f
chernobog slavic mythology m
cherokee english f,m
cherry english f
cheryl english f
chesed jewish f
chesley english m
chester english m
chet english m
chetana indian m
chevonne irish f
cheyanne english (modern) f
cheyenne english f,m
chi vietnamese f
chiara italian f
chiarina italian f
chibuzo african m,f
chiela esperanto f
chika japanese f
chikako japanese f
chile english m
chin chinese m,f
china english f
chip english m
chita spanish f
chiumbo african m
chizoba african m,f
chloe french f
chloe english, biblical, greek mythology f
chloris greek mythology f
chonsie english f
chris english m,f
chrissie english f
chrissy english f
christ theology m
christa german, danish, english f
christabel english f
christabella english f
christabelle english f
christal english (modern) f
christelle french f
christen f
christer swedish, danish m
christi english f
christiaan dutch m
christian english, french, german m
christiana english f
christiane german, french f
christianne english, french f
christie english f
christin scandinavian, german f
christina english f
christine french, english f
christmas english m
christobel english f
christoffer scandinavian m
christoph german m
christophe french m
christopher english m
christos theology m
christy english f
chrysanta english f
chrysanthe greek, ancient greek f
chrysanthos greek, ancient greek m
chryseis greek mythology f
chryssa english f
chrystal english (modern) f
chucho spanish m
chuck english m
chun chinese f,m
chus spanish m
chylan ? m
chyna english (modern) f
cian irish, irish mythology m
cianan irish m
ciannait irish f
ciara irish f
ciaran irish m
cibor polish m
cicely english f
cicero ancient roman m
ciel english f
ciera f
cierra f
cili hungarian f
cilka slovene f
cilla f
cillian irish m
cillin irish m
cinaed scottish m
cinderella literature f
cindra english (modern) f
cindy english f
cinzia italian f
cionaodh irish m
ciprian romanian m
cipriano italian m
circe greek mythology (latinized) f
ciriaco italian, spanish m
ciril slovene m
cirillo italian m
cirino italian, spanish m
ciro italian, spanish m
cissy f
citlali native american f,m
claire french f
clancy irish, english m
clara english, italian, german, spanish, portuguese, romanian f
clare english f
clarence english m
clarette f
claribel english f
clarice english, french f
clarinda english f
clarissa english, italian f
clarisse french f
clarity english f
clark english m
claud english m
claude french, english m,f
claudette french f
claudia english, german, italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian, ancient roman f
claudine french f
claudio italian, spanish, portuguese m
claudiu romanian m
claudius ancient roman, english m
claus german m
clay english m
clayton english m
cledwyn welsh m
cleena irish f
cleisthenes ancient greek (latinized) m
clelia italian f
clem english m
clematis english f
clemence french f
clemency english f
clemens german m
clement french m
clement english m
clemente italian, spanish m
clementina italian, spanish, portuguese f
clementine french f
cleo english f
cleon ancient greek (latinized) m
cleopatra ancient greek (latinized), english f
cletes m
cletis m
cleto italian, spanish, portuguese m
cletus ancient greek (latinized) m
cleve english m
cleveland english m
cliff english m
clifford english m
clifton english m
clint english m
clinton english m
clio greek mythology (latinized), italian f
cliodhna irish, irish mythology f
cliona irish f
clitus ancient greek (latinized), english m
clive english m
clodagh irish f
clothilde french f
clotilda english f
clover english f
clovia f
clovis ancient germanic (latinized) m
clyde english m,f
clytemnestra greek mythology (latinized) f
clytia greek mythology (latinized) f
cnaeus ancient roman m
cnut m
coby m
codie english m,f
cody english, irish m
coilean irish m
coinneach scottish m
cokkie dutch f
colbert english m
colby english m
cole english m
coleen english f
coleman english, irish m
colene english f
colette french f
colin scottish, english m
coline english f
colleen english f
collin english m
collyn english f
colm irish m
colman irish m
colombain french m
colombe french m,f
colombina italian f
colten english m
colton english m
colum irish m
columba late roman m
columban english m
columbano italian m
columbine english f
columbo italian m
comfort english f
comgal irish m
comgan irish m
comhghall irish m
comhghan irish m
conall irish, scottish, irish mythology m
conan irish m
concepcion spanish f
concepta irish f
concetta italian f
concetto italian m
concha spanish f
conchita spanish f
conchobhar irish, irish mythology m
concordia english f
confucius history m
conleth irish m
conn irish m
connell english m
conner m
connie english f
connor irish, english m
conor irish, english m
conrad english, german m
conrado spanish m
consolata italian f
constance english, french f
constancia portuguese f
constant english, french m
constanta romanian f
constantia late roman f
constantijn dutch m
constantin french, romanian m
constantina ancient roman f
constantine history m
constanza spanish f
consuela spanish f
consuelo spanish f
consus roman mythology m
conway m
cooper english m
coos dutch m
cora english f
coral english f
coralie english f
corbin english m
cordelia english f
cordell english m
cordula english, german f
coreen english f
corentin breton, french m
coretta english f
corey english m
coriander english f
corie english m
corin french m
corina english, german, romanian f
corine english f
corinna english, german f
corinne french f
cormac irish m
cormag scottish m
cornel romanian m
cornelia english, italian, german, dutch, romanian, ancient roman f
cornelio portuguese m
cornelis dutch m
corneliu romanian m
cornelius ancient roman, english, german, biblical m
cornell english m
corona german f
corrado italian m
corrie english f
corrine english f
cort m
cortney english f,m
cory english m
corynn english (modern) f
cosette french f
cosima italian f
cosimo italian m
coskun turkish m
cosma f
cosmin romanian m
cosmina romanian f
cosmo italian, english, german m
costantino italian m
costanzo italian m
costel romanian m
costica romanian m
coty english m
courtney english f,m
cowal irish m
cowessess native american m
craig scottish, english m
crawford english m
cree english m
creighton english m
crescentia german, ancient roman f
crescentius ancient roman m
crescenzo italian m
cressida english f
crina romanian f
crispian english m
crispin english m
cristal english (modern) f
cristen f
cristi romanian m
cristian spanish m
cristian romanian m
cristiana italian f
cristiano italian, portuguese m
cristina italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian f
cristobal spanish m
cristoforo italian m
cristovao portuguese m
crocetta italian f
crocifissa italian f
crofton english m
cronus greek mythology (latinized) m
cruz spanish f
cruzita spanish f
crystal english f
crystin welsh f
csaba hungarian m
csilla hungarian f
ctibor czech m
cuan irish m
cuauhtemoc native american m
cuc vietnamese f
cuchulainn irish mythology m
culhwch welsh, welsh mythology m
cullen english m
cunegonde french f
cunobelinus ancient celtic (latinized) m
cupid roman mythology m
curro spanish m
curt german, english m
curtis english m
cuthbert english m
cy english m
cyan english f
cybele near eastern mythology f
cybill english f
cymbeline english m
cymone english f
cyndi english f
cyneburga anglo-saxon f
cynefrio anglo-saxon m
cynthia english, greek mythology (latinized) f
cyprian m
cyra f
cyrano literature m
cyriaca ancient roman f
cyriacus ancient roman m
cyril english m
cyrilla english f
cyrille french m,f
cyrus english, biblical m
cystenian welsh m
czcibor polish m
czenzi hungarian f
czeslaw polish m
da chinese m
dacre english m
dada african f
daedalus greek mythology m
daffodil english f
dafne italian f
dafydd welsh m
dag scandinavian m
dagda irish mythology m
dagfinn norwegian, danish m
dagmar scandinavian, german f
dagny scandinavian f
dagrun norwegian f
dahlia english f
dai welsh m
daibhidh scottish m
daichi japanese m
daina lithuanian f
daire irish m
dairine irish f
daisy english f
daithi irish m
daividh scottish m
dakarai african f
dakota english m,f
dalal arabic f
dale english m,f
daley irish, english m
dalia english f
dalibor czech, slovak, croatian, serbian, slovene m
dallas english m
dalton english m
daly irish, english m
dalya english f
damaris biblical f
damayanti indian f
damhnait irish f
damian english m
damiana italian f
damiano italian m
damien french m
damion english m
damodar indian m
damon greek mythology, english m
dan (1) biblical m
dan (2) english, romanian m
dana (1) polish, czech, romanian f
dana (2) english m,f
danae greek mythology f
danail bulgarian m
dand scottish m
dane english m
danette english f
dania f
danica f
daniel hungarian m
daniel english, jewish, french, german, scandinavian, polish, czech, spanish, m
daniela polish, czech, romanian, italian f
daniele french f
daniele italian m
daniella english f
danielle french, english f
daniil russian m
danika f
danilo italian, portuguese, spanish m
danita f
dannie english m
danny english m
dante italian m
danut romanian m
danuta polish f
danya f
daphne greek mythology, english f
dara (1) irish m
dara (2) jewish f
dara (3) khmer f,m
darach irish m
darby english m,f
darcey english f
darcy english m,f
darden english m
dareia greek f
darell english m
daren english m
daria italian, english, polish f
darian english m,f
dariea ? f
darien english m,f
darin english m
darina irish f
dario italian m
darius english m
darja slovene f
darla english f
darleen english f
darlene english f
darnell english (modern) m
darrel english m
darrell english m
darren english m
darrin english m
darryl english m
darwin english m
darya russian f
daryl english m
dassah jewish f
daud indian m
dave english m
davena f
daveth cornish m
davey english m
david hungarian m
david english, jewish, french, russian, czech, biblical m
davida english f
davide italian m
davie english m
davin english m
davina english f
davinia f
davis english m
davy english m
dawid polish m
dawn english f
dawson english m
dawud arabic m
dax english m
dayaram indian m
dayna english f
dayo african f
dayton english m
dazbog slavic mythology m
dazhdbog slavic mythology m
dean english m
deana english f
deandre english m
deangelo english m
deanna english f
deanne english f
dearbhail irish f
deasun irish m
deb english f
debbi english f
debbie english f
debby english f
debdan indian m
debora english f
deborah english, jewish, biblical f
debra english f
decebal romanian m
decima ancient roman f
decimus ancient roman m
declan irish m
dee english f,m
deeann english (modern) f
deemer english m
deena english f
deepak indian m
deepali indian f
deforest english m
deforrest english m
deidra english f
deidre english f
deimos greek mythology m
deiniol welsh m
deirbhile irish f
deirdre english, irish f
deitra english f
deja f
delaiah biblical m
delaney english m,f
delbert english m
delfina italian, spanish f
delia english f
delice english f
delicia english f
delilah biblical, english f
dell english m
della english f
delma irish, english f
delmar english m
delora f
delores english f
deloris english f
delphia f
delphina f
delphine french f
delphinia f
delroy english m
delshad m
delta english f
delwyn welsh m,f
delyth welsh f
dema arabic f
demelza english f
demeter (1) greek mythology f
demeter (2) hungarian m
demetria ancient greek f
demetrio italian, spanish, portuguese m
demetrios greek, ancient greek m
demetrius ancient greek (latinized) m
demi greek f
democritus ancient greek (latinized) m
demon ancient greek m
demosthenes ancient greek m
demostrate ancient greek f
demyan russian m
den english m
dena english f
dene english m
denes hungarian m
denholm english m
denice english f
deniece english (modern) f
denis french, russian, english m
denisa czech, slovak, romanian f
denise french, english f
deniz turkish f,m
dennis english, french m
denny english m
denton english m
denver english m
denys english m
denzel english m
denzil english m
deo indian m
deodan indian m
deoiridh scottish f
deon english m
deonne english m
deorsa scottish m
derby english m
derek english m
derick english m
dermid scottish m
dermot irish m
derren english m
derrick english m
derry m
derval irish f
dervila irish f
dervla irish f
derya turkish f,m
deryck english (modern) m
deryn welsh f
desdemona english f
deshaun english (modern) m
deshawn english (modern) m
desi m
desiderio italian, spanish m
desire french m
desiree french f
desislav bulgarian m
desislava bulgarian f
desmond english, irish m
despina greek f
despoina greek f
desta f
destinee english (modern) f
destiny english f
desya russian m
detlef german m
detta english m
dev indian m
devan m
devdan indian m
devdas indian m
deven english m
devereux english m
devi indian, hindu mythology f
devika indian f
devin english, irish m
devnet irish f
devon english m,f
dewayne english (modern) m
dewey welsh m
dewi welsh m
dexter english m
dezi m
dezirinda esperanto f
dezso hungarian m
dhananjay indian m
diamantina portuguese f
diamond english f
diana english, spanish, italian, portuguese, romanian, russian, roman mythol f
diane french, english f
diann english (modern) f
dianna english f
dianne french, english f
diarmad scottish m
diarmaid irish, irish mythology m
diarmuid irish m
dick english m
didi german m
didier french m
dido roman mythology f
diederick german m
diederik dutch m
diego spanish m
dierk german m
dieter german m
dietfried german m
diethelm german m
dietlinde german f
dietmar german m
dietrich german m
dieudonne french m
dieudonnee french f
digby english m
diggory english m
dijana serbian, croatian, slovene f
dikeledi african f
dilbert literature m
dilip indian m
dillon english m
dilshad m
dilwen welsh f
dilwyn welsh m
dilys welsh f
dima (1) arabic f
dima (2) russian m
dimitar bulgarian, serbian m
dimitri russian, french m
dina english f
dinah biblical, english f
dinesh indian m
dinh vietnamese m
dinis portuguese m
dino italian m
diodore french m
diodorus ancient greek (latinized) m
diodotus ancient greek (latinized) m
diogenes ancient greek m
diogo portuguese m
diokles ancient greek m
diomedes greek mythology m
dion french, english m
dione english f
dionisio spanish, portuguese m
dionne english f
dionysios greek, ancient greek m
dionysius ancient roman m
dionysodoros ancient greek m
dionysos greek mythology m
dionysus roman mythology m
dipak indian, hindu mythology m
dipali indian f
direnc turkish m
dirk dutch, english m
disgleirio welsh f,m
divina english f
divya indian f
dixie english f
diya arabic m
djamila arabic f
dmitri russian m
dmitrii russian m
dmitriy russian m
dmitry russian m
dobrogost m
dobromil polish, czech m
dodie english f
doina romanian f
doireann irish f
dollie english f
dolly english f
dolores spanish, english f
dolph english m
dom english m
domen slovene m
domenica italian f
domenico italian m
domhnall scottish, irish m
dominga spanish f
domingo spanish m
domingos portuguese m
dominic english m
dominica f
dominick english m
dominik czech, russian, polish, german m
dominika czech, russian, polish f
dominique french f,m
domitilla italian f
domonkos hungarian m
don english m
dona english f
donagh irish m
donal irish m
donald scottish, english m
donalda scottish, english f
donaldina scottish f
donar germanic mythology m
donat hungarian m
donat french, provencal, catalan, polish m
donata italian f
donatella italian f
donatello italian m
donatien french m
donatienne french f
donato italian, spanish, portuguese m
donella scottish, english f
donelle f
dong chinese m
donna english f
donnchadh scottish, irish m
donnie english m
donny english m
donovan irish m
dora hungarian f
dora english f
doran irish, english m
dorcas biblical, english f
dorean irish f
doreen english f
dores portuguese f
dorete danish f
doretta f
dorian english m
doriane french f
doriano italian m
dorika hungarian f
dorinda english f
doris english, german f
dorit jewish f
dorita f
dorofei russian m
doron jewish m
dorota polish, czech f
dorotea italian, spanish f
doroteia portuguese f
dorothea english, german, dutch f
dorothee french f
dorotheos greek, ancient greek m
dorothy english f
dorottya hungarian f
dorris english f
dortha english f
dorthy english f
doru romanian m
dory f
dosia f
dot english f
dottie english f
dotty english f
doug english m
dougal scottish, irish m
douglas scottish, english m
dov jewish m
dovid jewish m
doyle irish m
draco ancient greek (latinized) m
dragan serbian, croatian m
dragana serbian, croatian f
dragica serbian, croatian, slovene f
dragomir serbian, croatian, romanian, bulgarian m
dragos romanian m
drake english m
draven english m
dreda english f
drew english m
drina f
driscoll english, irish m
driskoll english, irish m
drogo english m
drummond m
drusilla biblical, ancient roman f
drystan welsh m
dua arabic f
duana english f
duane english, irish m
duarte portuguese m
dubaku african m,f
dubhghall irish, scottish m
dubhghlas irish, scottish m
duc vietnamese m
duci hungarian f
dudel jewish m
dudley english m
duff scottish m
dugald scottish m
duha arabic f
duilio italian m
duke english m
dulcibella english f
dulcie english f
duleep indian m
dumitru romanian m
duncan scottish, english m
dung vietnamese m
dunja serbian, croatian, slovene f
dunstan english m
dunya russian f
dunyasha russian f
duong vietnamese m
durand m
durga indian, hindu mythology f
durward english m
dusan czech, serbian, croatian, slovak m
dustin english m
dusty english m,f
duygu turkish m
dvorah jewish f
dwayne english, irish m
dwight english m
dwyn celtic mythology m
dyan english (modern) f
dylan welsh, english, welsh mythology m
dylis welsh f
dymphna irish f
dympna irish f
eabha irish f
eachann scottish, irish m
eadan irish f
eadaoin irish f
eadbhard irish m
eadburga anglo-saxon f
eadwig anglo-saxon m
ealasaid scottish f
ealdgyo anglo-saxon f
ealisaid manx f
eallair scottish m
eamon irish m
eamonn irish m
ean manx m
eanraig scottish m
earl english m
earle english m
earleen english f
earlene english f
earline english f
earnest english m
earnestine english f
eartha english f
easter english m,f
eavan irish f
ebba english, german f
ebbe german, scandinavian m
eben m
ebenezer biblical, english m
eber irish m
eberardo spanish m
eberhard german m
ebert m
ebony english f
ebrahim indian m
ecaterina romanian f
ece turkish f
echo greek mythology f
eckbert german m
eckehard german m
eckhard german m
ed english m
edan irish, scottish m
edana f
edda italian f
eddie english m,f
eddy english m
edelmira spanish f
eden biblical, english f
edgar english, french m
edgard french m
edgardo spanish m
edie english f
edina hungarian f
edison english m
edit hungarian f
edita czech, slovene f
edite portuguese f
edith french f
edith english f
edme scottish f
edmond french m
edmonda f
edmondo italian m
edmund english, german m
edmundo spanish, portuguese m
edna (1) irish, scottish f
edna (2) biblical f
edoardo italian m
edom biblical m
edouard french m
edric english m
edsel m
eduard german m
eduarda portuguese f
eduardo spanish, portuguese m
edurne basque f
edvard scandinavian, hungarian, russian, slovene m
edvige italian f
edward english, polish m
edweena english f
edwena english f
edwige french f
edwin english m
edwina english f
edwyn english m
edwyna english f
edyta polish f
edytha english f
edythe english f
eerikki finnish m
eero finnish m
eetu finnish m
eeva finnish f
effie scottish, english f
efigenia portuguese f
efisio italian m
efraim jewish, biblical (variant) m
efrain spanish m
efstathios greek m
efua african f
egbert english m
egidio italian m
egil scandinavian m
eglantine english f
egon german m
ehud biblical, jewish m
eibhear irish m
eibhir irish m
eibhlin irish f
eideard scottish m
eidel jewish f
eileen irish, english f
eilert frisian, scandinavian m
eilidh scottish f
eilis irish f
eilish irish f
eiluned welsh f
eilwen welsh f
eimhin irish m
eimhir scottish f
einar scandinavian m
einion welsh m
einri irish m
eira welsh f
eiran m
eireann english, irish f
eireen english, irish f
eirene greek mythology, ancient greek f
eirian welsh f
eirik norwegian m
eirlys welsh f
eirwen welsh f
eitan jewish m
eithne irish, scottish f
ekaterina russian, bulgarian, macedonian f
ekewaka hawaiian m
ekin turkish f
ekkehardt german m
ekua african f
ekwueme african m
eladio spanish m
elain welsh f
elaine english f
elario m
elba f
elbert m
elda italian f
elder portuguese m
eldon english m
eldred english m
eldreda english f
elea english f
eleanor english f
eleanora english f
eleanore english f
eleazar biblical m
electra greek mythology (latinized) f
eleftheria greek f
eleftherios greek m
elek hungarian m
elen welsh f
elena italian, spanish, russian, bulgarian, romanian, macedonian f
elene greek f
eleni greek f
elenora english f
eleonoora finnish f
eleonor english f
eleonora italian f
eleonore french f
eleonore german f
eleri welsh f
elettra italian f
eleuterio spanish, portuguese m
eleutherius ancient greek (latinized) m
elfa f
elfleda english f
elfreda english f
elfrida english f
elfriede german f
eli jewish, english, biblical m
elia italian m
elian spanish m
eliana italian, spanish f
eliane french f
elias greek, spanish, portuguese, finnish, hungarian m
elicia english f
elidi f
eliezer biblical m
eligia italian, spanish f
eligio italian, spanish m
elihu biblical m
eliina finnish f
eliisa finnish f
elijah english, jewish, biblical m
elikapeka hawaiian f
elin scandinavian f
elina finnish f
elinor english f
eliot english m
eliott english m
eliphalet biblical (variant) m
eliphelet biblical m
elisa english, german, italian f
elisabet scandinavian f
elisabeta romanian f
elisabeth english, german, french, scandinavian, biblical (variant) f
elisabetta italian f
elisavet greek f
elisaveta macedonian f
elise french f
elise english f
eliseo italian, spanish m
elisha biblical m
elisheba biblical f
elisheva jewish f
elissa (1) roman mythology f
elissa (2) english f
elisud welsh m
elita f
eliud biblical m
eliyahu jewish m
eliza english f
elizabeta slovene f
elizabeth english, biblical f
elizaveta russian f
elkan jewish m
elkanah biblical m
elke (1) dutch, frisian f
elke (2) jewish f
ella english f
ellar scottish m
elle english f
ellen english f
ellery english m,f
elli (1) german f
elli (2) finnish f
ellie english f
elliot english m
elliott english m
ellis (1) english m
ellis (2) welsh m
elly english f
elma f
elmas turkish f
elmer english m
elmira english f
elmo italian m
elnathan biblical m
elnora english f
elodia spanish f
elodie french f
elof swedish m
eloi french m
eloisa italian, spanish f
eloise french f
eloise english f
elouise english f
elov swedish m
eloy spanish m
elpida greek f
elpidio italian, spanish, portuguese m
elpidius late roman m
elpis ancient greek f
elric english m
elrond literature m
elroy english m
elsa english, german, swedish f
elsabeth f
elsdon english m
else danish, norwegian, german f
elsie english f
elspet english, scottish f
elspeth english, scottish f
elton english m
eluf danish m
eluned welsh f
elva f
elvin english m
elvina f
elvira spanish f
elvis english m
elwin english m
elwood english m
elwyn english m
ely m
elyse f
elysia f
elzbieta polish f
em english f
emanuel hungarian m
emanuel scandinavian m
emanuele italian m
emel turkish f
emelie swedish f
emelina english, spanish f
emeline french f
emely english f
emer irish, irish mythology f
emerald english f
emeric m
emerson english m
emery english m
emi japanese f
emidio italian m
emil german, scandinavian, czech, hungarian, romanian m
emile french m
emilee english (modern) f
emilia italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian f
emilian m
emiliana italian, spanish, portuguese f
emiliano spanish, italian m
emilie french f
emilie german f
emilien french m
emilio italian, spanish, portuguese m
emily english f
emine turkish f
emlyn welsh m
emma english, french, italian f
emmaline english f
emmanouil greek m
emmanuel biblical, french, english m
emmanuelle french f
emmeline english f
emmerich german m
emmerson english m
emmet english m
emmett english m
emmie english f
emmy english f
emory english m
emrys welsh m
emyr welsh m
ena irish f
encarnacion spanish f
endre hungarian m
eneas portuguese m
enfys welsh m,f
engel german m
engelbert german m
engin turkish m
enid welsh, welsh mythology f
eniola african m
enitan african m
ennio italian m
ennis irish f,m
enoch biblical m
enok scandinavian m
enola english f
enos biblical (variant) m
enosh biblical m
enric catalan m
enrica italian f
enrico italian m
enrique spanish m
enu african m,f
enya irish f
enyo greek mythology f
enzo italian m
eoforhild anglo-saxon f
eoghan irish, scottish m
eoin irish, scottish m
eos greek mythology f
eowyn literature f
epaphras biblical, ancient greek m
epaphroditos ancient greek m
ephraim biblical, jewish m
epifanio spanish m
epiktetos ancient greek m
epiphany english f
epona celtic mythology f
eppie english f
era f
eran biblical m
erasmus m
erastus biblical m
erato greek mythology f
ercole italian m
ercwlff welsh m
erdem turkish m
erdmann german m
erebus greek mythology (latinized) m
eren turkish m
erez jewish m
erhard german m
eric english, french m
erica english f
erich german m
erick english m
ericka english f
erik scandinavian, czech m
erika german, scandinavian, hungarian, czech f
erin english, irish f
eris greek mythology f
erishkigal near eastern mythology f
erkki finnish m
erland swedish, danish m
erle english m
erlend norwegian, danish m
erma f
ermanno italian m
ermenegilde french m
ermenegildo italian m
ermentraud german f
ermentraude german f
ermete italian f
ermintrude english f
ermolai russian m
ermtraud german f
ern english m
erna german f
ernest english m
ernesta italian, spanish, english f
ernestine english f
ernesto italian, spanish, portuguese m
ernie english m
erno hungarian m
ernst german, dutch m
eros greek mythology m
errol english m
erskine scottish, irish, english m
ervin hungarian m
ervins latvian m
erwan breton m
erwin german m
erykah english (modern) f
eryn english f
erzsebet hungarian f
erzsi hungarian f
esa finnish m
esaias biblical m
esau biblical m
esdras biblical m
eseld cornish f
eser turkish f,m
eshe african f
esi african f
esin turkish f
esmail indian m
esmaralda english f
esme french m,f
esmee french f
esmeralda spanish, english f
esmond english m
esmund english m
esperanta esperanto f
esperanza spanish f
espiridion spanish m
essa f
essence english f
essie english f
esta english f
estachio italian m
estavan spanish m
esteban spanish m
estee f
estefania spanish f
estela portuguese f
estella english f
estelle english f
ester scandinavian f
esteri finnish f
estevao portuguese m
esteve provencal m
esteve catalan m
esther english, jewish, french, biblical f
estrella spanish f
esyllt welsh f
eszter hungarian f
eszti hungarian f
etain irish mythology f
etel hungarian f
etelka hungarian f
ethalyn english f
ethan jewish, english, biblical m
ethel english f
ethelbert anglo-saxon (latinized) m
etheldreda anglo-saxon (latinized) f
ethelinda anglo-saxon f
ethelred anglo-saxon (latinized) m
ethna irish f
ethne irish f
etienne french m
etna irish f
etta english f
ettie english f
ettore italian m
etzel german m
euan scottish m
euclid ancient greek (anglicized) m
eudocia ancient greek (latinized) f
eudora english f
eudoxia ancient greek f
eufemia italian, spanish, portuguese f
eugen german, romanian m
eugene french m
eugene english m
eugenia portuguese f
eugenia italian, spanish, romanian, english f
eugenie french f
eugenio portuguese m
eugenio italian, spanish m
eula english f
eulalia english, italian, spanish f
eulalie french f
eulia f
eumelia ancient greek f
eunice biblical, english, ancient greek (latinized) f
euphemia ancient greek, english f
euphranor ancient greek m
euphrosyne greek mythology f
euripides ancient greek m
eurydice greek mythology (latinized) f
eusebio spanish, portuguese, italian m
eusebios ancient greek m
eusebius ancient greek (latinized) m
eustace english m
eustache french m
eustacia f
eustaquio spanish, portuguese m
eustathios greek, ancient greek m
euterpe greek mythology f
euthalia ancient greek, greek f
euthymius ancient greek (latinized) m
eutropia ancient greek (latinized) f
eutropio spanish m
eutropius ancient greek (latinized) m
eutychius ancient greek (latinized) m
eutychos ancient greek m
eva hungarian f
eva italian, spanish, portuguese, english, german, dutch, scandinavian, ru f
evadne greek mythology f
evaline english f
evalyn english f
evan welsh, english m
evander (1) greek mythology (latinized), roman mythology m
evander (2) scottish, english m
evangelina english, bulgarian f
evangeline english f
evangelos greek m
evariste french m
evaristo spanish, italian, portuguese m
evaristus ancient greek (latinized) m
evdokia greek f
evdokiya russian, bulgarian f
eve english, french, biblical f
eveleen english f
eveliina finnish f
evelina english, italian f
eveline english f
evelyn english f,m
everard english m
everett english m
everette english m,f
everild f
everitt english m
evert german m
evette french, english f
evfemia greek f
evfrosyne greek f
evgeni russian m
evgenia greek f
evgeniya russian f
evgeny russian m
evie english f
evike hungarian f
evita spanish f
evonne f
evpraksiya russian f
evrard french m
evron jewish m
evstathios greek m
evthalia greek f
ewa polish f
ewald german m
ewan scottish m
ewart english m
ewen scottish m
ezar m
ezekiel biblical, english m
ezra biblical, english, jewish m
eztebe basque m
f?lop hungarian m
faas dutch m
fabia ancient roman, italian f
fabian hungarian m
fabian english, german, dutch, polish m
fabiana italian, spanish, portuguese f
fabiano italian m
fabien french m
fabienne french f
fabio italian, spanish, portuguese m
fabiola italian, french, german f
fabius ancient roman m
fabo hungarian m
fabrice french m
fabricio spanish, portuguese m
fabrizia italian f
fabrizio italian m
fachtna irish, irish mythology m
faddei russian m
fadi arabic m
fadia arabic f
fadil arabic m
fadila arabic f
fadl arabic m
fae english f
faelan irish m
fahd arabic m
fahim arabic m
fahima arabic f
fahmida indian f
faiga jewish f
faigel jewish f
fairuza arabic f
faith english f
faithe english (modern) f
faivish jewish m
faizel arabic m
fajra esperanto f
fakhri arabic m
fakhriyya arabic f
falk jewish m
fancy english f
fane romanian m
fannie english f
fanny english f
faolan irish m
farag arabic m
farah arabic f
faraj arabic m
faramond m
fardoos arabic f
fareed indian m
farid arabic m
farida arabic f
fariha arabic f
faris arabic m
farley english m
faron english m
farooq arabic m
farouk arabic m
farquhar irish, scottish m
farrah arabic f
farran english m
farrell english m
faruq arabic m
fastred m
fathi arabic m
fathiyya arabic f
fatima arabic, portuguese f
fatin arabic f
fatma arabic f
fauna roman mythology f
faunus roman mythology m
fausta italian, ancient roman f
faustina ancient roman, italian f
faustine french f
fausto italian, spanish, portuguese m
faustus ancient roman m
fawn english f
fawzi arabic m
fawziyya arabic f
fay english f
faye english f
fayiz arabic m
fayruz arabic f
faysal arabic m
fayvel jewish m
fayza arabic f
fearchar irish, scottish m
feardorcha irish m
fearghal irish m
fearghas irish, scottish m
fechin irish m
fedele italian m
fedelma irish f
federica italian f
federico spanish, italian m
federigo spanish m
fedora russian f
fedot russian m
fedya russian m
feichin irish m
feidhelm irish f
feidhlim irish m
feidhlimidh irish m
feige jewish f
feivel jewish m
fel?cita italian f
felice italian m
felicia ancient roman, english, italian, hungarian f
feliciana spanish, italian, ancient roman f
feliciano italian, spanish, portuguese m
felicidad spanish f
felicidade portuguese f
felicie french f
felicie german f
felicien french m
felicienne french f
felicity english f
felim irish m
felina f
felipa spanish, portuguese f
felipe spanish, portuguese m
feliu catalan m
felix french m
felix english, german, romanian, ancient roman, biblical m
femi african m
femie english f
femke dutch f
fenella scottish f
fenton english m
feodor russian m
feodora russian f
feofilakt russian m
ferapont russian m
ferdie english m
ferdinand english, german, french, czech m
ferdinanda italian, german, czech, english f
ferdinando italian m
ferdy english m
ferenc hungarian m
fergal irish m
fergie scottish m,f
fergus irish, scottish m
feri hungarian m
ferko hungarian m
fermin spanish m
fern english f
fernand french m
fernanda spanish, portuguese f
fernande french f
fernando spanish, portuguese m
fernao portuguese m
ferne english (modern) f
feroze arabic m
ferran catalan m
ferrer m
ferruccio italian m
fester german m
festus ancient roman, biblical m
ffion welsh f
ffraid welsh f
fiachna irish m
fiachra irish, irish mythology m
fiacre french m
fiammetta italian f
fidan turkish f
fidda arabic f
fidel spanish m
fidelia f
fidelis ancient roman m
fidelma irish f
fido english m
fiera esperanto f
fife scottish m
fifi french f
fihr arabic m
fikri arabic m
fikriyya arabic f
filander m
filat russian m
filbert m
filep hungarian m
filib scottish m
filibert m
filiberto italian m
filip scandinavian, dutch, czech, bulgarian, polish m
filipa russian, polish, czech f
filipe portuguese m
filippo italian m
fillin irish m
filomena italian, spanish, portuguese f
fina english f
finbar irish m
findlay m
finella scottish f
fingal scottish m
fingall scottish m
finlay irish, scottish m
finley irish, scottish m
finn irish m
finnbar irish m
finnegan english m
finnen irish m
finnguala irish, irish mythology f
finnian irish m
finola irish, scottish f
fintan irish m
fion irish m
fiona irish f
fiona scottish f
fionn irish, irish mythology m
fionnbharr irish m
fionnghall scottish m
fionnghuala irish, irish mythology f
fionnlagh irish, scottish m
fionntan irish, scottish m
fionnuala irish f
fionola irish, scottish f
fioralba italian f
fiorella italian f
fiorenza italian f
fiorenzo italian m
firdaus iranian, indian m
firdos indian m
firenze f
firmin french m
firmino italian m
firoz arabic m
fishel jewish m
fishke jewish m
fitz english m
fitzroy english m
fizza arabic f
flaithri irish m
flann irish m,f
flannan irish m,f
flavia italian, ancient roman f
flavian m
flavie french f
flavio italian, spanish, portuguese m
flavius ancient roman m
flemming danish m
fletcher english m
fleur english f
fleuretta english f
flick english f
flip english m
flo english f
floella english (modern) f
flora english, german, italian, roman mythology f
florence english, french f,m
florencio spanish, portuguese m
florentin french m
florentina italian, english, ancient roman f
floretta f
florette french f
florian german, polish, french m
floriana italian f
florianne french f
floriano italian m
florin romanian m
florinda english f
florine f
floris dutch m
florrie english f
florry irish m
flossie english f
flower english f
floyd english m
flurry irish m
foka russian m
folami african m
folant welsh m
folke scandinavian m
foma russian m
fonsie m
forbes scottish m
ford english m
forest english m
forrest english m
fortunata italian, spanish, portuguese, ancient roman f
fortunato italian, spanish, portuguese m
fortune english f
foster english m
fotis greek m
fouad arabic m
fox english m
fran english f
franc slovene m
franca italian f
france english m
francene english f
frances english f
francesca italian f
francesco italian m
franci hungarian f
francine french, english f
francis english m,f
francisca spanish, portuguese f
francisco spanish, portuguese m
franciscus late roman m
franciska hungarian, slovene f
franck french m
franco italian m
francois french m
francoise french f
frang scottish m
frangag scottish f
frank english m
frankie english m,f
franklin english m
franklyn english m
frannie english f
frans dutch, scandinavian m
franseza breton f
frantisek czech m
frantiska czech f
franz german m
franziska german f
fraser scottish, english m
frauke german f
fravardin m
frazier scottish, english m
frea f
fred english m
freda jewish, english f
freddie english m,f
freddy english m
frederic french m
frederica english, portuguese f
frederick english m
frederico portuguese m
frederik danish m
frederikke danish f
frederique french f
fredo italian m
fredrick english m
fredrik swedish m
freek dutch m
freeman english m
freja swedish f
frey norse mythology m
freya norse mythology f
freyde jewish f
freyr norse mythology m
frida swedish, hungarian f
frideswide anglo-saxon f
fridrik hungarian m
fridtjof scandinavian m
frieda english f
friede german f
friedemann german m
friederike german f
friedhelm german m
friedhold german m
friedrich german m
frigg norse mythology f
frigyes hungarian m
frioa icelandic f
friorika icelandic f
fritjof scandinavian m
fritz german m
fritzi german f
frode danish, norwegian m
fruma jewish f
fryderyk polish m
fu chinese m
fuad arabic m
fulbert m
fulgencio spanish m
fulgenzio italian m
fulk english m
fulke english m
fulton english m
fulvia italian, ancient roman f
fulvio italian m
fyfe scottish m
fyodor russian m
g?l turkish f
g?lbahar turkish f
g?listan turkish f
g?nter german m
g?nther german m
gabby english m,f
gabe english m
gabi hungarian, romanian m
gabino spanish m
gabir arabic m
gabor hungarian m
gabr arabic m
gabriel hungarian m
gabriel english, french, german, spanish, portuguese, romanian, biblical m
gabriela portuguese, romanian f
gabriele (1) italian m
gabriele (2) german f
gabriella italian, hungarian f
gabrielle french, english f
gad biblical m
gadar armenian f
gae english f
gaea greek mythology (latinized) f
gaenor english f
gaetan french m
gaetana italian f
gaetane french f
gaetano italian m
gafar arabic m
gage english m
gaia greek mythology f
gail english f,m
gaila english f
gaius ancient roman m
gaja esperanto f
gal jewish f
gala russian f
galadriel literature f
galahad welsh mythology m
galal arabic m
gale english m,f
galen english m
galia jewish f
galila arabic f
galina russian f
gall english m
gallagher irish, english m
gallus ancient roman m
galya russian f
gamal arabic m,f
gamaliel biblical m
gamil arabic m
gamila arabic f
ganesh indian, hindu mythology m
ganesha indian m
garbhan irish m
gardenia english f
gareth welsh, english m
garey english m
garfield english m
garland english m
garnet english m,f
garnette english f
garret english m
garrett english m
garrick english m
garry english, scottish m
garsha russian m
garth english m
garvan irish m
gary english m
gaspar hungarian m
gaspar spanish, portuguese m
gaspard french m
gaspare italian m
gasparo italian m
gasper slovene m
gaston french m
gathbiyya arabic f
gauhar arabic f
gauri indian, hindu mythology f
gautam indian m
gautama indian m
gautier french m
gavin english, scottish, welsh m
gavino italian m
gavrel jewish m
gavriil russian m
gavril jewish m
gawahir arabic f
gawain welsh, welsh mythology, english m
gawdat arabic m
gawel polish m
gay english f
gaye english f
gayelord english m
gayla english f
gayle english (modern) f,m
gaylord english m
gaynor english f
gazbiyya arabic f
gazsi hungarian m
gbemisola african f
gearalt irish m
gearoid irish m
gebbert german m
gebhard german m
geena english f
geert german, dutch m
geffrey english (modern) m
gellert hungarian m
geltrude italian f
gemariah biblical m
gemini roman mythology m
gemma italian, english f
gena english f
gene english m
genesis english f
genette english (modern) f
geneva english f
genevieve french f
genevra f
genghis history m
genie english f
genista english f
gennadi russian m
gennadius ancient greek (latinized) m
gennadiy russian m
gennady russian m
gennaro italian m
genoveffa italian f
genoveva spanish f
geoff english m
geoffrey english m
geoffroi french m
geordie english m
georg german, scandinavian m
george english m
georgene english f
georges french m
georgeta romanian f
georgette french f
georgi russian, bulgarian m
georgia english f
georgiana english f
georgie english m,f
georgina english, dutch, german f
georgine french f
georgios greek, ancient greek m
georgiy russian m
georgo esperanto m
geraint welsh, welsh mythology m
gerald french m
gerald english m
geraldine english f
geraldo spanish m
gerallt welsh m
gerard french m
gerard english, dutch m
gerardo italian, spanish m
gerasim russian m
gerasimos greek m
geraud french m
gerben dutch m
gerd norse mythology f
gerda scandinavian, german, dutch f
gereon german m
gerfried german m
gergely hungarian m
gergo hungarian m
gerhard german, swedish m
gerhardt german m
gerhold german m
gerlach german, dutch m
gerlinde german f
germain french m
germaine french f
german m
germano italian m
gernot german m
gerolamo italian m
gerolt dutch m
geronimo italian m
gerontius late roman m
gerrard english m
gerrit dutch, frisian m
gerry english m,f
gershom biblical m
gershon biblical m
gert german m
gertie english f
gertraud german f
gertrud hungarian f
gertrud german f
gertrude english, german, dutch f
gertrudes portuguese f
gertrudis spanish f
gertruida dutch f
gervais french m
gervaise (1) english m
gervaise (2) french f
gervas german m
gervase english m
gervasio italian, spanish, portuguese m
gervasius m
gerwulf m
gethin welsh m
gethsemane biblical f
geza hungarian m
ghada arabic f
ghadir arabic f
ghalib arabic m
ghaliya arabic f
ghassan arabic m
ghayth arabic m
gheorghe romanian m
ghislain french m
ghislaine french f
ghufran arabic f
gia english f
giachetta italian f
giacinta italian f
giacinto italian m
giacobbe italian m
giacomo italian m
giada italian f
giambattista italian m
giampaolo italian m
giampiero italian m
giancarlo italian m
gianfranco italian m
gianluca italian m
gianluigi italian m
gianmarco italian m
gianmaria italian m
gianna italian f
gianni italian m
giannino italian m
gianpaolo italian m
gianpiero italian m
gib english m
gideon biblical, english, jewish m
giedre lithuanian f
giedrius lithuanian m
giffard english m
gigi french f
gijs dutch m
gijsbert dutch m
gil (1) spanish, portuguese m
gil (2) english m
gil (3) jewish m
gilad jewish, biblical m
gilah jewish f
gilbert english, french, dutch m
gilberta english, dutch, german f
gilberte french f
gilbertine f
gilberto italian, spanish m
gilchrist scottish m
gilda italian f
giles english m
gill m
gilles french m
gillespie scottish m
gillian english f
gillis dutch m
gilroy irish, scottish m
gina (1) italian, english f
gina (2) japanese f
ginette english f
ginevra italian f
ginger english f
ginnie english f
ginny english f
gino italian m
gintaras lithuanian m
gintare lithuanian f
gioacchino italian m
gioachino italian m
gioconda italian f
giordano italian m
giorgia italian f
giorgina italian f
giorgino italian m
giorgio italian m
giosetta italian f
giosue italian m
giovanna italian f
giovannetta italian f
giovanni italian m
giraldo italian m
girish indian m
girolamo italian m
gisa german f
gisbert german m
gisela german, dutch, spanish f
gisele french f
gisella italian f
giselle french, english f
gisselle french, english f
gita indian f
githa english f
gitta german f
gittan swedish f
gittel jewish f
giuditta italian f
giulia italian f
giuliana italian f
giuliano italian m
giulietta italian f
giulio italian m
giuseppe italian m
giuseppina italian f
giustina italian f
giustino italian m
gizella hungarian f
gizi hungarian f
gjergj albanian m
gjon albanian m
gjord swedish m
gjurd norwegian m
gladwin english m
gladwyn english m
gladys welsh, english f
glanville english m
glaucio portuguese m
glaw welsh m,f
gleb russian m
glen scottish, english m
glenda welsh f
glendower welsh m
glenice f
glenn scottish, english m
glenna scottish, english f
glenys welsh f
gloria english, italian, spanish, portuguese f
glorinda esperanto f
glory english f
glukel jewish f
glykeria greek f
glyn welsh m
glyndwr welsh m
glynis welsh f
glynn welsh m
gnaeus ancient roman m
goban irish m
gobind indian m
gobinet irish f
gobnait irish f
gobnata f
gobnet irish f
goddard english m
godelieve french, dutch m
godfrey english m
godfried dutch m
godiva english f
godofredo spanish, portuguese m
godric english m
godwin english m
goffredo italian m
gofraidh irish m
goibniu irish mythology m
goker turkish m
golda jewish f
goldie jewish, english f
goliath biblical m
gomer biblical, english m
gonca turkish f
goncalo portuguese m
gonzalo spanish m
goodwin english m
gopal indian m
goraidh scottish m
goran swedish m
goran croatian, serbian m
gord english m
gordana serbian, croatian f
gorden english m
gordon scottish, english m
gore english m
goretti f
gorka basque m
gormlaith irish, scottish f
goro japanese m
goronwy welsh, welsh mythology m
gosse english m
gosta swedish m
gotam indian m
gottfrid swedish m
gottfried german m
gotthard german m
gotthilf german m
gotthold german m
gottlieb german m
gottschalk german m
govad ? m
govannon welsh mythology m
govind indian m
gowri indian f
goyathlay native american m
graca portuguese f
grace english f
gracia spanish f
graciano spanish, portuguese m
gracie english f
graciela spanish f
gracilia f
gracja polish f
grady irish, english m
graeme scottish, english m
graham scottish, english m
grahame scottish, english m
grainne irish, irish mythology f
grania irish f
grant english, scottish m
granville english m
granya irish f
gratia german f
gratian history m
gratien french m
grazia italian f
graziana italian f
graziano italian m
graziella italian f
grazyna polish f
greagoir irish m
greer scottish, english f,m
greet dutch f
greetje dutch f
greg english m
greger swedish m
gregers danish, norwegian m
gregg english m
gregoire french m
gregor german, scottish m
gregorio italian, spanish m
gregorios greek, ancient greek m
gregory english m
greig english m
grenville english m
gresham english m
greta swedish, german, english f
gretchen german f
grete german, danish f
gretel german f
grethe danish, norwegian f
gretta english f
grgur croatian m
grid norse mythology f
grier english m
griffin welsh, english m
griffith welsh m
grigor welsh m
grigore romanian m
grigori russian m
grigory russian m
griogair scottish m
griselda english f
grisha russian m
grizel scottish f
gro norwegian f
gronw welsh m
grosvenor english m
grover english m
gruffud welsh m
gruffudd welsh m
gruffydd welsh m
grusha russian f
grwn welsh m
gry norwegian f
grzegorz polish m
guadalupe spanish f,m
gualter portuguese m
gualtiero italian m
guda arabic m
gudrun norse mythology, scandinavian, german f
guendolen f
guenevere f
guerino italian m
guglielmo italian m
guido italian m
guifre catalan m
guilherme portuguese m
guillaume french m
guillem catalan m
guillermo spanish m
guinevere english, welsh mythology f
guiomar spanish, portuguese m,f
guiscard english m
gul iranian f
gulbahar iranian f
gulistan iranian f
gull scandinavian f
gulzar arabic, iranian m,f
gunda german, scandinavian f
gundula german f
gunhild scandinavian f
gunhilda scandinavian f
gunilla swedish f
gunnar scandinavian m
gunne scandinavian m
gunnhild norwegian f
gunnvor norwegian f
gunter german m
gunther german m
guntram german m
gunvor scandinavian f
guorun icelandic f
gus (1) english, scottish m
gus (2) greek m
gussie english f
gusta f
gustaf swedish m
gustav scandinavian m
gustave french m
gustavo italian, spanish, portuguese m
gusztav hungarian m
guto welsh m
gutxi basque m
guy english, french m
gwallter welsh m
gwandoya african m
gwawr welsh f
gwen welsh, english f
gwenaelle french f
gwenda welsh, english f
gwendolen welsh, english f
gwendoline welsh, english f
gwendolyn welsh, english f
gweneth f
gwenevere english f
gwenfrewi welsh f
gwenllian welsh f
gwenneth f
gwenyth welsh, english f
gwil welsh m
gwilherm breton m
gwilim welsh m
gwillym welsh m
gwilym welsh m
gwladus welsh f
gwrtheyrn ancient celtic m
gwyn welsh m
gwynedd welsh f,m
gwyneira welsh f
gwyneth welsh f
gwynfor welsh m
gwynn welsh m
gwythyr welsh m
gyles english m
gyneth f
gyongyi hungarian f
gyorgy hungarian m
gyorgyi hungarian f
gyorgyike hungarian f
gyozo hungarian m
gypsy english f
gytha english f
gyula hungarian m
gyuri hungarian m
h?ng vietnamese m
h?ong vietnamese f
haakon norwegian m
habacuc biblical (variant) m
habakkuk biblical m
habib arabic m
habiba arabic f
hachiro japanese m
hadar jewish f,m
hadassah biblical, jewish f
hades greek mythology m
hadewych dutch f
hadi arabic m
hadil arabic f
hadjara arabic f
hadley english f,m
hadrian history m
hadrianus ancient roman m
hadya arabic f
hadyn m
hafeez indian m
hafiz arabic m
hafsa arabic f
hafsah arabic f
hafza arabic f
hagan german m
hagar biblical f
hagen danish m
haggai biblical m
hagir arabic f
hagop armenian m
hai chinese m
haidar arabic m
haidee english f
haider arabic m
haifa arabic f
hailee english (modern) f
hailey english f
hajar arabic f
hajna hungarian f
hajnal hungarian f
hajnalka hungarian f
hakan ancient scandinavian, icelandic m
hakan swedish m
hakan turkish m
hakeem arabic m
hakim arabic m
hakon norwegian m
hal english m
hala arabic f
halcyon f
halcyone greek mythology (latinized) f
haldor danish, norwegian m
hale english m
haleigh english (modern) f
haley english f
halina polish f
hall english m
hallam english m
halldor icelandic m
halldor danish, norwegian m
halldora icelandic f
halle (1) scandinavian m
halle (2) english f
hallie english f
hallvard norwegian m
halstein norwegian m
halsten swedish m
halvar swedish m
halvard norwegian m
halvdan norwegian m
halvor norwegian, danish m
ham biblical m
hamid arabic m
hamilcar history m
hamilton english m
hamish scottish m
hamlet literature m
hammond english m
hamnet m
hamo m
hamon m
hampus swedish m
hamza arabic m
hana arabic f
hanaa arabic f
hanan arabic f
hananiah biblical m
hande turkish f
hani arabic m
hania polish f
haniyya arabic f
hank english m
hanke german m
hanna finnish, polish, ukrainian, scandinavian, icelandic f
hannah english, jewish, french, biblical f
hanne german f
hannelore german f
hannes dutch m
hannibal history m
hannu finnish m
hans german, dutch, scandinavian m
happy english m,f
harald scandinavian, german m
haraldur icelandic m
harding english m
hardy english m
hari indian m
harinder indian m
harish indian m
harith arabic m
harlan english m
harland english m
harley english m,f
harmon english m
harmonia greek mythology f
harmonie english (modern) f
harmony english f
harold english m
haroun arabic m
harper english m,f
harriet english f
harriett english f
harrietta english f
harriette english f
harris english m
harrison english m
harry english m
hartley english m,f
hartmann german m
hartmut german m
hartwig german m
hartwin german m
haruko japanese f
harun arabic m
harve english m
harvey english m
harvie english m
hasan arabic m
hasdrubal history m
hashim arabic m
hasim arabic m
haskel jewish m
hassan arabic m
hathor egyptian mythology (hellenized) f
hatim arabic m
hattie english f
hatty english f
haukea hawaiian f
haul welsh m
hava jewish f
havard norwegian m
havel czech, slovak m
haven english f
havilah biblical f,m
havva turkish f
haydee english (modern) f
hayden m
hayder arabic m
haydn m
hayfa arabic f
haylee english (modern) f
hayleigh english (modern) f
hayley english f
haylie english f
haytham arabic m
haywood english m
hazael biblical m
hazan turkish f
haze english f
hazel english f
headley english m
heath english m
heather english f
heaven english f
hebe greek mythology f
hebel jewish m
heber (1) irish m
heber (2) biblical m
hecate greek mythology (latinized) f
heck scottish m
heckie scottish m
hector english, french, spanish m
hedda norwegian f
heddwyn welsh m
hedley english m
hedvig scandinavian f
hedwig german f
hedy german f
hege norwegian, danish f
heida f
heidi german, english f
heidrun norse mythology f
heike german, frisian, dutch f
heikki finnish m
heiko german, frisian, dutch m
heilwig german f
heilyn welsh m
heiner german m
heino german m
heinrich german m
heinz german m
heitor portuguese m
helah biblical f
helder portuguese m
heledd welsh f
helen english f
helena german, dutch, scandinavian, portuguese, polish, finnish f
helene french f
helene german f
helfried german m
helga scandinavian, german f
helge scandinavian m
heliodoro spanish, portuguese m
helios greek mythology m
hella finnish f
hella scandinavian, german f
helladius ancient greek (latinized) m
hellen english f
helma german f
helmfrid german m
helmfried german m
helmi finnish f
helmine german f
helmut german m
helmuth german m
heloise french f
hemi maori m
hemming scandinavian m
hena jewish f
henda jewish f
hendel jewish f
henderson english m
hendrik dutch, german m
heng chinese m
hengist ancient germanic m
henk dutch m
hennie english f
henning german, danish, norwegian m
henri french m
henrietta english f
henriette french f
henrik scandinavian, german, hungarian m
henrike german, scandinavian f
henrique portuguese m
henry english m
henryk polish m
henye jewish f
hephaestus greek mythology (latinized) m
hephzibah biblical f
hepsie english f
hepzibah biblical (variant) f
hera greek mythology f
heracleitus ancient greek (latinized) m
herakleides ancient greek m
herakles greek mythology m
herb english m
herbert english, german, french m
herberto spanish, portuguese m
herbie english m
hercule french m
hercules roman mythology m
hereward m
heribert german m
heriberto spanish, portuguese m
herk m
herleif ancient scandinavian m
herman english m
hermann german m
hermanni finnish m
hermenegildo spanish, portuguese m
hermes greek mythology m
hermia german f
hermine german, french f
hermione greek mythology f
hermogenes ancient greek m
hermokrates ancient greek m
hermolaos ancient greek m
hernan spanish m
hernando spanish m
hero greek mythology f
herod biblical m
herodion biblical m
herodotus ancient greek (latinized) m
heron english m
herschel jewish m
hersh jewish m
hershel jewish m
herve french m
hervey english m
heshel jewish m
hesiod history m
hester english f
hestia greek mythology f
hettie english f
heulog welsh f,m
heulwen welsh f
hewie english m
heydar iranian m
hezekiah biblical m
hiawatha history, native american m
hiba arabic f
hideaki japanese m
hieronymus german m
higini catalan m
hikari japanese f
hikaru japanese m
hikmat arabic m,f
hilaire french m
hilaria ancient roman, spanish f
hilary english f,m
hilbert m
hilda english, german, dutch, scandinavian f
hilde german, dutch f
hildebrand german m
hildegard german, scandinavian f
hildegarde german, scandinavian f
hildur icelandic f
hillary english f,m
hillel biblical, jewish m
hillevi danish f
hiltraud german f
hiltrud german f
hiltrude german f
hind arabic f
hinrich german m
hinrik icelandic m
hipolito spanish, portuguese m
hippocrates ancient greek (latinized) m
hippolyta greek mythology (anglicized) f
hippolyte greek mythology, french f,m
hippolytos greek mythology, ancient greek m
hiram biblical, english m
hiroko japanese f
hiroshi japanese m
hirsh jewish m
hisein arabic m
hisham arabic m
hitomi japanese f
hizkiah biblical (variant) m
hjalmar scandinavian m
hjordis scandinavian f
hjortur icelandic m
hoa vietnamese f
hodel jewish f
hohepa maori m
hokolesqua native american m
holden english m
holger scandinavian m
hollie english f
hollis english m,f
holly english f
homer english m
honey english f
hong vietnamese f
honor english, irish f
honora irish f
honorata polish f
honoratus ancient roman m
honore french m
honoria late roman f
honorine french f
honorius late roman m
honour english f
hooda arabic f
hopcyn welsh m
hope english f
hopkin english m
horace english, french m
horacio spanish, portuguese m
horatia ancient roman f
horatio english m
horatius ancient roman m
hormazd m
hormazed m
horsa ancient germanic m
horst german m
hortense french f
hortensia ancient roman, english, spanish f
horus egyptian mythology (hellenized) m
hosanna f,m
hosannah f,m
hosea biblical m
hoshi japanese f
hosni arabic m
hotaka japanese m
hotaru japanese f
houda arabic f
hourig armenian f
houssam arabic m
hovhannes armenian m
hovsep armenian m
howard english m
howell welsh m
howie english m
hoyt m
hrafn icelandic, ancient scandinavian m
hristina bulgarian f
hrodohaidis f
hrothgar anglo-saxon m
huan chinese f,m
huang chinese m,f
hubert english, german, dutch, french m
hubrecht dutch m
huda arabic f
hudes jewish f
hudson english m
huey english m
huffie english m
hugh english m
hughie english m
hugo spanish, portuguese, english, dutch, german m
hugues french m
hulda (1) scandinavian, german f
hulda (2) biblical (variant) f
huldah biblical f
humbert english, german, french m
humphrey english m
humphry english m
hunter english m,f
huo chinese m,f
huppert german m
hupprecht german m
husain arabic m
husam arabic m
husayn arabic m
husni arabic m
hussain arabic m
hussein arabic m
huw welsh m
hyacinth english m,f
hyacintha english f
hyacinthe french f
hyam jewish m
hyder arabic m
hyginus ancient greek (latinized) m
hylda english f
hyledd welsh f
hyman jewish m
hymie jewish m
hypatia ancient greek (latinized) f
hyram english m
hyun korean f
hywel welsh m
i?aki basque m
iacchus greek mythology (latinized) m
iagan scottish m
iago welsh, spanish m
iain scottish m
iakopa hawaiian m
ian scottish, english m
iancu romanian m
iantha english f
ianthe greek mythology f
ianthina f
ianto welsh m
iarfhlaith irish m
iarlaith irish m
iason greek mythology, greek m
ib danish m
ibbie english f
ibolya hungarian f
ibraheem indian m
ibrahim arabic, turkish m
ibtihaj arabic f
ibtisam arabic f
icarus greek mythology (latinized) m
ichabod biblical m
ichiro japanese m
ida english, scandinavian, hungarian f
idan jewish m
ide irish f
idelle english f
idesta f
idetta f
idonea english f
idony english f
idowu african m
idoya spanish f
idril literature f
idris welsh m
idunn germanic mythology f
idwal welsh m
iefan welsh m
iekika hawaiian f
iestyn welsh m
ieuan welsh m
ifan welsh m
ife african f
ige african f
ignaas dutch m
ignac hungarian, czech m
ignace french m
ignacio spanish m
ignacy polish m
ignacz hungarian m
ignasi catalan m
ignatius m
ignatz german m
ignazio italian m
igor russian m
ihab arabic m,f
ihsan arabic m,f
iida finnish f
iikka finnish m
iisakki finnish m
ikaia hawaiian m
ikaika hawaiian m
ike english m
ikraam arabic f
ila indian f
ilan jewish m
ilana jewish f
ilar welsh m
ilari russian m
ilaria italian f
ilario italian m
ilbert m
ildiko hungarian f
ilean english f
ileana romanian f
ileen english f
ilene english f
ili hungarian f
ilia russian, bulgarian m
ilie romanian m
ilinca romanian f
ilka hungarian f
ilker turkish m
illes hungarian m
illtyd welsh m
ilma f
ilona hungarian, finnish f
ilonka hungarian f
ilsa f
ilse german f
ilya russian m
ima f
imaculada portuguese f
imad arabic m
imam arabic m
imamu african m
iman arabic f
imani african f
imelda italian, spanish f
imen arabic f
imhotep ancient egyptian m
imke german f
imma german f
immacolata italian f
immaculata irish f
immanuel german, jewish, biblical m
imogen english f
imogene english f
imre hungarian m
imrus hungarian m
ina english f
inacio portuguese m
inam arabic f
inbar jewish f
inderjit indian m,f
inderpal indian m
india english f
indiana english f,m
indigo english m,f
indira indian, hindu mythology f
indra indian, hindu mythology m
indrajit indian m,f
indrani indian f
indy english f,m
ines spanish f
ines french f
ines portuguese f
inez spanish f
ing germanic mythology, norse mythology m
inga swedish f
inge german, scandinavian m,f
ingeborg scandinavian, german f
ingegard swedish f
ingegerd scandinavian f
ingemar scandinavian m
inger swedish f
inglebert m
ingmar scandinavian m
ingolf scandinavian m
ingram english m
ingrid scandinavian, german f
ingvar scandinavian m
ingvarr ancient scandinavian m
inigo english m
inka frisian f
inkeri finnish f
inmaculada spanish f
innes scottish m,f
innocent english m
innocenzo italian m
innokenti russian m
inocencio spanish m
into finnish m
io greek mythology f
ioan romanian, bulgarian m
ioana romanian, bulgarian f
ioann russian m
ioanna greek f
ioannes greek m
ioannis greek m
iokua hawaiian m
iola f
iolana hawaiian f
iolanthe english f
iole greek mythology f
iolo welsh m
iolyn welsh m
iomhar irish m
iomhar scottish m
ion basque, romanian m
iona english, scottish f
ionatan irish m
ione english f
ionel romanian m
ionela romanian f
ionut romanian m
iorwerth welsh m
iosif russian, bulgarian m
ipati russian m
ippolit russian m
ippolito italian m
iqbal arabic m
ira biblical, english, jewish m
ireland english f
iren hungarian f
irena polish, czech, dutch f
irene french m
irene french f
irene english, italian, scandinavian, german, greek mythology (latinized) f
irenee french f
ireneus ancient greek (latinized) m
ireneusz polish m
irina russian, bulgarian, romanian f
irinei russian m
iris greek mythology, english f
irit jewish f
irja finnish f
irma german, hungarian, spanish f
irmak turkish f
irmgard german f
irmhild german f
irmtraud german f
irmtrud german f
irmuska hungarian f
irvin english, scottish m
irvine english, scottish m
irving english, scottish m
irwin m
isa english f,m
isaac english, jewish, biblical m
isabel spanish, portuguese, french, english f
isabell english f
isabella english, italian, spanish, dutch f
isabelle english, french, german f
isador english m
isadora f
isadore english m
isaia italian m
isaiah english, jewish, biblical m
isaias biblical m
isak swedish m
isam arabic m
isamu japanese m
isandro spanish m
isaura portuguese, spanish f
isbel english f
iseabail scottish f
isebella f
iser jewish m
iseult celtic mythology f
isha indian m,f
ishbel scottish f
ishmael biblical, english m
ishmerai biblical m
ishtar near eastern mythology f
isiah english m
isibeal irish f
isidor german, russian m
isidora english, italian, spanish, russian, serbian f
isidore english, french m
isidoro spanish, italian m
isis egyptian mythology (hellenized) f
iskender turkish m
isla scottish f
islay scottish m
isleen f
islwyn welsh m
ismael spanish m
ismail arabic m
ismat arabic m,f
ismene greek mythology f
isobel scottish f
isocrates ancient greek (latinized) m
isolda english f
isolde english, german, celtic mythology f
isra arabic f
israel biblical, jewish m
issa arabic m
issac english (modern) m
issachar biblical, jewish m
issur jewish m
issy m
istvan hungarian m
ita irish f
itala italian f
italo italian m
italus roman mythology m
itamar jewish m
ithamar biblical, jewish m
ithel welsh m
itidal arabic f
itzhak jewish m
itziar basque, spanish f
iuile irish f
iulia romanian f
iulian romanian m
iuliana romanian f
iva czech, russian, bulgarian, serbian, croatian f
ivah biblical f
ivan russian, czech, croatian m
ivana czech, serbian, croatian, slovene f
ivanka czech, serbian, croatian, bulgarian f
ivanna russian, ukrainian f
ivar scandinavian m
ives m
ivette f
ivo german, dutch m
ivonette f
ivonne german f
ivor english m
ivory english f
ivy english f
iwan polish m
iwo polish m
iwona polish f
ixchel new world mythology f
iyov jewish m
izaak german m
izabela polish, czech f
izabella polish, hungarian f
izdihar arabic f
izolda polish f
izsak hungarian m
izumi japanese f
izz-al-din arabic m
izz-ed-din arabic m
izzy english m
j?rgen german m
j?rgen danish, norwegian m
j?rn danish m
jaakko finnish m
jaan estonian m
jaana finnish f
jaap dutch m
jabbar indian m
jabez biblical m
jabin biblical m
jabir arabic m
jabr arabic m
jabril arabic m
jacaline english (modern) f
jacek polish m
jacenty polish m
jachin biblical m
jacinda english f
jacinta spanish, portuguese f
jacinth english f
jacintha dutch f
jacinthe french f
jacinto spanish, portuguese m
jack english m
jackalyn english (modern) f
jacki english f
jackie english m,f
jacklyn english (modern) f
jackson english m
jaclyn english (modern) f
jacob english, dutch, scandinavian m
jacoba dutch f
jacobina f
jacobine norwegian, danish, dutch f
jacobo spanish m
jacobus dutch m
jacopo italian m
jacqueline french, english f
jacquelyn english f
jacques french m
jacquetta english f
jacquette english f
jacqui english f
jada english f
jade english f
jaden english m,f
jadon biblical m
jadranka croatian f
jadranko croatian m
jadwiga polish f
jadyn english (modern) m,f
jadzia polish f
jael biblical, jewish f
jafar arabic m
jafet m
jaffar indian m
jaffe jewish f
jaffer indian m
jagannath indian m
jagdish indian m
jagjit indian m
jago cornish m
jagoda croatian, serbian f
jahan iranian m
jahangir iranian m
jahel f
jahleel biblical m
jahzeel biblical m
jai indian m
jaiden english (modern) m,f
jaidev indian m
jaime (1) spanish, portuguese m
jaime (2) english f
jair biblical m
jairus biblical m
jaka slovene m
jakab hungarian m
jake english m
jakki english f
jakob hungarian m
jakob german, scandinavian m
jakov croatian m
jakub polish, czech m
jalal arabic m
jalen english (modern) m
jalila arabic f
jalmari finnish m
jalo finnish m
jamaal arabic m
jamaar english (modern) m
jamal arabic m,f
jamar english m
jameel indian m
jameela indian f
james english, biblical m
jamesina scottish f
jamey english m
jami english f
jamie (1) scottish, english m
jamie (2) english f
jamil arabic m
jamila arabic f
jamin biblical m
jamison english m
jamshad iranian m
jamshed iranian m
jamsheed iranian m
jan (1) dutch, scandinavian, czech, polish, german m
jan (2) english f
jana dutch, czech, polish f
janae english f
janan arabic f
jancis english f
jancsi hungarian m
jane english f
janecek czech m
janek polish m
janeka english f
janel english f
janele english f
janella english f
janelle english f
janene english f
janessa english f
janet english f
janetta english f
janette english f
janey english f
janez slovene m
jani finnish, hungarian m
janice english f
janie english f
janika hungarian m
janina polish, english f
janine english f
janis (1) latvian m
janis (2) english f
janna english f
jannah english f
janne (1) swedish m
janne (2) danish, norwegian f
janneke dutch f
jannick danish m
jannike scandinavian f
jannine english f
janos hungarian m
janus roman mythology m
janusz polish m
japeth m
japheth biblical m
jaqueline english f
jaquelyn english f
jared english, biblical m
jarek polish, czech m
jareth english (modern) m
jari finnish m
jarka czech f
jarl scandinavian, norse mythology m
jarlath irish m
jarmila czech f
jarod english m
jarogniew polish m
jaromil polish, czech m
jaromir czech m
jaron english m,f
jaropelk polish m
jaroslav czech m
jaroslaw polish m
jaroslawa polish f
jarred english m
jarrett english m
jarrod english m
jarvis english m
jasmin english (modern) f
jasmine english f
jasmyn english (modern) f
jason english, greek mythology (latinized), biblical m
jasper english m
jaswinder indian f
jathbiyya arabic f
jathibiyya arabic f
jaume catalan m
jaumet catalan m
javaid iranian m
javan biblical m
javed iranian, arabic m
javier spanish, portuguese m
javor croatian, serbian, slovene m
jawahir arabic f
jawdat arabic m
jaxon english (modern) m
jay (1) english m
jay (2) indian m
jaya indian f
jayant indian m
jayanti indian f
jaycob english (modern) m
jayda english f
jayde english (modern) f
jayden english (modern) m,f
jaydon english (modern) m
jaye english m
jayel f
jayla english (modern) f
jaylee english (modern) f
jaylen english (modern) m
jaylin english (modern) m
jaylon english (modern) m
jayma f
jayme english f
jaymes english m
jayna english (modern) f
jayne english (modern) f
jaynie english f
jayson english (modern) m
jaywant indian m
jazmin english f
jazmine english f
jean (1) french m
jean (2) english f
jean-baptiste french m
jean-marie french m
jeana english f
jeane english f
jeanette english f
jeanie english f
jeanine french, english f
jeanna english f
jeanne french f
jeannette french f
jeannie english f
jeannine french, english f
jeannot french m
jeb english m
jed english m
jedidah biblical f
jedidiah biblical m
jedrzej polish m
jeetendra indian m
jeff english m
jefferson english m
jeffery english m
jeffrey english m
jeffry english m
jehiel biblical m
jehoash biblical m
jehoshaphat biblical m
jehovah theology m
jehu biblical m
jekaterina russian f
jelani african m
jelena latvian, croatian, serbian f
jelka slovene, croatian f
jem english m
jemima biblical, english f
jemma english f
jemmy english m
jen english f
jena english (modern) f
jenae english (modern) f
jenaro spanish m
jenci hungarian m
jenelle english f
jenessa english f
jeni english f
jenifer english f
jenn english f
jenna english f
jenni english f
jennie english f
jennifer english f
jenny english f
jeno hungarian m
jens danish m
jep english m
jephtha biblical (variant) m
jephthah biblical m
jepson english m
jeptha m
jera english f
jerald english m
jere english m
jeremiah english, jewish, biblical m
jeremias german m
jeremie french m
jeremiel biblical m
jeremy english, biblical (variant) m
jeri english f
jericho biblical, english m
jerk swedish m
jerker swedish m
jermaine english m
jernej slovene m
jeroen dutch m
jerold english m
jerome french m
jerome english m
jeronimo spanish m
jerrard english m
jerri english f
jerrie english f
jerrod english m
jerrold english m
jerry english m,f
jerusha biblical f
jervis english m
jerzy polish m
jesper danish m
jess english m,f
jessalyn english (modern) f
jessamine english f
jessamyn english f
jesse english, biblical m
jessenia arabic f
jessi english f
jessica english f
jessie (1) scottish f
jessie (2) english f,m
jessika english (modern) f
jessye english (modern) f
jesus spanish, portuguese m
jesus theology, biblical m
jesusa spanish, portuguese f
jethro biblical, english m
jetta english f
jeunesse f
jewel english f
jewell english (modern) f
jezebel biblical f
jia chinese f
jiang chinese m,f
jill english f
jillian english f
jillie english f
jilly english f
jim english m
jimena spanish f
jimi english m
jimmie english m,f
jimmy english m
jin chinese m,f
jin-ho korean m
jinan arabic m,f
jindrich czech m
jing chinese m,f
jinny english f
jirair armenian m
jiri czech m
jiro japanese m
jitender indian m
jitendra indian m
jitinder indian m
jo english m,f
joab biblical m
joachim english, french, german, polish, biblical m
joakim scandinavian m
joan (1) english f
joan (2) catalan m
joana portuguese f
joandra english (modern) f
joann english f
joanna english, polish, biblical f
joanne english f
joannes m
joao portuguese m
joaquim portuguese, catalan m
joaquima catalan f
joaquin spanish m
joash biblical m
job biblical m
jobeth english f
joby english m
jocasta greek mythology (latinized) f
jocelin english f
joceline french f
jocelyn english f,m
jochem german, dutch m
jochen german m
jochim german m
jochjo esperanto m
jock scottish m
jockie scottish m
jocky scottish m
jocosa english f
jodene english f
jodi english f
jodie english f
jody english f,m
joe english m
joel french m
joel english, jewish, biblical m
joelle french f
joep dutch m
joetta english f
joey english m
johan scandinavian, german, czech m
johana czech f
johann icelandic m
johann german m
johanna icelandic f
johanna german, scandinavian, dutch, hungarian f
johanne danish, norwegian f
johanneke dutch f
johannes icelandic m
johannes german, dutch, scandinavian, late roman m
johano esperanto m
johar indian m
john english, biblical m
johnathan english m
johnathon english m
johnie english m
johnnie english m,f
johnny english m
joi english f
joisse f
jokum danish m
jolan hungarian f
jolana czech f
jolanda italian f
jolanka hungarian f
jolanta polish f
joleen english f
jolene english f
jolie french f
jolyon english m
jon icelandic m
jon (1) scandinavian, basque m
jon (2) english m
jona icelandic f
jonah english, biblical m
jonas icelandic m
jonas (1) lithuanian m
jonas (2) biblical (variant) m
jonatan icelandic m
jonatan swedish m
jonathan english, biblical m
jonathon english m
jonelle english f
jonette norwegian, english f
joni (1) english f
joni (2) finnish m
jonie english f
jonna danish, swedish f
jonny english (modern) m
jonquil english f
jonty english m
jools english m,f
joona finnish m
joonas finnish m
joop dutch m
joord dutch m
joos dutch m
jooseppi finnish m
joost dutch m
joran swedish m
jorck danish m
jordaan dutch m
jordan english, german, biblical m,f
jordana english f
jordi catalan m
jordon english m
jordyn english (modern) f
jorg german m
jorge spanish, portuguese m
jorgen swedish m
jorie english f
joris dutch, frisian m
jorma finnish m
jory cornish m
jos dutch m
joscelin english f
josceline english f
jose spanish, portuguese m
josee french f
josef german, scandinavian, czech m
josefa spanish, portuguese, czech f
josefina spanish f
joselyn english f
josep catalan m
joseph english, french, biblical m
josepha english, german f
josephe french f
josephina english f
josephine french f
josephine english f
joses biblical m
josette french f
josh english m
joshawa english (modern) m
joshua english, biblical m
josiah biblical, english m
josiane french f
josias biblical (variant) m
josie english f
josif serbian m
josip croatian, slovene m
joska hungarian m
joss english f
josslyn english f
josue spanish, french m
jotham biblical m
jouko finnish m
jouni finnish m
jourdain french m
jovan serbian, macedonian m
jovana serbian f
jovanka serbian f
jove roman mythology m
jovita spanish, portuguese f
jowan cornish m
jowita polish f
joy english f
joyce english f,m
joye english f
jozafat polish m
joze slovene m
jozef slovak, slovene, polish, dutch m
jozefa hungarian, polish f
jozefo esperanto m
jozo croatian m
jozsef hungarian m
jozsi hungarian m
jozsua hungarian m
jozua dutch m
ju chinese f
juan spanish m
juana spanish f
juanita spanish f
juanito spanish m
jubal biblical m
juda arabic m
judah biblical, english m
judas biblical m
judd english m
jude english, biblical m
judi english f
judie english f
judit hungarian f
judita czech f
judite portuguese f
judith english, jewish, french, biblical f
judy english f
judyta polish f
juha finnish m
juhana finnish m
juhani finnish m
juho finnish m
jukka finnish m
jules (1) french m
jules (2) english f
juli hungarian f
julia hungarian f
julia english, german, spanish, portuguese, ancient roman, biblical f
julian spanish m
julian english m
juliana dutch, german, english, spanish, portuguese, ancient roman f
juliane french, german f
julianna english, hungarian f
julianne english f
julie french, english f
julien french m
julienne french f
juliet english f
juliette french f
julija slovene f
julio spanish, portuguese m
juliska hungarian f
julitta f
julius ancient roman, english m
juliusz polish m
july english f
julyan english m
jumaane african m
jumana arabic f
jumanah arabic f
june english f
jung korean m,f
junior english m
juniper english f
junko japanese f
juno roman mythology f
juozas lithuanian m
jupiter roman mythology m
juraj slovene, croatian m
jure slovene, croatian m
jurgis lithuanian m
jurij slovene m
juro japanese m
jussi finnish m
juste french m
justice english m,f
justin english, french m
justina english, ancient roman f
justine french, english f
justus ancient roman m
justy english m,f
justyn english m
justyna polish f
jutta german f
jutte german f
juturna roman mythology f
juuso finnish m
juvela esperanto f
juvenal history m
juventas roman mythology f
jyoti indian f
jyotsana indian f
jyotsna indian f
jytte danish f
kaapo finnish m
kaapro finnish m
kaarina finnish f
kaarle finnish m
kaarlo finnish m
kacper polish m
kade english m
kaden english m
kader arabic m
kae english f
kaelea english (modern) f
kaelee english (modern) f
kaety english f
kagiso african f
kai (1) scandinavian, finnish, german m
kai (2) hawaiian m,f
kaia norwegian f
kaija finnish f
kaila f
kailash indian m,f
kailee english (modern) f
kailey english f
kailyn english (modern) f
kaimana hawaiian m
kaisa finnish f
kaiser german m
kaitlin english f
kaitlyn english f
kaitlynn english f
kaj danish m
kajetan polish m
kajsa swedish f
kakalina hawaiian f
kala hawaiian f
kalani hawaiian m,f
kalea hawaiian f
kaleb english m
kaleigh english (modern) f
kaleo hawaiian m
kaley english f
kali hindu mythology f
kalidas indian m
kalla english f
kalle swedish, finnish m
kallias ancient greek m
kallikrates ancient greek m
kalliope greek mythology f
kallisto greek mythology, ancient greek f
kallistrate ancient greek f
kalman hungarian m
kalpana indian f
kalyan indian m
kalyani indian f
kalyn english (modern) f
kalypso greek mythology f
kalysta english (modern) f
kam english m
kama hindu mythology m
kamal (1) arabic m
kamal (2) indian m
kamala indian f
kamaria african f
kameron english (modern) m
kamil (1) arabic m
kamil (2) czech, slovak, polish m
kamila czech, slovak, polish f
kamilla hungarian f
kamryn english f
kandajha esperanto f
kane irish m
kaneonuskatew native american m
kanta indian f
kanti indian f
kanya thai f
kaolin m
kapel jewish m
kapil indian m
kapila indian m
kara english f
karam arabic m,f
karan indian, hindu mythology m
karaugh english (modern) f
karcsi hungarian m
kareem arabic m
karel dutch, czech, slovene m
karen danish, norwegian, english f
karena f
karenza english f
karesinda esperanto f
kari (1) norwegian f
kari (2) finnish m
karim arabic m
karima arabic f
karin swedish, finnish f
karina f
karissa english f
karita norwegian f
karl german, scandinavian m
karla german, scandinavian f
karlene english f
karly english f
karol polish m
karola hungarian f
karoliina finnish f
karolina polish, scandinavian, hungarian f
karoline german, danish, norwegian f
karolis lithuanian m
karoly hungarian m
karolyn english f
karp russian m
karrie english f
karsten german m
karyn english f
karyna f
kasandra english f
kasey english m,f
kasi indian m
kasia polish f
kasimir m
kasimira f
kaspar german m
kasper polish, dutch, scandinavian m
kassandra english, greek mythology f
kassia english f
kassidy english f,m
kassy english f
kat english f
kata hungarian f
katalin hungarian f
katana japanese f
katariina finnish f
katarin breton f
katarina german, swedish, hungarian, croatian, serbian, slovene f
katarine german f
katarzyna polish f
katashi japanese m
kate english f
katee english f
katelin english f
katelyn english f
katelynn english (modern) f
katerina czech f
katey english f
katharina german f
katharine german, english f
kathe german f
katherina english f
katherine english f
kathi english f
kathie english f
kathleen irish, english f
kathlyn english f
kathrin german f
kathryn english f
kathy english f
katica slovene f
katida esperanto f
katie english f
katina f
katinka russian f
katja german, slovene f
katlego african m,f
katlyn english f
kato african m
katri finnish f
katrien dutch f
katrijn dutch f
katrina english f
katrine german, danish, dutch, polish f
katriona english f
katsu japanese m
katsuo japanese m
katsuro japanese m
katy english f
katya russian f
kausalya indian f
kaveri indian f
kawacatoose native american m
kay (1) english f
kay (2) welsh mythology m
kaycee english (modern) f
kaye english f
kayetan german m
kayla english f
kayleah english (modern) f
kaylee english f
kayleen english f
kayleigh english (modern) f
kayley english, irish f
kaylie english f
kaylin english (modern) f
kayly english (modern) f
kaylyn english f
kaylynn english (modern) f
kayode african m
kazia polish f
kazimeras lithuanian m
kazimiera polish f
kazimierz polish m
kazimir russian m
kazmer hungarian m
kazuki japanese m
kazuko japanese f
kazuo japanese m
kean irish m
keane irish m
keanu hawaiian m
keara f
keaton english m
keefe irish, english m
keegan english, irish m
keelan irish f,m
keeleigh english (modern) f
keeley english, irish f
keelin irish f
keely english (modern) f
keenan irish m
kees dutch m
kegan english, irish m
keighley english (modern) f
keiko japanese f
keir scottish, english m
keira english f
keisha english f
keith english, scottish m
keitha english, scottish f
keithia f
kekepania hawaiian f
kekoa hawaiian m
kelan m
kelcey english (modern) m,f
keld danish m
kelda f
kelebek turkish f
kelemen hungarian m
kelia f
kelleigh english f
kelley english f
kelli english f
kellie english f
kelly irish, english m,f
kelsey english m,f
kelsi english (modern) f
kelsie english f
kelvin english m
kemp english m
ken (1) english m
ken (2) japanese m
kenan biblical m
kenaniah biblical m
kendal english, welsh m
kendall english, welsh m,f
kendra english f
kendrick english m
kenelm english m
kenichi japanese m
kenina scottish f
kenith english m
kenji japanese m
kenna scottish f
kennard english m
kennedy english, irish, scottish f,m
kennet scandinavian m
kenneth scottish, english m
kennith english m
kenny scottish, english m
kenrick english m
kenshin japanese m
kent english m
kenta japanese m
kentigern scottish m
kenton english m
kenya russian m,f
kenyon english m
keoni hawaiian m
keren english f
keren-happuch biblical f
kerena english f
kerensa english f
kerenza english f
keri english f
kermit english m
kerneels dutch m
kerr scottish, english m
kerri english f
kerrie english f,m
kerry english m,f
kerstin german, swedish f
kerttu finnish f
keshaun english (modern) m
keshawn english (modern) m
keshet jewish m,f
keshia english f
kester scottish m
kestrel english f
kettil swedish m
keturah biblical, english f
kevan irish m
kevin english, irish m
kevork armenian m
keysha english (modern) f
kezia english f
keziah biblical, english f
kgosi african m
khadiga arabic f
khadija arabic f
khajag armenian m
khaleel indian m
khalid arabic m
khalida arabic f
khalifa arabic m
khalil arabic m
khalilah arabic f
khaliq arabic m
khamisi african m
khara f
khatijah arabic f
khayrat arabic m
khayri arabic m
khayriyya arabic f
khayyam arabic m
khloe english f
khordad m
khorshed arabic m,f
khurshid arabic m,f
khwaja arabic m
kian english, irish m
kiana hawaiian f
kiara f
kiaran m
kiarra f
kibwe african m
kichiro japanese m
kiefer english m
kielo finnish f
kiera irish f
kieran irish m
kieron m
kierra f
kiersten danish, english f
kiku japanese f
kiley english f
kilian irish m
kilie english f
killian irish m
kim (1) english f
kim (2) scandinavian m
kim (3) vietnamese f
kimball english m
kimberlee english (modern) f
kimberleigh english (modern) f
kimberley english f,m
kimberly english f
kimiko japanese f
kimmy english f
kimo hawaiian m
kin japanese f
kinborough medieval english f
king english m
kinga polish, hungarian f
kinge german f
kingsley english m,f
kip english m
kipling english m
kira russian f
kirabo african m,f
kiran indian m
kirby english m
kiri indian f
kiril bulgarian, russian m
kirill russian m
kirk english m
kirsa f
kirsi finnish f
kirsteen scottish f
kirsten scandinavian f
kirstie scottish f
kirstin scottish f
kirsty scottish f
kisecawchuck native american m
kisha english f
kishan indian m
kishen indian m
kishore indian m
kishori indian f
kistna indian m
kit english m,f
kitty english f
kiyoko japanese f
kiyoshi japanese m
kizzie english f
kizzy english f
kjeld danish m
kjell swedish, norwegian m
kjellfrid norwegian f
kjerstin swedish, norwegian f
kjetil norwegian m
klaas german, dutch m
klaes frisian m
klara hungarian f
klara scandinavian, russian, ukrainian, czech, polish, slovene f
klaudia polish f
klaus german m
klava russian f
klavdija slovene f
klavdiya russian f
kleitos ancient greek m
klemen slovene m
klemens german, danish, swedish, polish m
klementyna polish f
kliment russian, czech m
klio greek mythology f
klotild hungarian f
klytie greek mythology f
knud danish m
knut scandinavian m
knute norwegian m
kobe african m
kobina african m
kodey english m
kody english m
koen dutch m
koenraad dutch m
kofi african m
kohaku japanese f
kohar armenian f
kohinoor f
kojo african m
kolab khmer f
kolby english m
kole english m
kolleen english (modern) f
kolman czech m
kolour english f
kolya russian m
kondrat polish m
konnor english m
konrad hungarian m
konrad german, scandinavian, polish m
konstantin german, hungarian, russian, serbian, bulgarian m
konstantinos greek m
konstantyn polish m
koos dutch m
koppel jewish m
kora english f
korbin english m
korbinian german m
korbl german m
kore greek mythology f
korey english m
korina english f
korinna english, german f
kornel hungarian m
kornel polish, czech m
kornelia hungarian f
kornelia polish f
korrine english f
kort dutch m
kortney english (modern) f,m
kory english m
kostandin albanian m
kostya russian m
kourtney english f,m
kreindel jewish f
kresten danish m
kreszentia german f
kreszenz german f
kriemhild german f
kriemhilde german f
krikor armenian m
krimhilde german f
kris f,m
krishna indian, hindu mythology m
krista german, english f
kristal english (modern) f
kristaps latvian m
kristeen english f
kristel english (modern) f
kristen (1) danish m
kristen (2) german f
krister swedish m
kristi english f
kristia english f
kristian scandinavian, finnish m,f
kristie english f
kristiina finnish f
kristin scandinavian, german f
kristina swedish, czech, russian, german f
kristine danish, norwegian f
kristjan icelandic m
kristjan estonian m
kristjana icelandic f
kristof hungarian m
kristoffer scandinavian m
kristopher english m
kristy english f
kristyna czech f
krisztian hungarian m
krisztina hungarian f
krysia polish f
krystal english (modern) f
krystina english (modern) f
krystine english (modern) f
krystle english (modern) f
krystof czech m
krystyn polish m
krystyna polish f
krzys polish m
krzysztof polish m
ksawery polish m
ksenia polish f
ksenija slovene f
kseniya russian f
kshitij indian f
kuba polish m
kudret turkish m
kukka finnish f
kumar indian m
kumari indian f
kumiko japanese f
kun chinese m
kunal indian m
kunegunda polish f
kunibert german m
kunigonde dutch f
kunigunde german f
kuno german m
kunthea khmer f
kunto african f
kuro japanese m
kurt german m
kurtis english m
kustaa finnish m
kuzma russian m
kwabena african m
kwadwo african m
kwaku african m
kwame african m
kwasi african m
kweku african m
kwesi african m
kyla english f
kyle english m,f
kylee english f
kyleigh english (modern) f
kyler english m,f
kylie english f
kyllikki finnish f
kym english f
kynaston english m
kyosti finnish m
kyra english f
kyran irish, english m
kyriake greek f
kyriaki greek f
kyriakos greek, ancient greek m
kyros ancient greek m
kyung-soon korean f
laban biblical m
labhrainn scottish m
labhras irish m
lacey english f,m
lachie scottish m
lachina scottish f
lachlan scottish m
lachtna irish m
lacy english f,m
ladislao italian m
ladislas history m
ladislaus history m
ladislav czech, slovak m
ladonna english f
laelia ancient roman f
laerke danish f
laetitia late roman, english f
lagina english f
lahja finnish f
laia catalan f
laila arabic, english f
laima lithuanian f
laird m
lajos hungarian m
lake english m
lakeisha english f
lakeshia english f
lakisha english f
lakshman indian m
lakshmi indian, hindu mythology f
lal indian m
lala bulgarian f
lalage english f
lalawethika native american m
laleh iranian f
lalit indian f
lalita indian f
lalla english f
lallie english f
lally english f
lalo english m
lambert english, french, german, dutch m
lamech biblical m
lamis arabic f
lammert dutch, german m
lamont m
lamprecht german m
lamya arabic f
lan chinese f
lana english, russian f
lance english m
lancelot english, welsh mythology m
landon english m
lane english m
lanford english m
lanh vietnamese m
lani hawaiian f
lanny english m
lanty m
lanzo german m
laocadia portuguese f
laoise irish f
lara icelandic f
lara russian f
laraine english f
lareyna english f
lari f
larisa russian f
larissa russian f
lark english f
larkin english m
larrie english m
larry english m
lars scandinavian m
larus icelandic m
laryn english (modern) f
lashawn english (modern) f,m
lashonda english (modern) f
lasse finnish m
lassi finnish m
laszlo hungarian m
lata indian f
latanya english (modern) f
latasha english (modern) f
lateefah arabic f
latif arabic m
latifa arabic f
latifah arabic f
latisha english f
latonya english (modern) f
latoya english (modern) f
launce english m
launo finnish m
laura english, spanish, italian, romanian, finnish f
lauraine english f
laure french f
laureen english f
laurel english f
laurelle english f
lauren english f
laurena english f
laurence (1) english m
laurence (2) french f
laurencia english f
laurenco portuguese m
laurene english f
laurens dutch m
laurent french m
laurentia ancient roman f
laurentine french f
laurentiu romanian m
laurentius ancient roman m
lauressa english f
lauretta italian f
laurette french f
lauri finnish m
laurie english f
laurinda english f
laurine english f
laurissa english f
laurita english f
laurits danish m
lauritz danish m
lauro italian m
lauryn english f
lavena english f
lavender english f
lavern english f,m
laverna roman mythology f
laverne english f,m
lavina english f
lavinia roman mythology f
lavone english (modern) f
lavonne english (modern) f
lavra slovene f
lavrenti russian, bulgarian m
lavrentios greek m
lawahiz arabic f
lawanda english f
lawrence english m
lawrie english f
lawson english m
laxman indian m
laxmi indian f
layla arabic f
layton english m
laz english m
lazar hungarian m
lazar russian m
lazare french m
lazarus biblical m
lazer jewish m
lazzaro italian m
lea french f
lea english f
leachlainn irish m
leah english, jewish, biblical f
lean irish f
leander greek mythology (latinized) m
leandra f
leandre french m
leandro spanish, italian m
leann english (modern) f
leanna english f
leanne english f
leanora english f
leatrice english (modern) f
leberecht german m
lech polish m
lecia f
leda greek mythology f
lee english m,f
leeann english f
leeba jewish f
leela indian f
leesa english (modern) f
leevi finnish m
lefteris greek m
legolas literature m
lehi biblical, mormon m
leia english f
leif scandinavian m
leigh english f
leighton english m,f
leila arabic, english f
leilah arabic, english f
leilani hawaiian f
leith m
lela arabic, english f
leland english m
lelia italian f
lemmy m
lemoine english m
lempi finnish f
lemuel biblical m
len english m
lena scandinavian, german, russian f
lenard english m
lene german f
leni german f
lennard english m
lennart scandinavian m
lennie english m
lennon english m
lennox scottish, english m
lenny english m
lenora english f
lenore english f
lenox scottish, english m
lenuta romanian f
lenz german m
leo english, german, late roman m
leocadia spanish f
leocadio spanish m
leofric anglo-saxon m
leofwine anglo-saxon m
leokadia polish f
leola english f
leolin m
leon french m
leon english, german m
leona english, german f
leonard french m
leonard english m
leonardo italian, spanish, portuguese m
leonce french m
leoncio spanish m
leone (1) italian m
leone (2) english f
leonhard german m
leonid russian m
leonidas greek, ancient greek m
leonie french f
leonius ancient roman m
leonne french f
leonor spanish, portuguese f
leonora italian f
leonore german f
leonti russian m
leontina italian, late roman f
leontine french f
leontius late roman m
leonty russian m
leontyne english f
leonzio italian m
leopold french m
leopold english m
leopoldo italian, spanish, portuguese m
leos czech m
leroi english m
leroy english m
les english m
lesedi african f
lesia f
lesleigh english (modern) f
lesley english f,m
leslie english m,f
lesly english f,m
lessie english f
lester english m
leszek polish m
leta english f
letha english f
leticia spanish, portuguese f
letitia english f
letizia italian f
leto greek mythology f
lettice english f
lettie english f
letty english f
lev russian m
levent turkish m
levi biblical, jewish, english m
levon armenian m
lew polish m
lewella english f
lewin english m
lewis english m
lex english m
lexa english f
lexi english f
lexia english f
lexie english f
lexine english f
lexus english f
lexy english f
leyton english m
li chinese m,f
lia italian f
liadan irish f
liam irish m
liana italian, portuguese, english f
liane french, english f
lianne english f
libby english f
liber roman mythology m
liberatore italian m
liberius ancient roman m
liberty english f
libitina roman mythology f
libor czech m
liboria italian f
liborio italian m
lida czech f
liddy f
lidia polish, italian f
lidiya russian f
lieber jewish m
lien vietnamese f
liesa german f
liesbeth dutch f
liese german f
liesel german f
lieselotte german f
liesje dutch f
liesl german f
ligeia greek mythology, ancient greek f
ligia f
liisa finnish f
lijsbeth dutch f
lila indian f
lilac english f
lilavati indian f
lile irish f
lileas scottish f
lili german f
lilia english f
lilian english f
liliana english f
lilias scottish f
lilith english, near eastern mythology f
lilja icelandic f
lillian english f
lillias scottish f
lillie english f
lilly english f
lilo german f
lily english f
lim chinese m,f
lin chinese m,f
lina (1) arabic f
lina (2) english, italian f
linas lithuanian m
lincoln english m
linda english f
linden english f
lindon english m
lindsay english, scottish f,m
lindsey english, scottish f,m
lindsie english, scottish f,m
lindy english f
linette english f
linford english m
ling chinese f
linh vietnamese f
linnaea english f
linnea swedish f
linnet english f
linnette english f
linnie english f
linos greek mythology m
linsay english f,m
linsey english, scottish f,m
linton english m
linus greek mythology (latinized) m
linwood english m
linzi english f
lionel french m
lior jewish m,f
liouba f
lir irish mythology m
liron jewish m,f
lis scandinavian, english f
lisa english f
lisanne english, dutch f
lisbet scandinavian f
lisbeth german f
lise english f
lisette french f
lisha english f
lissa english f
lita english f
liv scandinavian f
livia (1) italian, portuguese, english, ancient roman f
livia (2) english f
liviana italian, ancient roman f
livio italian m
liviu romanian m
livius ancient roman m
livvy f
livy history m
liz english f
liza english f
lizaveta russian f
lizbeth english f
lizette english f
lizolet ? f
lizzie english f
lizzy english f
ljubomir croatian, serbian m
lleu welsh mythology m
lleulu welsh f
llew welsh m
llewella welsh f
llewellyn welsh m
llewelyn welsh m
llora catalan f
llorenc catalan m
lloyd english m
lluc catalan m
lluis catalan m
llyr welsh mythology m
llywellyn welsh m
llywelyn welsh m
lochan indian m
lochlainn irish m
lochlann irish m
lockie english m
lodewijk dutch m
lodovico italian m
logan scottish, english m,f
loic french, breton m
lois english, biblical f
loki norse mythology m
lola spanish, english f
lolicia english f
lolita spanish f
loman irish m
lomman irish m
lon english m
lonan irish m
london english m,f
lone danish f
lonnie english m
lonny english m
lope spanish m
lora german f
loraine english f
lorainne english f
lorand hungarian m
lorant hungarian m
lorayne english f
lorcan irish m
lorccan irish m
lore german f
loredana italian f
loreen english f
lorelei germanic mythology f
lorelle english f
loren english f,m
lorena english, spanish, portuguese, italian f
lorencio spanish m
lorene english f
lorens scandinavian m
lorenz german m
lorenza italian f
lorenzo italian m
loreto english f
loretta english, italian f
lorette f
lori english f
lorie english f
lorin english m
lorinc hungarian m
lorinda english f
loris f
lorita english f
lorn english m
lorna english, scottish f
lorne english m
lorraine english f
lorri english f
lorrie english f
lorrin english m
lothair german m
lothaire french m
lothar german m
lothario italian m
lotta scandinavian, finnish f
lotte german f
lottie english f
lotus english f
lou english f,m
louella english f
louie english m
louis french, english m
louisa english f
louise french, english f
louiza english (modern) f
loup french m
lourdes spanish, english f
love english f
lovel english m
lovell english m
loviisa finnish f
lovisa swedish f
lovise danish, norwegian f
lowell english m
lowri welsh f
loyd english m
luana english f
luann english f
luanna english f
luanne english f
luba ukrainian f
luben bulgarian m
lubna arabic f
lubomierz polish m
lubomir czech, slovak m
luc french m
luca (1) italian m
luca (2) hungarian f
lucas irish m
lucas english, dutch, french m
lucasta english f
luce french f
lucetta english f
luchjo esperanto m
lucia portuguese f
lucia spanish f
lucia italian, german, english, scandinavian, romanian, ancient roman f
lucian english, romanian m
luciana italian, spanish, portuguese, ancient roman f
luciano italian, spanish, portuguese m
lucie french f
lucien french m
lucienne french f
lucifer theology m
lucile french, english f
lucilla italian, spanish, ancient roman f
lucille french f
lucina roman mythology f
lucinda english, portuguese f
lucinde french f
lucine armenian f
lucio italian, spanish, portuguese m
lucius ancient roman, english m
lucjan polish m
lucky english m
lucrece french f
lucretia ancient roman f
lucrezia italian f
lucy english f
ludger german, dutch m
ludmila russian, czech f
ludmilla english f
ludo english m
ludovic english m
ludovica german, dutch f
ludoviko esperanto m
ludvig scandinavian m
ludvik czech m
ludwig german m
ludwik polish m
luella english f
lugh irish mythology m
lughaidh irish, irish mythology m
lugus celtic mythology m
luigi italian m
luigina italian f
luigino italian m
luis spanish, portuguese m
luisa spanish, portuguese, italian f
luise german f
luiseach irish f
luitgard german f
luitger german m
luitpold german m
luiz portuguese m
lujayn arabic f
lujza hungarian f
luka russian, serbian, croatian, slovene m
lukacs hungarian m
lukas german m
luke english, biblical m
luksa esperanto f
lula english f
lulu german f
luminita romanian f
lumusi african f
luna roman mythology f
luned welsh f
lunete french f
luovik icelandic m
lupe spanish f
lupita spanish f
lurdes spanish f
lure f
lutfi arabic m
lutgard german f
lutgardis ancient germanic (latinized) f
luther english m
lutz german m
luuk dutch m
luukas finnish m
luvenia english f
luvinia english f
lux english f
luz spanish f
luzia spanish f
lyall m,f
lycurgus greek mythology (latinized), ancient greek (latinized) m
lyda f
lydia english, german, biblical f
lydie french f
lyle english m
lyn english f
lynda english (modern) f
lyndi english f
lyndon english m
lyndsay english f,m
lyndsea english (modern) f
lyndsey english f,m
lynette english f
lynn english f,m
lynna english f
lynne english f,m
lynnette english f
lynsay english f
lynsey english f
lynton english m
lynwood english m
lyov russian m
lyra astronomy f
lyric english f
lysander ancient greek (latinized) m
lysandra ancient greek f
lysette english f
lysimachus ancient greek (latinized) m
lysistrata ancient greek f
lyssa english f
lyuba russian f
lyubov russian f
lyudmila russian f
lyudmyla ukrainian f
lyydia finnish f
lyyti finnish f
m?cheal scottish m
m?ge turkish f
maaike dutch f
maaria finnish f
maarit finnish f
maarja estonian f
maarten dutch m
maartje dutch f
maas dutch m
maata maori f
mabel english f
mabella english f
mabelle english f
mable english f
mabon welsh, welsh mythology m
macarena spanish f
macaria spanish f
macario spanish m
macey english f,m
machteld dutch f
macie english f,m
maciej polish m
mack english m
mackenzie english m,f
macsen welsh m
macy english f,m
madai biblical m
madailein irish f
madalena portuguese f
madalyn english f
madchen german f
maddalena italian f
maddison english f
madelaine english f
madeleine french, english f
madelina english f
madeline french f
madelyn english f
madge english f
madhav indian m
madhavi indian f
madhu indian f
madhukar indian m
madhur indian f
madison english m,f
madisyn english (modern) f
madlyn english f
madoc welsh m
madog welsh m
madoline english f
madonna english f
mads danish m
madyson english (modern) f
mae english f
maegan english f
maeja f
maeleachlainn irish m
maeva f
maeve irish, irish mythology f
mafalda italian, portuguese f
magda german, dutch, scandinavian, czech, polish, romanian f
magdalen english f
magdalena german, dutch, scandinavian, spanish, portuguese, czech, polish f
magdalene german, english, biblical f
magdalone danish f
magdolna hungarian f
maggie english f
magnhild norwegian f
magnolia english f
magnus scandinavian, english m
maha arabic f
mahala f
mahalah biblical (variant) m
mahalath biblical f
mahali biblical (variant) m
mahalia f
mahatma history m
mahavir indian m
mahendra indian m
mahin iranian f
mahinder indian m
mahlah biblical f,m
mahli biblical m
mahmood indian m
mahmud arabic m
mahomet arabic m
mahon irish m
mahvash iranian f
mai vietnamese f
maia (1) greek mythology, roman mythology f
maia (2) roman mythology f
maighread scottish f
maija finnish f
maike frisian, german, dutch f
maile hawaiian f
mainchin irish m
mainio finnish m
mair welsh f
maire irish f
mairead irish f
mairead scottish f
mairenn irish f
mairi scottish f
mairin irish f
mairtin irish m
mairwen welsh f
maisie scottish f
maite spanish, basque f
maitiu irish m
maitland english m
maja german, scandinavian, polish f
major english m
makaio hawaiian m
makari russian m
makayla english (modern) f
makeda history f
makenna english f
makenzie english f
makram arabic m
maksim russian m
maksimilian russian m
mala indian f
malachi biblical, jewish m
malachy irish m
malaika african f
malak arabic f,m
malakai m
malamis m
malandra english (modern) f
malati indian f
malcolm scottish, english m
malcom english (modern) m
maldwyn welsh m
maleah english (modern) f
maleko hawaiian m
malene danish f
malgorzata polish f
malia hawaiian f
malie hawaiian f
malik arabic m
malika f
malin swedish f
malina scottish, english f
malinda english f
malka jewish f
mallaidh irish f
mallory english m,f
mallt welsh f
malone m
malvina scottish, english f
malvolio literature m
mamie english f
manasseh biblical m
manasses biblical (variant) m
mandeep indian m
mandi english f
mandy english f
manel catalan m
manfred german, dutch, english m
manfredo italian m
manfried german m
mani indian m
manish indian m
manjula indian f
manjusha indian f
manley english m
manlio italian m
mannix irish m
manny english m
manoel portuguese m
manola spanish f
manolo spanish m
manon french f
mansel english m
mansoor indian m
mansur arabic m
manu indian m
manuel english, spanish, portuguese m
manuela spanish, portuguese, romanian f
manus irish m
manya russian f
maoilios scottish m
maquinna native american m
mara (1) biblical f
mara (2) hungarian f
marajha esperanto f
maral armenian f
maralyn english (modern) f
marc french m
marcel french, romanian, german m
marcela spanish, polish, romanian f
marceli polish m
marcelina polish f
marceline french f
marcelino spanish, portuguese m
marcella italian f
marcelle french f
marcellette french f
marcellin french m
marcelline french f
marcellino italian m
marcello italian m
marcellus ancient roman m
marcelo spanish, portuguese m
marci english f
marcia english f
marcie english f
marcin polish m
marcio portuguese, spanish m
marco italian, spanish, portuguese m
marcos spanish, portuguese m
marcus ancient roman, english, biblical (variant) m
marcy english f
marduk near eastern mythology m
mared welsh f
maredudd welsh m
mareike german f
marek polish, czech m
maresol f
marfa russian f
margaid manx f
marganita jewish f
margaret english f
margareta hungarian f
margareta german, scandinavian, serbian, croatian, romanian f
margarete german f
margarethe german, danish f
margaretta english f
margarid armenian f
margarida portuguese f
margarita spanish, russian f
margaux english f
marge english f
marged welsh f
margery english f
margh cornish m
margherita italian f
margie english f
margit hungarian, scandinavian f
margo english f
margot french f
margret icelandic f
margrethe german, danish, norwegian f
marguerite french f
mari welsh, finnish, hungarian f
maria hungarian f
maria spanish f
maria italian, portuguese, german, scandinavian, dutch, greek, polish, czech f
mariabella english f
mariah english f
mariam arabic f
mariamne f
marian (1) english f
marian (2) polish, romanian m
marian (3) m
mariana italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian, ancient roman f
mariangela italian f
marianna english, hungarian f
marianne (1) french f
marianne (2) english f
mariano italian m
marianus ancient roman m
maribel spanish f
marica hungarian f
marie french f
marieke dutch f
mariel english f
mariele german f
mariella italian f
marielle french f
marietta italian f
mariette french f
marigold english f
marija croatian, slovene, serbian, lithuanian f
marijan croatian m
marijana croatian f
marijke dutch f
marijona lithuanian f
marijse dutch f
marika czech, slovak, hungarian f
mariko japanese f
marilena english f
marilene english f
marilou english f
marilyn english f
marilynn english (modern) f
marin french, romanian m
marina italian, spanish, german, greek, russian, ancient roman f
marinda english f
marine french f
marino italian m
marinus ancient roman m
mario italian, spanish, portuguese m
marion (1) english f
marion (2) english m
maris english f
marisa italian, spanish, english f
marise french f
mariska hungarian f
marisol spanish f
marissa english f
marit norwegian, swedish f
marita german, spanish, dutch f
maritza spanish f
marius ancient roman, german, dutch, norwegian, danish, french, english, roma m
mariusz polish m
mariya russian, ukrainian f
marja dutch, finnish f
marjaana finnish f
marjan dutch f
marjani african f
marje english f
marjeta slovene f
marjolaine english f
marjorie english f
marjory english f
mark hungarian m
mark english, russian, biblical m
marketa czech, slovak f
marketta finnish f
markku finnish m
marko ukrainian, croatian, serbian, finnish m
markus german m
marla english f
marlee english (modern) f
marlen russian m
marlena english f
marlene german, english f
marley english m,f
marlin english m
marlon english m
marlowe english m
marly english m
marlyn english f
marmaduke english m
marna swedish f
marni jewish f
marnie (1) english f
marnie (2) jewish f
marquis english m
marquise english m
marquita f
mars roman mythology m
marsaili scottish f
marsha english f
marshal english m
marshall english m
marshan english (modern) f
marta hungarian f
marta danish f
marta spanish, italian, portuguese, romanian, polish f
marten swedish m
marten dutch m
martha english, scandinavian, greek, biblical f
marthe french, german f
martie english m
martijn dutch m
martin spanish m
martin english, french, german, russian, romanian, czech, slovene m
martina english, german, scandinavian, dutch, italian, spanish, portuguese, cz f
martine french f
martinho portuguese m
martino italian m
martirio spanish f
martita spanish f
marton hungarian m
martta finnish f
martti finnish m
martuska hungarian f
marty english m
martyn welsh m
martyna polish f
marva english f
marvin english m
marvyn english m
marwa arabic f
mary english, biblical f
marya russian f
maryam arabic f
maryann english f
maryanne english f
marylou english f
marylyn english f
maryvonne english f
marzena polish f
marzio italian m
masego african f
masha russian f
mason english m
masood indian m
massimiliano italian m
massimo italian m
masterman english m
masud arabic m
masuyo japanese m
mat english m
mate hungarian m
matej czech, slovak, slovene m
mateja slovene, slovak f
mateo spanish m
mateus portuguese m
mateusz polish m
matheus portuguese m
mathew english m
mathias german, scandinavian m
mathieu french m
mathilda english f
mathilde french f
mathis german, french m
mathuin irish m
matias finnish m
matija slovene, croatian, serbian m
matild hungarian f
matilda english f
matilde spanish, portuguese f
matjaz slovene m
matleena finnish f
matrona russian f
matryona russian f
mats swedish, norwegian m
matt english m
matteo italian m
matthew english, biblical m
matthias greek, english, german, biblical m
matthieu french m
matti finnish m
mattia italian m
mattie english f,m
mattithyahu biblical (original) m
matty english m
matvei russian m
matyas hungarian m
matylda czech, polish f
maud english f
maude english f
maudie english f
mauno finnish m
maura (1) italian, spanish f
maura (2) scottish, irish, english f
maureen irish, english f
maurene irish, english f
mauri finnish m
maurice english, french m
mauricio spanish, portuguese m
maurine english, irish f
maurizio italian m
mauro italian m
maurus ancient roman m
mave irish f
maverick english m
mavis english f
mavourneen irish f
mavreena f
max english, german m
maxene english f
maxim russian m
maxime french m
maximiano spanish m
maximilian german, english m
maximilien french m
maximilienne french f
maximillian english m
maximino spanish, portuguese m
maximo spanish m
maximus ancient roman m
maxine english f
maxwell english m
may english f
maya (1) indian f
maya (2) english f
maybelle english f
maybelline english f
mayim f
mayme f
maynard english m
maynerd english m
mayra english f
mayson english (modern) m
mayte spanish f
mazin arabic m
mckayla english (modern) f
mckenna english f
mckenzie english m,f
meabh irish f
meadhbh irish f
meadow english f
meagan english f
meaghan english f
meallan irish m
meave irish f
meaveen f
mechteld dutch f
mechtilde german f
medb irish f
medea greek mythology (latinized) f
media english f
medusa greek mythology f
meena indian f
meera indian f
mefodi russian m
meg english f
megan welsh, english f
meghan english f
mehalia f
mehetabel biblical f
mehitabel biblical (variant) f
mehmed turkish m
mehmet turkish m
mehmud indian m
mehrdad iranian m
mei chinese f
meical welsh m
meike german f
meinard german m
meinhard german m
meinir welsh f
meinrad german m
meinwen welsh f
meir jewish m
meirion welsh m
meiriona welsh f
mel english m,f
melaina ancient greek f
melania italian, spanish f
melanie french f
melanie english, dutch f
melany english f
melba english f
melchior judeo-christian legend m
melchiorre italian m
melchor spanish m
mele hawaiian f
melek (1) jewish m
melek (2) turkish f
melesina f
melete greek mythology f
melia (1) english f
melia (2) greek mythology f
melicent english f
melina f
melinda english f
meliora f
melisa english f
melissa french f
melissa english, greek mythology, ancient greek f
melita english f
melitta ancient greek, english f
mellan irish m
melle f
mellony english (modern) f
melody english f
melor russian m
melpomene greek mythology f
melva english f
melville english m
melvin english m
melvyn english m
melyssa english (modern) f
menachem jewish m
menahem biblical, jewish m
menashe jewish m
mendel jewish m
menelaus greek mythology (latinized) m
menes ancient egyptian m
menno dutch, german m
menuha jewish f
meraud f
mercedes spanish f
mercia english f
mercury roman mythology m
mercy english f
meredith english m,f
mererid welsh f
merete danish f
merfyn welsh m
merideth english f
meriel english f
merilyn english f
merita esperanto f
meriwether english m,f
merla english f
merle english f,m
merletta english f
merlin welsh mythology, english m
merlyn english m,f
merrick english m
merrill english m,f
merrilyn english f
merrion welsh m
merritt english m,f
merry english f
merten german m
merton english m
merv english m
mervin welsh m
mervyn welsh m
meryem turkish f
meryl english f
meshach biblical m
meshulam jewish m
meshullam biblical, jewish m
meta german, scandinavian f
methoataske native american f
methodius ancient greek (latinized) m
methuselah biblical m
metin turkish m
metody polish m
mette danish f
meuric welsh m
meurig welsh m
meyer jewish m
mhairi scottish f
mia danish, swedish f
mica f
micaela italian f
micah biblical, english m
micaiah biblical m,f
micajah biblical (variant) m
michael dutch m
michael english, german, czech, biblical m
michaela english, german, czech f
michal (1) polish, czech m
michal (2) biblical, jewish f
michalina polish f
michayla english (modern) f
micheal irish m
micheal english m
micheil scottish m
michel french, german m
michela italian f
michelangela italian f
michelangelo italian m
michele french f
michele italian m
michelina italian f
micheline french f
michelle french, english f
michelyne english (modern) f
michi japanese f
michiel dutch m
michiko japanese f
michjo esperanto m
mick english m
mickey english m
mictlantecuhtli new world mythology m
midas greek mythology m
midge english f
midori japanese f
mieczyslaw polish m
mieke dutch f
miela esperanto f
mieszko polish m
mignon french f
miguel spanish, portuguese m
miguela spanish, portuguese f
miha slovene m
mihael slovene m
mihaela romanian, slovene f
mihai romanian m
mihaita romanian m
mihajlo serbian, croatian m
mihaly hungarian m
mihammad arabic m
mihangel welsh m
mihhaelo esperanto m
miia finnish f
miina finnish f
mika finnish m
mikael scandinavian m
mikaela scandinavian f
mikala hawaiian m
mikayla ukrainian f
mike english m
mikel basque m
mikelo esperanto m
mikhail russian m
mikhaila russian f
mikhailo ukrainian m
miki japanese f
mikkel scandinavian m
mikko finnish m
miklos hungarian m
mikolaj polish m
mikolas slovak, czech m
miksa hungarian m
mikula russian m
mikulas czech m
mila czech, serbian, croatian, bulgarian f
milada czech f
milagros spanish f
milan czech, russian, serbian, croatian m
milana czech f
milburga f
milburn english m
mildred english f
milena czech, russian, italian f
miles english m
milford english m
millard english m
millicent english f
millie english f
milo english m
milogost m
milos czech, serbian m
miloslav russian, czech m
miloslava russian, czech f
miloslaw polish m
milosz polish m
miltiades ancient greek m
milton english m
mimi italian f
mina english, italian f
minako japanese f
mindy english f
minerva roman mythology f
ming chinese m,f
minh vietnamese m
minna german f
minnie english f
minoru japanese m
minta f
minty f
miquel catalan m
mira indian f
mirabella italian f
mirabelle french, english f
miracle english f
miranda english f
mircea romanian m
mireia spanish, catalan f
mireille french f
mireio provencal f
mirela romanian f
mirele jewish f
mirella italian f
mirembe african f
miren basque f
miriam jewish, english, biblical f
mirinda esperanto f
mirja finnish f
mirjam dutch, german f
mirjami finnish f
mirko croatian, serbian m
mirna croatian, serbian f
miroslav czech, slovak, russian, croatian, serbian m
miroslava czech, slovak, russian, croatian, serbian f
miroslaw polish m
miroslawa polish f
miruna romanian f
mirza arabic m
misha russian m,f
misi hungarian m
misid arabic m
miska hungarian m
missie english f
misti english (modern) f
misty english f
mitch english m
mitchell english m
mithra near eastern mythology m
mitica romanian m
mitsuko japanese f
mitxel basque m
mitya russian m
mitzi german f
miyako japanese f
mnason biblical, ancient greek m
mneme greek mythology f
mo english f,m
moa swedish f
moana maori f,m
modest russian m
modesta spanish, late roman f
modeste french m
modestine french m
modesto spanish, italian, portuguese m
modestus late roman m
modesty english f
modya russian m
mogens danish m
mohamed arabic m
mohammad arabic m
mohammed arabic m
mohan indian m
mohana indian f
mohandas indian m
mohinder indian m
mohini indian f
moira irish, scottish f
moirrey manx f
moises spanish m
moishe jewish m
mojisola african f
mokosh slavic mythology f
mollie english f
molly english f
mona (1) irish, english f
mona (2) scandinavian f
mona (3) arabic f
monat irish f
monday english f
monet m
mongkut thai m
monica spanish f
monica english, italian, portuguese, romanian f
monifa african f
monika hungarian f
monika german, scandinavian f
monique french f
monna english f
monroe scottish, english m
monserrat catalan f
monta f
montague english m
montana english f
monte english m
montgomery english m
montserrat catalan f
monty english m
mor scottish, irish f
mora english f
morag scottish f
morana slavic mythology f
moray scottish m
morcant welsh f
mordecai biblical, jewish, english m
mordechai jewish m
mordikai english m
moreen irish, english f
morgaine french f
morgan welsh, english m,f
morgana english f
morgane french f
moriah biblical, english f
moric hungarian m
moricz hungarian m
moriko japanese f
moritz german m
morley english m
morna irish, scottish f
morpheus greek mythology m
morrigan irish mythology f
morrighan irish mythology f
morris english m
mort english m
morten danish m
mortimer english m
morton english m
morty english m
morven english f
morwenna welsh f
mose m
moses english, biblical m
moshe jewish m
mosi african m
moss english, jewish m
mostafa indian m
mostyn welsh m
motel jewish m
motke jewish m
motya russian m,f
moyna irish, scottish f
moyra irish, scottish f
mozes hungarian m
mozes dutch m
mscislaw polish m
mstislav czech, russian m
mu chinese m,f
muadhnait irish f
muhammad arabic m
muhammed arabic m
muhsin arabic m
muhsina arabic f
muir scottish m
muireadhach irish, scottish m
muireall scottish f
muireann irish, irish mythology f
muirenn irish f
muirgen irish, irish mythology f
muirgheal irish f
muirin irish f
muiris irish m
muirne irish f
mukesh indian m
mukhtar arabic m
mukul indian m
muna arabic f
munashe african m,f
mungo scottish m
munir arabic m
munira arabic f
munro scottish, english m
munroe scottish, english m
murali indian m
murchadh scottish, irish m
murdag scottish f
murdo scottish m
murdoch scottish m
muriel english, french, irish f
murphy irish, english m,f
murray scottish, english m
murrough irish m
murtagh irish m
musa arabic, turkish m
musad arabic m
muscowequan native american m
mustafa arabic m
mutasim arabic m
mwanajuma african f
mya english f
myf welsh f
myfanwy welsh f
myghal cornish m
mykhailo ukrainian m
mykhaylo ukrainian m
mykola ukrainian m
mykolas lithuanian m
myles english m
myra english f
myranda english (modern) f
myrddin welsh mythology m
myriam french, english f
myrna irish f
myron english, ancient greek m
myrrine f
myrtie english f
myrtle english f
mysie f
naamah biblical f
nabil arabic m
nacho spanish m
nacio spanish m
nada arabic f
nadejda russian, bulgarian f
nader arabic m
nadezhda russian, czech, slovak, slovene f
nadia (1) french, english f
nadia (2) arabic f
nadim arabic m
nadine french f
nadir arabic m
nadira arabic f
nadja german, slovene f
nadra arabic f
nadya (1) russian f
nadya (2) arabic f
nadzeija polish f
nagendra indian m
nagi arabic m
nagib arabic m
nahal jewish f
naheed iranian f
nahor biblical m
nahum biblical, jewish m
nail arabic m
naila arabic f
naim arabic m
naima arabic f
nainsi irish f
naitik indian m
naji arabic m
najib arabic m
nakato african f
nalani hawaiian f
naldo italian m
nan english f
nana japanese f
nanaea near eastern mythology f
nanaia near eastern mythology (hellenized) f
nanashi japanese m,f
nancy english f
nanda indian m
nandag scottish f
nandor hungarian m
nandy english m
nanette english f
nanna scandinavian f
nannie english f
nanook m
nanuk m
naoise irish, scottish, irish mythology m
naoko japanese f
naomh irish f
naomhan irish m
naomi (1) english, jewish, biblical f
naomi (2) japanese f
naphtali biblical m
napier english m
napoleon history m
narayan indian, hindu mythology m
narca f
narcisa romanian f
narciso italian, spanish, portuguese m
narcissa english f
narcisse french m
narcissus greek mythology (latinized) m
narelle english (modern) f
narendra indian m
narinder indian m
nasim arabic, iranian f
nasir arabic m
nasira arabic f
nastasia russian f
nastya russian f
nat english m
natale italian f
natalee english f
natalia hungarian f
natalia polish, italian, spanish, portuguese f
natalie french, english f
natalya russian, serbian f
natan jewish m
natanaele italian m
natasa serbian, croatian, slovene f
natasha russian, english f
nathalie french f
nathan english, biblical m
nathanael biblical, english, scandinavian m
nathaniel english, biblical (variant) m
natille english f
natsuko japanese f
natsumi japanese f
naum russian m
nava jewish f
naveed iranian, arabic m
naveen indian m
navid iranian m
nawal arabic f
nawra arabic f
nayeli native american f
nazaire french m
nazario italian, spanish m
ndidi african m,f
nea swedish f
neacel scottish m
neal english m
neasa irish, irish mythology f
neassa irish f
neculai romanian m
ned english m
neelam indian m,f
neely english m
nefertari ancient egyptian f
nefertiti ancient egyptian f
nehemiah biblical m
neifion welsh m
neil irish, scottish, english m
neilina scottish f
neirin welsh m
nekane basque f
nekoda biblical m
nelda english f
nell english f
nelle english f
nellie english f
nelly english f
nels swedish m
nelson english m
nelu romanian m
nemesis greek mythology f
nena english f
neo (1) african f,m
neo (2) english m
neoptolemus greek mythology (latinized) m
nephele greek mythology f
neptune roman mythology m
nereida spanish f
nereus greek mythology, biblical m
nereza f
nergis turkish f
neriah biblical f
nerida f
nerina italian f
nerio italian m
nerissa english f
nero (1) ancient roman m
nero (2) italian m
nerys welsh f
nessa (1) english f
nessa (2) jewish f
nessa (3) irish f
nesta welsh f
nestor greek mythology m
nestore italian m
nethaniah biblical m
netta english f
nettie english f
netuno portuguese m
neus catalan f
neva f
nevada english f,m
nevaeh english f
nevan irish m
neve irish f
neves portuguese f
nevil english m
neville english m
nevio italian m
newt english m
newton english m
neza slovene f
ngai vietnamese m
ngaio maori f
ngaire maori f
ngoc vietnamese f
ngozi african m,f
nguyen vietnamese m
nguyet vietnamese f
nhung vietnamese f,m
nia (1) welsh f
nia (2) african f
niall irish, scottish m
niamh irish, irish mythology f
nibori japanese m
nic english m
niccolo italian m
nichjo esperanto m
nichol scottish m
nicholas english, french m
nichole english f
nick english m
nickolas english m
nickolaus german m
nicky english m,f
nico italian m
nicodeme french m
nicodemo italian, spanish, portuguese m
nicodemus biblical, english m
nicol scottish m
nicola (1) italian m
nicola (2) english f
nicolae romanian m
nicolao spanish m
nicolaos greek m
nicolas spanish m
nicolas french m
nicolasa spanish f
nicolau portuguese m
nicole french, english f
nicoleta romanian f
nicoletta italian f
nicolette french f
nicolina english f
nicolo italian m
nicomedo italian m
nicostrato italian m
nicu romanian m
nicusor romanian m
niels (1) danish m
niels (2) dutch m
nieve spanish f
nieves spanish f
nigel english m
nigelia english f
nigella english f
niilo finnish m
nikandros ancient greek m
nike greek mythology, ancient greek f
nikephoros ancient greek m,f
nikias ancient greek m
nikifor russian, bulgarian m
nikita russian m
nikki english f
nikkole english (modern) f
niklas swedish m
niklaus german m
niko finnish m
nikodemos ancient greek, greek m
nikodim russian m
nikola serbian, croatian, hungarian m
nikolaas dutch m
nikolai russian, bulgarian m
nikolao esperanto m
nikolaos ancient greek, greek m
nikolas english, greek m
nikolaus german m
nikole english f
nikoleta greek f
nikolett hungarian f
nikolina bulgarian f
nikomachos ancient greek m
nikomedes ancient greek m
nikon ancient greek m
nikostratos ancient greek m
nila indian f
niles english m
nilofer iranian f
niloofar iranian f
nils swedish, norwegian m
nimbus english m
nina (1) russian, english, german, french f
nina (2) near eastern mythology f
ninel russian f
ninette french f
ning chinese f,m
ninian scottish, irish m
nino italian m
ninon french f
nioclas irish m
nir jewish m
nirvana english f
nishant indian m
nissa jewish f
nita english f
niu chinese f
nivek english (modern) m
niven scottish m
nizar arabic m
nkechi african f
nkosana african m
nkosazana african f
nkruma african m,f
nnamdi african m
noa biblical (variant) f
noach jewish m
noah (1) english, biblical m
noah (2) biblical f
noak swedish m
noam jewish m
noble english m
nobu japanese m
noe french m
noel french m
noelani hawaiian f
noele f
noelene english f
noella french f
noelle french, english f
noemi italian, spanish f
noemie french f
noga jewish f
nohemi spanish f
noirin irish f
nola irish, english f
nolan irish, english m
nolene english f
noll english m
nomusa african f
nona english f
nonie english f
noor arabic f,m
noora finnish f
nora irish, english, scandinavian f
norah irish, english f
norbert german, english, hungarian m
noreen irish, english f
norene irish, english f
nori japanese m
norina italian f
norm english m
norma english, italian f
norman english m
normand english m
normina english f
norris english m
norton english m
norwood english m
nova english f
novia spanish f
novio spanish m
nowell english (modern) m
nsia african m,f
nsonowa african m,f
nuada irish mythology m
nuadha m
nuala irish f
nudd welsh mythology m
nuha arabic f
nuno portuguese m
nunzia italian f
nunziatina italian f
nunzio italian m
nuo chinese f
nur arabic f,m
nura arabic f
nuray turkish f
nuria catalan f
nyah african f
nyala f
nydia english f
nye welsh m
nyree maori f
nyssa f
nyx greek mythology f
oana romanian f
obadiah biblical m
obed biblical m
oberon english m
obi african m
ocean english m,f
oceane french f
ochieng african m
octavia english f
octavian history, romanian m
octavio spanish m
octavius ancient roman m
odalis spanish f,m
odalys spanish f
odd norwegian m
oddmund norwegian m
odelia english f
odell english m
odessa f
odetta english f
odette french f
odharnait irish f
odhiambo african m
odhran irish m
odi hungarian m
odila f
odile french f
odilon portuguese, french m
odin norse mythology m
odo m
odoacer m
odon hungarian m
odovacar ancient germanic m
odran irish m
odysseus greek mythology m
oedipus greek mythology (latinized) m
oengus scottish, irish, irish mythology m
ofelia spanish f
ofelia spanish f
ofer jewish m
ofra jewish f
ofydd welsh m
ogden english m
oighrig scottish f
oisin irish, irish mythology m
oiva finnish m
oksana ukrainian f
ola norwegian, swedish m
olabode african m
olaf norwegian, danish m
olalla spanish f
olamide african f
olanrewaju african m
olav norwegian, danish m
olavi finnish m
olayinka african f
oldrich czech m
ole danish, norwegian m
oleg russian m
olek polish m
oleksander ukrainian m
olena ukrainian f
olga russian, scandinavian, hungarian, romanian f
oli english m
olimpia italian, spanish, romanian f
olive english f
oliver english m
olivette english f
olivia english f
olivie french f
olivier french m
olle swedish m
olli finnish m
ollie english m,f
olof swedish m
olov swedish m
olufemi african m
olufunmilayo african f
olufunmilola african f
olujimi african m
olukayode african m
olumide african m
oluwafunmilayo african f
oluwasegun african m
oluwaseun african m
oluwaseyi african f,m
oluwatoyin african m,f
oluwayemisi african f
olwen welsh f
olwin welsh f
olwyn welsh f
olya russian f
olympe french f
olympia f
olyvia english f
om indian m
omar arabic m
omega english m
omer turkish m
omid iranian m,f
omolara african f
omri biblical, jewish m
ona lithuanian f
ondrej slovak, czech m
oneida english f
onesime french m
onesimus biblical, ancient greek (latinized) m
onesiphorus biblical, ancient greek (latinized) m
oni african f
onisim russian m
onni finnish m
onora irish f
onur turkish m
oona irish f
oonagh irish f
opal english f
opaline english f
opeyemi african m
ophelia english f
ophiuchus astronomy m
ophrah biblical, jewish f,m
oprah english f
ora english f,m
orabela esperanto f
orah jewish f
oral m
oralee english f
oralie english f
oran irish m
orazio italian m
orban hungarian m
orel german m
oren jewish m
orestes greek mythology m
orfeo italian m
orfhlaith irish f
oriana italian f
oriane french f
orianne french f
orinda f
orinthia literature f
orion greek mythology m
orjan swedish m
orla irish f
orlagh irish f
orlaith irish f
orlando italian m
orli jewish f
orly jewish f
ormerod english m
ormond english m
ormonda f
ormonde m
orna irish f
ornat irish f
ornella italian f
orpa f
orpah biblical f
orpha f
orpheus greek mythology m
orrell english m
orrin irish m
orsina italian f
orsino italian m
orso italian m
orsolya hungarian f
orson english m
orval english m
orvar swedish m
orville english m
orvokki finnish f
osama arabic m
osamu japanese m
osanne french f,m
osbert english m
osborn english m
osborne english m
osbourne english m
oscar english, irish m
osheen irish m
osip russian m
osiris egyptian mythology (hellenized) m
oskar icelandic m
oskar scandinavian, german, polish m
oskari finnish m
osman turkish m
osmond english m
osmund english m
ossia f
ossian irish m
osvaldo spanish, italian, portuguese m
oswald english m
oswin english m
oszkar hungarian m
otakar czech m
otavio portuguese m
othello literature m
othniel biblical m
otho m
otieno african m
otis english m
otokar czech m
otso finnish m
ottavia italian f
ottaviano italian m
ottavio italian m
otthild f
ottila f
ottilie german f
otto hungarian m
otto german, english m
ottokar german m
ottoline english f
ouida french f
ourania greek mythology f
ouranos greek mythology m
ovadia jewish m
ove scandinavian m
oved jewish m
ovid history m
ovidiu romanian m
owain welsh, welsh mythology m
owen (1) welsh m
owen (2) irish m
owena welsh f
oxana ukrainian, russian f
oz (1) english m
oz (2) jewish m
ozan turkish m
ozanne french f,m
ozg?r turkish m,f
ozlem turkish f
ozzie english m
ozzy english m
paaie manx f
paavali finnish m
paavo finnish m
pablo spanish m
pace english m
pacey english m
pachjo esperanto m
pacifica spanish f
paco spanish, portuguese m
paddy irish m
paden english m
paderau welsh f,m
padma indian m,f
padmavati indian f
padmini indian f
padraig irish m
padraig scottish m
padraigin irish f
padrig welsh, breton m
page english f
paget english f
paige english f
paise english m
paki african m
pakpao thai f
pal hungarian m
pal scottish m
pal swedish m
pala icelandic f
pall icelandic m
pallas greek mythology f
pallu biblical m
palmer english m
palmira spanish, italian, portuguese f
palmiro italian m
paloma spanish f
pam english f
pamela english f
pamelia english f
pamella english f
pamila english f
pamphilos ancient greek m
panagiota greek f
panagiotis greek m
panayiotis greek m
pancho spanish m
pancras english m
pancrazio italian m
panda english f
pandora greek mythology f
panfilo italian m
pankrati russian m
pankratios ancient greek m
pankraz german m
panni hungarian f
pansy english f
pantaleon ancient greek m
pantaleone italian m
panther judeo-christian legend m
pantheras greek m
paola italian, spanish f
paolina italian f
paolino italian m
paolo italian m
papak iranian m
papillion french m
paramonos ancient greek m
paraskeve greek f
paride italian m
paris greek mythology m
parisa iranian f
parker english m,f
parnel f
parris english m
parry welsh m
parsifal german m
parth m
parthalan irish mythology m
parthenia greek mythology f
parthenope greek mythology f
parvaiz arabic m
parvanah iranian f
parvati indian, hindu mythology f
parveen arabic f
parvin arabic f
parwiz arabic m
pascal french m
pascale french f
pascaline french f
paschal french m
pasco cornish m
pascual spanish m
pascuala spanish f
pasha russian m
pasquale italian m
pasqualina italian f
pasqualino italian m
pat english m,f
patience english f
patrice french m
patricia english, spanish, portuguese, ancient roman f
patricio spanish, portuguese m
patrick irish, english, french, german m
patrik czech m
patrizia italian f
patrizio italian m
patroclus greek mythology (latinized) m
patrycja polish f
patryk polish m
patsy irish, english f,m
patti english f
pattie english f
patton english m
patty english f
patxi basque m
patya russian m
pau catalan m
paul english, french, german, romanian, biblical m
paula english, german, spanish, portuguese, romanian, hungarian, ancient rom f
paule french f
pauleen english f
paulene english f
pauletta english f
paulette french f
pauli finnish m
pauliina finnish f
paulina english, spanish, italian, polish, ancient roman f
pauline french, english f
paulino spanish, portuguese m
paulo portuguese, esperanto m
pavao croatian m
pavel russian, czech, bulgarian, slovene m
pavlo ukrainian m
pavlos greek m
pawel polish m
pax roman mythology f
payton english m,f
peace english f
peadar irish, scottish m
pearce english m
pearl english f
pearle english (modern) f
pearlie english f
peder danish, norwegian m
pedr welsh m
pedro spanish, portuguese m
peers english m
peg english f
pegasus greek mythology (latinized) m
peggie english f
peggy english f
peigi scottish f
pekka finnish m
pelageya russian f
pelagia ancient greek, greek, polish f
pelagius ancient greek (latinized) m
pellegrino italian m
pembe turkish f
pen english f
pene english f
penelope french f
penelope greek mythology, english f
peni hawaiian m
peninnah biblical f
penny english f
pentti finnish m
peony english f
pepca slovene f
pepe spanish m
pepita spanish f
pepito spanish m
peppi english f
per scandinavian m
perce english m
perceval french m
percival english, welsh mythology m
percy english m
perdita english f
pere catalan m
peregrine english m
perele f
pericles ancient greek (latinized) m
perla italian, spanish f
perle jewish f
perlie english f
pernel f
pernilla swedish f
pernille danish f
pero serbian, croatian m
peronel english f
peronelle f
perpetua spanish f
perrine french f
perry english m
persephone greek mythology, english f
perseus greek mythology m
persis biblical f
pertti finnish m
perttu finnish m
perun slavic mythology m
peta english f
petar serbian, croatian, bulgarian, macedonian m
pete english m
peter hungarian m
peter english, german, scandinavian, biblical m
petera maori m
peterkin m
peti hungarian m
petia bulgarian f
petr czech m
petra greek f
petranella f
petras lithuanian m
petre romanian m
petri finnish m
petrica romanian m
petrina english f
petro ukrainian, esperanto m
petrona spanish f
petronel english f
petronella dutch, english f
petros greek m
petru romanian m
petter swedish, norwegian m
petteri finnish m
petula english f
petunia english f
petur icelandic m
petya russian m
peyton english m,f
phaedra greek mythology (latinized) f
phaedrus ancient greek (latinized) m
pharamond literature m
phebe english f
phelan irish m
phelim irish m
phemie english f
pheobe english (modern) f
phil english m
philadelphia biblical f
philander m
philbert english, french m
phile ancient greek f
philemon biblical m
philibert french m
philip english, biblical m
philipa english, german f
philipp german m
philippa english, german, greek f
philippe french m
philippina english, german f
philippine french f
philis english f
phillida english f
phillip english m
phillipa english, german f
phillis english f
philo english, german m
philokrates ancient greek m
philomel literature f
philomela greek mythology (latinized) f
philomena english, german f
philon ancient greek m
philotheos ancient greek m
phineas biblical (variant), english m
phinehas biblical, english m
phirun khmer m
phobos greek mythology m
phocas ancient greek (latinized) m
phoebe english, greek mythology (latinized), biblical f
phoebus greek mythology (latinized) m
phoenix mythology, english f,m
photine ancient greek f
photios greek, ancient greek m
phrixus greek mythology (latinized) m
phuong vietnamese f
phyliss english (modern) f
phyllida english f
phyllis greek mythology, english, german f
pia english, italian, scandinavian, polish, late roman f
piaras irish m
pich khmer f,m
piedad spanish f
piera italian f
pierce english m
pierina italian f
piero italian m
pierre french m
pierrick breton, french m
piers english m
piet dutch m
pietari finnish m
pieter dutch m
pietrina italian f
pietro italian m
pietronella dutch f
piety english f
piia finnish f
pika hawaiian m
pilar spanish f
pili spanish f
pilib irish m
pilvi finnish f
pinchas jewish m
ping chinese m,f
pino italian m
piotr polish m
pip english m
piper english m,f
pippa english f
pipra esperanto f
piri hungarian f
piritta finnish f
pirjo finnish f
pirkko finnish f
piroska hungarian f
pista hungarian m
pisti hungarian m
pitambar indian m
pius late roman m
placid english m
placida late roman, italian f
placide french f
placido italian, spanish, portuguese m
plamen bulgarian, serbian m
plato ancient greek (latinized) m
platon ancient greek m
pleasance english f
pluto greek mythology (latinized), roman mythology m
pocahontas history, native american f
pol irish m
pol scottish m
poldi german m
poldie english m
polina russian f
pollie english f
pollux roman mythology m
polly english f
pollyanna english f
polona slovene f
polycarp ancient greek (anglicized) m
polydeukes greek mythology m
polyhymnia greek mythology f
polyxena greek mythology f
pompeo italian m
pompey history m
pompiliu romanian m
poncio spanish m
pons french m
pontius ancient roman, biblical m
pontus scandinavian m
ponzio italian m
poornima indian f
poppy english f
porfirio italian, spanish m
porsche english f
porter english m
portia english f
poseidon greek mythology m
posie english f
posy english f
poul danish m
prabhakar indian m
prabhu indian m
prabodh indian m
pradeep indian m
praise english f
prakash indian m
pramod indian m
pran indian m
pranay indian m
pranciskis lithuanian m
prasad indian m
pratap indian m
pratibha indian f
pratima indian f
praxis m
praxiteles ancient greek m
preben danish m
precious english m
preeti indian f
prem indian m
prema indian f
preston english m
priam greek mythology (anglicized) m
price welsh m
primitiva spanish, portuguese, ancient roman f
primo italian, spanish m
primrose english f
primula english f
prince english m
princess english f
pris english f
prisca biblical, ancient roman f
priscilla english, ancient roman, biblical f
prissy english f
priya indian f
prometheus greek mythology m
proserpina roman mythology f
proserpine roman mythology f
prosper french, english m
prospero italian, spanish m
proteus greek mythology m
pru english f
prudence english f
prudencio spanish m
prudentius late roman m
prudenzio italian m
prue english f
prunella english f
pryce welsh m
pryderi welsh m
przemek polish m
przemo polish m
przemyslaw polish m
psyche greek mythology f
ptah egyptian mythology m
ptolema f
ptolemy history m
publius ancient roman m
purdie f
purushottam indian m
pushpa indian f
pyotr russian m
pyrrhus greek mythology (latinized), ancient greek (latinized) m
pyry finnish f
pythagoras ancient greek m
qadir arabic m
qasim arabic m
qiana english (modern) f
qing chinese f
qiu chinese m,f
quan vietnamese m
quanah english, native american m
quang vietnamese m
quanna english f
queen english f
queenie english f
quentin english, french m
quetzalcoatl new world mythology m
quiana english (modern) f
quianna english (modern) f
quim portuguese, catalan m
quin english m
quincey english m
quincy english m
quinlan m
quinn irish m
quintella f
quintin english m
quinton english m
quintus ancient roman m
quique spanish m
quirino italian m
quirinus roman mythology m
qusay arabic m
quy vietnamese f,m
quyen vietnamese f
r?diger german m
ra egyptian mythology m
raakel finnish f
raanan jewish m
rab scottish m
rabab arabic f
raban m
rabbie scottish m
rabindra indian m
rachael english f
racheal english f
rachel english, jewish, french, german, biblical f
rachele italian f
rachelle english f
rachyl english (modern) f
raclaw polish m
racquel english f
rad arabic m
rada russian, polish, czech, slovak f
radcliff english m
radclyffe english m,f
radek czech m
radha indian f
radim czech m
radimir russian m
radko russian, czech m
radmilo serbian m
radomil polish, czech, bulgarian m
radomila polish, czech f
radomir czech, bulgarian m
radomira czech, bulgarian f
radoslav russian, czech, bulgarian m
radoslava czech, bulgarian f
radoslaw polish m
radoslawa polish f
radovan slovak, czech, serbian m
radu romanian m
radulf german m
radzimierz polish m
rae english f,m
raeburn english m
raelene english f
raelyn english f
rafa spanish m
rafael german, spanish, portuguese m
rafaela spanish, portuguese f
rafal polish m
rafe english m
raffaele italian m
raffaella italian f
raffaello italian m
rafiq arabic m
rafiqa arabic f
raghnaid scottish f
raghnailt irish f
raghnall irish, scottish m
raghu indian m
ragna scandinavian f
ragnar scandinavian m
ragnborg ancient scandinavian f
ragnfrid ancient scandinavian f
ragnheiour icelandic f
ragnhild scandinavian f
ragnhildur icelandic f
ragnvald scandinavian m
raguel judeo-christian legend m
rahab biblical f
rahat arabic m,f
raheem arabic m
rahim arabic m
rahul indian m
raibeart scottish m
raicheal irish f
raiden far eastern mythology m
raimonda italian f
raimondo italian m
raimund german m
raimunde german f
raimundo spanish, portuguese m
rain english f
raina polish, czech, russian f
rainard english m
raine english f
rainer german m
rainerio spanish m
rainier french m
raisa (1) russian f
raisa (2) jewish f
raisel jewish f
raj indian m
raja arabic f
rajani indian f
rajender indian m
rajendra indian m
rajesh indian m
rajinder indian m
rajiv indian m
rajneesh indian m
rajnish indian m
rajya arabic f
rakel scandinavian f
rakesh indian m
raleigh english m
ralf english m
ralph english m
ralphie english m
ralphina english f
raluca romanian f
ram indian m
rama indian, hindu mythology m
ramachander indian m
ramachandra indian m
ramakrishna indian m
rameses ancient egyptian m
ramesh indian m
rameshwar indian m
ramiro spanish m
ramla african f
ramon spanish m
ramon catalan m
ramona spanish f
ramsay scottish m
ramses ancient egyptian m
ramsey english m
ran japanese f
rana arabic f
ranald scottish m
randa english f
randal english m
randall english m
randell english m
randi english f
randolf english m
randolph english m
randy english m,f
rani indian f
raniero italian m
ranj indian m
ranjeet indian m
ranjit indian m
ransu finnish m
ranulf scottish m
ranulph scottish, english m
ranya arabic f
raoul french m
raphael french m
raphael english, german, french, biblical m
raphaela english, german f
raquel spanish, portuguese f
raschelle english f
rasha arabic f
rashad arabic m
rasheed indian m
rashid arabic m
rashida arabic f
rashmi indian f
rashne iranian m
rasmus scandinavian m
rastus english m
ratan indian m
rathnait irish f
rati indian, hindu mythology f
ratnam indian m
rauha finnish f
raul italian, spanish m
rava esperanto f
raven english f,m
ravenna english f
ravi indian, hindu mythology m
ravindra indian m
rawiya arabic f
rawya arabic f
ray english m
raya russian f
raymond english, french m
raymonde french f
raymund english m
raymundo spanish, portuguese m
rayna (1) english f
rayna (2) jewish f
raynard english m
rayner english m
raza arabic m
razvan romanian m
re egyptian mythology m
read english, scottish m
reagan english, irish m,f
reah f
reamann irish m
reanna english f
reannon english f
rearden irish m
reba english f
rebeca spanish, portuguese f
rebecca french f
rebecca english, italian, biblical f
rebeccah english (modern) f
rebeccanne english (modern) f
rebecka swedish f
rebeckah english (modern) f
rebeka hungarian f
rebekah biblical (variant), english f
rebekka german, danish, norwegian f
red english m
redd english m
redmond irish m
redmund irish m
reece welsh m
reed english, scottish m
reena english f
reene english f
reenie english f
rees welsh m
reese welsh m
reeta finnish f
reetta finnish f
reg english m
regan english f
regana english (modern) f
regena english f
reggie english m
regina english, italian, late roman f
reginald english m
regine french f
regis french m
regula german f
rei japanese f
reid english, scottish m
reijo finnish m
reimund german m
rein german m
reina (1) spanish, english f
reina (2) jewish f
reinaldo portuguese, spanish m
reine french f
reiner german m
reinhard german m
reinhilde german f
reinhold german m
rembrandt dutch m
remedios spanish f
remei catalan f
remi french m
remiel judeo-christian legend m
remigio italian, spanish, portuguese m
remo italian m
remus roman mythology m
remy french m
ren japanese f
rena english f
renae english f
renard french, polish m
renata hungarian f
renata italian, german, polish, czech, croatian, late roman f
renate german, dutch f
renato italian, spanish, portuguese m
renatus late roman m
renaud french m
rene french m
renee french f
renie english f
renita english f
renzo italian m
retha f
reto german m
reuben biblical, jewish, english m
reuel biblical m
reut jewish f
reuven jewish m
reva f
rex english m
rexana english f
rexanne english f
reynaldo spanish m
reynard english m
reynaud french m
reynold english m
rhamantus welsh f
rhbeen arabic m
rhea greek mythology, roman mythology f
rheanna english f
rheinallt welsh m
rhett english m
rhetta english f
rhian welsh f
rhianna english f
rhiannon welsh, welsh mythology f
rhianon welsh f
rhianu welsh f
rhisiart welsh m
rhoda biblical, english f
rhodri welsh m
rhona scottish f
rhonda english f
rhonwen welsh f
rhosyn welsh f
rhydderch welsh m
rhys welsh m
ria german, english f
rian english m
riannon welsh f
riaz arabic m
rica english, german f
ricarda spanish, german f
ricardo spanish, portuguese m
riccarda italian f
riccardo italian m
rich english m
richard hungarian m
richard english, french, german, czech m
richardine english f
richelle f
richendra english f
richie english m
richmal english (modern) f
rick english m
rickena english f
rickey english m
rickie english m
ricky english m
rico spanish, italian m
ridley english m
rigby english m
rigel astronomy m
righnach f
riikka finnish f
riitta finnish f
rik english m
rika f
rikard hungarian m
rikard scandinavian, finnish m
rike german f
rikhard finnish m
rikke danish f
rikki english f
riku finnish m
riley english m,f
rilla f
rim arabic f
rina english, italian f
rinaldo italian m
rino italian m
rio m
rioghnach irish mythology f
riona irish f
rionach irish f
riordan irish m
risteard irish m
risto finnish m
rita english, scandinavian, german, hungarian, italian, spanish, portuguese f
ritchie english m
river english m,f
rivka jewish f
rizwan arabic m
roald norwegian m
roar norwegian m
rob english m
robbie english m,f
robby english m,f
robena f
robert hungarian m
robert english, french, scandinavian m
roberta english, italian f
robertina english, italian, spanish f
roberto italian, spanish, portuguese m
robi hungarian m
robin english m,f
robina english f
robyn english f
robynne english (modern) f
roc catalan m
rocco italian m
roch french m
rochelle french f
rocio spanish f
rocky english m
rod english m
roddy english m
roderic english m
roderick english m
rodge english m
rodger english m
rodica romanian f
rodina scottish f
rodion russian m
rodney english m
rodolf german, dutch m
rodolfo italian, spanish m
rodolph english, french m
rodolphe french m
rodrigo spanish, italian m
rodrigue french m
rodya russian m
roel dutch m
roeland dutch m
rogelio spanish m
roger english, french m
rogerio portuguese m
rohan (1) indian m
rohan (2) literature f
rohesia m
roi (1) galician m
roi (2) jewish m
roibeard irish m
rois irish f
roisin irish f
roksana russian f
rokuro japanese m
rolan m
roland english, french m
rolande french f
rolando spanish m
roldan spanish m
rolf german, scandinavian, english m
rolland english m
rollo english m
rolo english m
rolph english m
roly english m
roma f
romain french m
romaine french f
roman russian, polish, czech m
romana italian f
romane f
romano italian m
romayne english (modern) f
romeo italian m
romey english f
romilda italian f
romina spanish f
romola italian f
romolo italian m
romulus roman mythology m
romy german, english f
ron (1) english m,f
ron (2) jewish m,f
rona english f
ronald scottish, english m
ronalda scottish, english f
ronaldo portuguese m
ronan irish m
ronda english f
ronen jewish m
rong chinese m,f
roni (1) jewish f
roni (2) english f
ronit irish f
ronnette english f
ronnie english m,f
ronny english m
roope finnish m
roopertti finnish m
roosevelt english m
roque spanish, portuguese m
rordan irish m
rorie irish, scottish m
rory irish, scottish m
ros english f
rosa spanish, italian, portuguese, scandinavian f
rosabel f
rosabella italian f
rosalba italian f
rosaleen english f
rosalia italian f
rosalie french f
rosalin english f
rosalina portuguese, spanish f
rosalind english f
rosalinda f
rosaline english f
rosalva f
rosalyn english f
rosalynne english f
rosamond english f
rosamund english f
rosangela italian f
rosanna english, italian f
rosannah english f
rosanne english f
rosario spanish f
roscoe english m
rose english, french f
roseann english f
roseanne english f
rosella italian f
roselle french f
roselyn english f
rosemarie german, scandinavian f
rosemary english f
rosemonde french f
rosetta italian f
rosette french f
roshan arabic m,f
roshanara arabic f
rosheen irish f
roshni f
rosie english f
rosina italian f
rosine french f
rosita spanish f
roslyn english f
ross scottish, english m
rossella italian f
rostislav russian, czech m
roswell english m
roswitha german f
rosy english f
rowan english m,f
rowanne english f
rowena english f
rowina english f
rowland english m
rowley english m
roxana english, spanish, romanian f
roxane french, english f
roxanna english f
roxanne english, french f
roxie english f
roxy english f
roy scottish, english m
royal english m
royale english m
royce english m
roydon english m
royle english m
royston english m
roz english f
roza polish, hungarian f
roza russian, slovene f
rozabela esperanto f
rozalia hungarian f
rozalija lithuanian, slovene f
rozanne english f
roze lithuanian f
rozsa hungarian f
rozsi hungarian f
ru chinese m
ruadhan irish m
ruaidhri irish m
ruaidri irish m
ruairi irish m
ruairi scottish m
ruairidh scottish m
ruaraidh scottish m
ruaridh scottish m
rube english m
ruben spanish m
ruben scandinavian, dutch m
rubena esperanto f
rubina f
ruby english f,m
rubye english f
ruchel jewish f
rudi german, hungarian m
rudo african m
rudolf german, dutch, scandinavian, polish, czech, hungarian m
rudolph english m
rudy english m
rudyard english m
rue english f
rufina russian, ancient roman f
rufino italian, spanish, portuguese m
rufus ancient roman, english, biblical m
ruggero italian m
ruggiero italian m
rui portuguese m
rukmini indian f
runa scandinavian f
rune scandinavian m
rupert german, dutch, english m
ruperta spanish f
rupinder indian f
ruqayya arabic f
rurik russian m
ruslan russian m
russ english m
russel english m
russell english m
rustam iranian m
rusty english m
rut swedish, german, italian, spanish, polish f
ruta lithuanian f
rutger dutch m
ruth english, german, scandinavian, biblical f
ruthie english f
ruuben finnish m
ruud dutch m
ruxandra romanian f
ruy spanish m
ryan irish, english m,f
ryana english f
ryanne english f
rylan english m
rylee english f
ryley english m
ryo japanese m
ryota japanese m
ryszard polish m
s?layman arabic m
s?leas scottish f
s?leiman arabic m
s?leyman arabic, turkish m
s?ne scottish f
s?neag scottish f
s?oltach scottish m
s?ren scandinavian m
saara finnish f
sabah arabic f
sabas m
sabeen arabic f
sabella english f
sabia irish f
sabina english, italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian, polish, czech f
sabine french, german f
sabino italian m
sabrina english, italian f
saburo japanese m
sacha french m,f
sachairi scottish m
sacheverell english m
sachie english m
sachiko japanese f
sachin indian m
sad arabic m
sadaf arabic f
sadb irish f
saddam arabic m
sadhbh irish f
sadia arabic f
sadie english f
saffie english f
saffron english f
safira esperanto f
sage english f,m
sahar arabic f
saibh irish f
said arabic m
saida arabic f
saiful arabic m
saifullah arabic m
sakari finnish m
sakhr arabic m
saki japanese f
saku finnish m
sakura japanese f
sal english f,m
salacia roman mythology f
salah arabic m
salal english f,m
salamon hungarian m
saleem indian m
saleh arabic m
salena f
salha arabic f
salih arabic m
salim arabic m
salima arabic f
salina f
salli finnish f
sallie english f
sally english f
salma arabic f
salman m
salomao portuguese m
salome french f
salome english, german, biblical f
salomea polish f
salomon finnish m
salud spanish f
salut catalan f
salvador spanish m
salvalus m
salvatore italian m
sam english m,f
samanta italian f
samantha english f
samara english f
sameer arabic m
sameera arabic f
sami hungarian, finnish m
samina arabic f
samir arabic m
samira arabic f
sammi english (modern) f
sammie english m,f
sammy english m,f
samnang khmer m,f
samoyla russian m
sampson english m
samson biblical, english m
samu hungarian m
samuel hungarian m
samuel english, french, biblical m
samuela italian f
samuele italian m
samuil russian m
samuli finnish m
san chinese m,f
sana arabic f
sana arabic f
sanaz iranian f
sancha spanish f
sanchia spanish f
sancho spanish m
sanda romanian f
sandalio spanish m
sandeep indian m
sandford english m
sandhya indian f
sandie english f
sandor hungarian m
sandra italian, english f
sandrine french f
sandro italian m
sandu romanian m
sandy english f,m
sanford english m
sango japanese f
sani arabic m
saniyya arabic f
sanjay indian m
sanjeet indian m
sanjeev indian m
sanjit indian m
sanjiv indian m
sankar indian m
sanna scandinavian f
sanne dutch f
sans m
sansone italian m
santa italian f
santeri finnish m
santiago spanish m
santino italian m
santo italian m
santos spanish m
santuzza italian f
sanya arabic f
saoirse irish f
sapphira biblical, english f
sapphire english f
sappho ancient greek f
sara hungarian f
sara arabic, greek, spanish, italian, portuguese, scandinavian f
sarah english, french, german, biblical f
sarahjeanne english (modern) f
sarai biblical f
saraid irish f
saranna english f
saraswati indian, hindu mythology f
sarava m
sari hungarian f
sari finnish f
sariah english f
sarika hungarian f
sarina english f
sarita spanish f
sarosh m
sarra english f
sascha german m,f
sasha russian m,f
sashi indian m
saskia dutch f
sassa swedish f
satchel english m,f
satish indian m
satu finnish f
saturn roman mythology m
saturnina ancient roman, spanish f
saturnino spanish, italian, portuguese m
saturninus ancient roman m
sauda african f
saul biblical, jewish m
saule lithuanian f
saundra scottish f
sava russian m
savalus m
savanna english f
savannah english f
savas turkish m
saveli russian m
saverio italian m
savino italian m
savio italian m
savitri indian f
sawney scottish m
sawyer english m
sawyl welsh m
saxon english m
sayuri japanese f
sayyid arabic m
scarlet english f
scarlett english f
scevola italian m
scheherazade arabic f
schwanhild f
scilla f
scot english, scottish m
scott english, scottish m
scottie english, scottish m
scotty english, scottish m
scout english f
seachnall irish m
seafra irish m
seaghdh scottish m
seaghdha irish m
seamas irish m
seamour english m
seamus irish m
sean irish m
seanan irish m
searlait irish f
searlas irish m
sebastiaan dutch m
sebastian spanish m
sebastian english, german m
sebastiana italian f
sebastiano italian m
sebastien french m
sebastienne french f
sebestyen hungarian m
sebestyen hungarian m
sechnall irish m
secundinus ancient roman m
secundus ancient roman m
seeta indian f
seetha indian f
sefton english m
sefu african m
sekar indian m
sekel jewish m
sela biblical f
selby english m,f
selena greek mythology (latinized) f
selene greek mythology, greek, english f
selig jewish m
selim turkish m
selima english f
selina russian f
selma english f
selvaggia italian f
selwyn english m
semele greek mythology f
semyon russian m
senan irish m
sence f
sender jewish m
seneca ancient roman, english m
senga scottish f
sens f
seoc scottish m
seoirse irish m
seona scottish f
seonag scottish f
seonaid scottish f
seoras scottish m
seosaidh scottish m
seosamh irish m
sepp german m
seppel german m
seppo finnish m
september english f,m
septima ancient roman, spanish f
septimus ancient roman m
sequoia english f
sera english f
serafima russian f
serafina italian f
serafino italian m
seraphina english, german f
seraphine french f
seren welsh f
serena english, italian f
serenity english f
serge french m
sergei russian m
sergio italian, spanish, portuguese m
sergius ancient roman m
serhat turkish m
serina english f
serrena english f
servius ancient roman m
sesto italian m
set egyptian mythology m
seth (1) biblical, english m
seth (2) egyptian mythology (hellenized) m
sethunya african f
seumas scottish m
sevan armenian f,m
sevastian russian m
sevastyan russian m
seve spanish m
severiano italian, spanish m
severin french m
severin german m
severina italian, portuguese, croatian, german, ancient roman f
severine french f
severino italian, spanish, portuguese m
severo italian, spanish m
seward english m
sextus ancient roman m
seymour english m
shachar jewish f,m
shad m
shadi (1) arabic m
shadi (2) iranian f
shadrach biblical m
shadya arabic f
shae english m,f
shaelyn english f
shafiq arabic m
shafiqa arabic f
shahar jewish f,m
shahira arabic f
shahjahan arabic m
shahnaz iranian, arabic f
shahpur m
shahrazad arabic f
shahriar iranian m
shahrizad arabic f
shahrokh iranian m
shahzad arabic m
shai jewish m
shaina jewish f
shaindel jewish f
shakir arabic m
shakira arabic f
shakti indian f
shakuntala indian f
shalom jewish m
shama arabic f
shamgar biblical m
shamira jewish f
shamus irish m
shan english f
shana english f
shandar indian m
shane irish, english m
shanelle english (modern) f
shanene english (modern) f
shania english (modern) f
shanice english (modern) f
shanika english (modern) f
shankar indian m
shankara indian m
shanna english f
shannah english f
shannon english f,m
shanta indian f
shantae english f
shantel english f
shantelle english f
shanti indian f
shaquille arabic m
sharalyn english (modern) f
shareef indian m
shari english f
sharif arabic m
sharifa arabic f
sharise english (modern) f
sharla english f
sharleen english f
sharlene english f
sharma indian m
sharmaine english f
sharmila indian f
sharon english, biblical f,m
sharona english f
sharron english f
sharyl english (modern) f
sharyn english (modern) f
shashi indian m
shaun english m
shauna english f
shavonne irish, english f
shaw english m
shawn english m,f
shawna english f
shawnda english f
shawnee english f
shay (1) irish, english m
shay (2) jewish m,f
shayla english (modern) f
shayna jewish f
shaynah jewish f
shea irish m,f
sheamus irish m
sheard english m
sheba biblical m
sheela indian f
sheelagh english (modern) f
sheena scottish, english f
sheenagh english (modern) f
sheherazade arabic f
shehrevar m
sheila irish, english f
sheine jewish f
shekhar indian m
shelagh english f
shelby english m,f
sheldon english m
shelena f
shelia f
shell english f,m
shelley english f
shelly english f
shem biblical m
shena f
sheona f
sher arabic m
sherah biblical f
sheree english f
shereen iranian f
sheri english f
sheridan english m
sherie english f
sherill english f
sherilyn english f
sherisse english f
sherley english f
sherlock english m
sherman english m
sherri english f
sherrie english f
sherry english f
sheryl english f
shevaun irish, english f
shevon irish, english f
shichiro japanese m
shifra jewish f
shiloh english m
shimmel jewish m
shimon jewish m
shimshon jewish m
shin korean m
shinju japanese f
shiphrah biblical, jewish f
shir jewish f
shira jewish f
shireen iranian f
shirin iranian f
shirlee english f
shirley english f,m
shiro japanese m
shirral ? f
shiva indian, hindu mythology m
shlomo jewish m
shmuel jewish m
sho japanese m
shobha indian f
sholto scottish m
shona scottish f
shonda english (modern) f
shoshana jewish f
shoshannah jewish f
shprintza jewish f
shprintze jewish f
shprintzel jewish f
shripati indian m
shug scottish m
shui chinese m,f
shukri arabic m
shukriyya arabic f
shulamit jewish f
shulamith jewish f
shulammite jewish f
shun chinese f
shura russian f,m
shyam indian m
shyama indian f
shyla english (modern) f
sian welsh f
siana welsh f
siani welsh f
siarl welsh m
siavush iranian m
sib indian m
sibeal irish f
sibilla english f
sibyl english f
sibylla greek, german, swedish f
sibylle german, french f
sid english m
siddharta indian m
siddhartha indian m
sidney english m,f
sidonie french f
sidonius ancient roman m
sidony english f
sieffre welsh m
siegbert german m
siegfried german m
sieghard german m
sieghild f
sieglinde german f
siegmund german m
siemen dutch, frisian m
siena f
sienna f
sierra english f
sif norse mythology f
sigeberht anglo-saxon m
sigfrid swedish m
sigi german m,f
sigismund german m
sigiswald german m
sigmund german, english m
signe scandinavian f
signy scandinavian f
sigrid scandinavian f
sigrun icelandic f
sigrun scandinavian, norse mythology f
sigurd scandinavian, norse mythology m
sigvard swedish m
silas english, greek, biblical m
sile irish f
silja finnish f
silje norwegian, danish f
silke german f
silvana italian f
silvano italian m
silvanus ancient roman, roman mythology m
silver english m,f
silvester english, german m
silvestra english, italian f
silvestre spanish m
silvestro italian m
silvia italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian, english, german, ancient roman f
silvija croatian f
silvio italian, spanish, portuguese m
silviu romanian m
simao portuguese m
simba african m
simcha jewish f,m
simeon biblical m
simge turkish f
simin iranian f
simo finnish m
simon english, french, scandinavian, hungarian, slovene, biblical m
simona italian, romanian, czech, slovene f
simone (1) french f
simone (2) italian m
simonetta italian f
simonette english f
sinclair english m
sindre norwegian m
sindri norse mythology, icelandic m
sindy english (modern) f
sine irish f
sinead irish f
sini finnish f
siobhan irish f
siofra irish f
siomha irish f
sion welsh m
sioned welsh f
sior welsh m
siors welsh m
siorus welsh m
siothrun irish m
sipho african m
siran armenian f
siri scandinavian f
sirius astronomy m
sirvart armenian f
sisel jewish f
sisko finnish f
sissie english f
sissy english f
sita indian, hindu mythology f
sitara indian f
sithmaith irish f
siv scandinavian, norse mythology f
sive irish f
siwan welsh f
sjurd norwegian m
sky english f,m
skye english f,m
skylar english m,f
skyler english m,f
slaine irish f
slaine scottish f
slavomir czech, slovak m
slawomir polish m
sloan english f,m
sloane english f,m
sly english m
sobieslaw polish m
socrates ancient greek (latinized) m
sofia norwegian, swedish, italian, greek f
sofie german, danish, dutch f
sofija serbian, croatian f
sofiya russian f
sofronio spanish m
sohail indian m
sohrab iranian m
sol (1) spanish, portuguese f
sol (2) jewish m
solange french f
soledad spanish f
solly jewish m
solomon biblical, english m
solon ancient greek m
solveig norwegian f
solvej danish f
solvig swedish f
somerled scottish m
somhairle scottish, irish m
sommer german f
sonal indian f
sondra english (modern) f
soner turkish m
sonia english, italian, spanish, portuguese, romanian f
sonja german, scandinavian f
sonje german f
sonnie english m,f
sonny english m,f
sonya russian f
sopheap khmer f,m
sophia english, greek, german, italian f
sophie french, english, german f
sophocles ancient greek (latinized) m
sophronia english, ancient greek f
sophronius ancient greek (latinized) m
sophus ancient greek (latinized) m
sophy english f
sora japanese f
sorcha irish, scottish f
sorin romanian m
sorina romanian f
sorley scottish, irish m
sorrel english f
sosigenes ancient greek m
sosimo spanish m
sostrate ancient greek f
sotiria greek f
sotirios greek m
sotiris greek m
spartacus history m
spencer english m
spike english m
spiridon greek m
spiro greek m
spiros greek m
spring english f
sprita esperanto f
spurius ancient roman m
spyridon greek, russian m
spyro greek m
spyros greek m
sri indian f
sroel jewish m
ssanyu african f
stacee english (modern) f
stacey english f,m
staci english (modern) f
stacia english f
stacie english f
stacy english f,m
stafford english m
stamatia greek f
stamatios greek m
stamatis greek m
stan english m
stanford english m
stanimir russian, bulgarian m
stanislas history m
stanislav czech, russian m
stanislava czech, russian f
stanislaw polish m
stanislawa polish f
stanley english m
star english f
stasya russian f
stathis greek m
stavros greek m
steafan scottish m
steaphan scottish m
steen danish m
steenie scottish m
stef english f,m
stefan german, scandinavian, polish, bulgarian, romanian, slovene m
stefana polish f
stefania italian, polish, romanian f
stefanie german, english, dutch f
stefano italian m
stefanos greek m
steffan welsh m
steffen german m
steffie f
stein norwegian m
stela romanian f
stelara esperanto f
stelian romanian m
stelios greek m
stella english f
stellan swedish m
sten swedish m
stepan czech, russian m
steph english f,m
stephan german m
stephane french m
stephania english f
stephanie french f
stephanie english, german f
stephanos ancient greek, greek m
stephany english f
stephen english, biblical m
steren cornish f
sterling english m
sterre dutch f
steve english m
steven english m
stevie english f,m
stew english m
stewart english m
stian scandinavian m
stig scandinavian m
stigandr ancient scandinavian m
stijn dutch m
stina scandinavian f
stiofan irish m
stirling english m
storm english m,f
straton ancient greek m
stribog slavic mythology m
stu english m
stuart english, scottish m
stylianos greek m
su english f
subhash indian m
subira african f
sudarshana indian m
sudhir indian m
sue english f
suha arabic f
suhail arabic m
suhayl arabic m
suibhne irish, scottish m
suibne irish m
sukie english f
sulabha indian f
sulaiman indian m
sulislaw polish m
sullivan english m
sulo finnish m
suman indian m
sumantra indian m
sumati indian f,m
sumayya arabic f
sumiko japanese f
summanus roman mythology m
summer english f
sunan thai m
sundar indian m
sundara indian m
sunday english f
sunder indian m
sunil indian m
sunita indian f
sunitha indian f
suniti indian f
sunniva scandinavian f
sunny english m,f
sunshine english f
suraj indian m
suraya arabic f
surendra indian m
suresh indian m
surinder indian m
surya indian, hindu mythology m
susan english f
susana spanish, italian f
susanita spanish f
susanna english, italian, biblical f
susannah english, biblical (variant) f
susanne german f
suse german f
susheela indian f
sushil indian m
sushila indian f
susie english f
susumu japanese m
suvi finnish f
suzan english f
suzana croatian, serbian f
suzanna english f
suzanne french f
suzette french f
suzie english f
suzu japanese f
suzume japanese f
suzy english f
svajone lithuanian f
svana icelandic f
svanhild norwegian f
svanhildur icelandic f
svarog slavic mythology m
sven swedish m
sverre norwegian m
sveta russian f
svetlana russian, czech, bulgarian f
svjetlana croatian f
svyatopolk russian m
svyatoslav russian m
swanhild german f
swanhilda german f
swanhilde german f
swaran indian m
sweeney irish, scottish m
swietomierz polish m
swietopelk polish m
swietoslaw polish m
swithin m
swithun m
sybella english f
sybil english f
sybilla english, german f
sybille german, french f
syd english m
sydne english f
sydney english f,m
sylvain french m
sylvaine french f
sylvana english f
sylvester english m
sylvestre french m
sylvia english, scandinavian, german f
sylviane french f
sylvianne french f
sylvie french f
sylwester polish m
sylwia polish f
symphony english f
syntyche biblical, ancient greek f
szabolcs hungarian m
szczepan polish m
szczesny polish m
szilard hungarian m
szilveszter hungarian m
szilvia hungarian f
szymon polish m
t?nde hungarian f
t?nder hungarian f
taavetti finnish m
taavi finnish m
tabatha english f
tabby english f
tabea german f
tabitha english, biblical f
tacey english f
tacita ancient roman, english f
tacito italian, spanish, portuguese m
tacitus ancient roman m
tad english m
taddeo italian m
tadej slovene m
tadeo spanish m
tadeu portuguese m
tadeusz polish m
tadg irish, scottish m
tadhg irish, scottish m
taegan m,f
taffy welsh m
tahnee english (modern) f
tahti finnish f
tahvo finnish m
tai chinese m,f
taimi finnish f
takako japanese f
takashi japanese m
takehiko japanese f
takeshi japanese m
takouhi armenian f
takumi japanese m
tal jewish m,f
talbot english m
taletta f
talfryn welsh m
talia jewish f
taliba arabic f
taliesin welsh m
taline armenian f
talitha biblical f
tallulah english f
talulla irish f
talya russian f
tam scottish m
tamar jewish, biblical f
tamara russian f
tamas hungarian m
tamati maori m
tameka english f
tamera english f
tami english f
tamia f
tamid arabic m
tamika english f
tamiko japanese f
tamir jewish m
tammaro italian m
tammi english f
tammie english f
tammy english f
tamra english f
tamsen english f
tamsin english f
tamson f
tamzen english f
tancred ancient germanic m
tancredo italian m
taneka english (modern) f
taneli finnish m
tanesha english (modern) f
tania english f
tanika english (modern) f
tanis near eastern mythology (hellenized) f
tanisha english (modern) f
tanit near eastern mythology f
tanith near eastern mythology f
tanja german, finnish, serbian, croatian, slovene f
tanner english m,f
tansy english f
tanya russian, english f
tanzi english (modern) f
tapani finnish m
tapio finnish, mythology m
tara (1) english f
tara (2) indian, hindu mythology f
taranis celtic mythology m
taras russian, ukrainian m
tarek arabic m
tarina english f
tariq arabic m
tarmo finnish m
taro japanese m
tarquin english m
taryn english f
tasgall scottish m
tasha russian, english f
taskill scottish m
tate english m,f
tatiana russian, slovak, bulgarian, romanian, spanish, portuguese, italian, en f
tatianna english f
tatienne french f
tatjana russian, serbian, croatian, slovene, german f
tatton english m
tatu finnish m
tatum english f
tatyana russian f
tatyanna english f
tau african m
tawfiq arabic m
tawnie english f
tawny english f
tayler english m,f
taylor english m,f
teagan irish m,f
teague irish m
teal english f
teale english f
tearach m
tearlach scottish m
tearlag scottish f
teasag scottish f
teca hungarian f
tecla f
tecumseh native american m
ted english m
teddy english m
teemu finnish m
tegan m,f
tegwen welsh f
tehila jewish f
teige irish m
teigue irish m
teivel jewish m
tekla scandinavian, russian, polish f
tel english m
telesphore french m
telma portuguese f
teman biblical m
temani biblical (variant) m
temel turkish m
temitope african f
temperance english f
tempest english f
temple english m,f
temujin history m
tendai african f
tennyson english m
tenskwatawa native american m
teodor scandinavian, romanian, czech, polish, serbian, croatian m
teodora italian, spanish, portuguese, swedish, romanian, polish f
teodoro italian, spanish, portuguese m
teodors latvian m
teodosio italian, spanish, portuguese m
teofil polish m
teofilo italian, spanish, portuguese m
teppo finnish m
tera english f
terach biblical (variant) m
terah biblical m
terance english m
tercero spanish m
tere spanish f
terence english m
terenzio italian m
teresa spanish, portuguese, italian, finnish, polish f
terese f
teresinha portuguese f
terez hungarian f
tereza bulgarian, czech, slovak, romanian f
terezia hungarian f
terezija slovene f
terezinha portuguese f
teri english f
teris m
terminus roman mythology m
tero finnish m
terpsichore greek mythology f
terra english f
terrance english m
terrell english m
terrence english m
terri english f
terrie english f
terry english m,f
tertius ancient roman m
tess english f
tessa english f
tessie english f
tetty english f
teunis dutch m
teuvo finnish m
tevye jewish m
tex english m
thabo african m
thad english m
thaddeus english, biblical m
thais ancient greek f
thales ancient greek m
thalia greek mythology f
than m
thanatos greek mythology m
thane english m
thanh vietnamese m,f
thea english f
thecla f
theda german f
theirn french m
thekla greek f
thelma english f
thelonius ancient germanic (latinized) m
themis greek mythology f
themistocles ancient greek (latinized) m
theo french m
theo english m
theobald english m
theocritus ancient greek (latinized) m
theodor german m
theodora english, greek, ancient greek f
theodore french m
theodore english m
theodoric ancient germanic m
theodoros greek, ancient greek m
theodosia ancient greek, greek f
theodosius ancient greek (latinized) m
theodotus ancient greek (latinized) m
theophania greek, ancient greek f
theophila ancient greek f
theophile french m
theophilus biblical, ancient greek (latinized) m
theophylaktos greek, ancient greek m
therapon ancient greek m
theresa english f
therese french f
theresia german f
theron ancient greek m
theseus greek mythology m
theunis dutch m
thi vietnamese f
thiago portuguese m
thibault french m
thierry french m
thirza f
thom english m
thomas english, french, german, scandinavian, biblical m
thomasina english f
thor norse mythology m
thora scandinavian, german f
thorbjorn danish m
thorborg scandinavian f
thorburn english m
thorley english m
thornton english m
thorstein swedish, danish m
thorvald scandinavian m
thoth egyptian mythology (hellenized) m
thracius ancient roman m
thu vietnamese f
thuan vietnamese m
thucydides ancient greek (latinized) m
thunor anglo-saxon mythology m
thurayya arabic f
thurstan english m
thutmose egyptian mythology m
thuy vietnamese f
thyra scandinavian f
thyrza f
tia english f
tiago portuguese m
tiamat near eastern mythology f
tiana english f
tianna english f
tiara english f
tiarnach irish m
tiarnan irish m
tibby english m
tiberius ancient roman m
tibor hungarian m
tiborc hungarian m
tiburcio spanish, portuguese m
tiede frisian, dutch m
tien vietnamese f
tiernan irish m
tierney irish m
tierra f
tiffani english (modern) f
tiffany english f
tiger english m
tigernach irish m
tigernan irish m
tighearnach irish m
tighearnan irish m
tiina finnish f
tikhon russian m
tilda english, swedish f
till german m
tillie english f
tillo german m
tilly english f
tim english m
timaeus ancient greek (latinized) m
timea hungarian f
timeus m
timmy english m
timo (1) finnish m
timo (2) ancient greek f
timofei russian m
timon ancient greek, biblical m
timotei bulgarian m
timotej slovene m
timoteo italian, spanish, portuguese m
timoteus m
timotha english (modern) f
timothea ancient greek, greek f
timothee french m
timothy english, biblical m
timoti maori m
tina english, italian f
tinek slovene m
tinuviel literature f
tipene maori m
tiphanie english (modern) f
tiras biblical m
tirzah biblical f
tisha english f
titania english f
titilayo african f
tito italian, spanish m
titty english f
titus ancient roman, biblical, english m
tivadar hungarian m
tivoli m,f
tiw anglo-saxon mythology m
tiwlip welsh f
tiziana italian f
tiziano italian m
tlaloc new world mythology m
toal irish m
tobiah biblical m
tobias biblical m
tobin english m
toby english m,f
tod english m
todd english m
todor bulgarian m
toiba jewish f
toinette french f
toini finnish f
toirdhealbhach irish m
toireasa irish f
toivo finnish m
tola khmer f
tolly english m
tom english m
toma (1) russian f
toma (2) croatian m
tomas scottish m
tomas spanish, portuguese, irish, czech m
tomas swedish, norwegian m
tomasa spanish f
tomasz polish m
tomaz slovene m
tomer jewish m
tomi finnish, hungarian m
tomiko japanese f
tomislav croatian m
tomislava croatian f
tommaso italian m
tommi finnish m
tommie english m,f
tommy english m
tomos welsh m
tondra esperanto f
toni (1) hungarian m
toni (2) english f
tonia english f
tonio italian m
tonka slovene f
tony english m
tonya english f
topaz english f
topher english m
topi finnish m
topsy english f
tor scandinavian m
tora scandinavian f
torben danish m
torbjorn swedish m
torborg scandinavian f
torcall m
tordis norwegian, danish f
tore (1) scandinavian m
tore (2) italian m
torgeir norwegian, danish m
torger norwegian, danish m
torhild norwegian f
tori english f
toria english f
toribio spanish m
toril indian m
torin irish m
torkel swedish m
tormod norwegian m
torquil scottish m
torsten swedish, danish m
torvald scandinavian m
totty english f
toussaint french m
tova jewish f
tovah jewish f
tovia f
toya f
trace english m,f
tracee english (modern) f
tracey english f,m
traci english (modern) f
tracie english f
tracy english f,m
trafford english m,f
trahaearn welsh m
traherne welsh m
trai vietnamese m
traian romanian m
trajan history m
tranter english m
travers english m
travis english m
treasa irish f
trecia english f
trefor welsh m
trent english m
trenton english m
tresha english f
trev welsh, english m
trevelyan english m
trevor welsh, english m
trey english m
tria f
tricia english f
trijntje dutch f
trina english f
trine danish f
trini spanish f
trinidad spanish f,m
trinity english f
trish english f
trisha english f
trista english f
tristan spanish m
tristan welsh, english, french, celtic mythology m
tristand english m
tristao portuguese m
tristen english m
tristin english m
triston english m
tristram english m
trix english f
trixie english f
troy english m
trudi german, english f
trudie english f
trudy english f
trueman english m
truman english m
tryggve swedish m
trygve scandinavian m
tryphena biblical f
tryphon greek, ancient greek m
tryphosa biblical f
trystan welsh m
tsholofelo african f
tu (1) chinese m,f
tu (2) vietnamese m,f
tuan vietnamese m
tuathal irish m
tucker english m
tudor welsh m
tudur welsh m
tue danish m
tuija finnish f
tullia italian, ancient roman f
tullio italian m
tully m
tunc turkish m
tuomas finnish m
tuomo finnish m
tuor literature m
ture scandinavian m
turin literature m
turlough irish m
tutankhamon ancient egyptian m
tuulikki finnish, mythology f
tuvya jewish m
tuyen vietnamese f
tuyet vietnamese f
twdor hungarian m
twila english f
twyla english f
txomin basque m
ty english m
tybalt english m
tycho ancient greek (latinized) m
tye english m
tyge danish m
tyko swedish m
tylar english m
tyler english m,f
tylor english m
tymoteusz polish m
tyr norse mythology m
tyra scandinavian f
tyreek english (modern) m
tyrell english m
tyrese english m
tyrik english (modern) m
tyriq english (modern) m
tyrone english m
tyrrell english m
tyson english m
tzeitel jewish f
tziporah jewish f
tzofiya jewish f
tzufit jewish f
uaithne irish m
ualan scottish m
uberto italian m
udo german m
ugo italian m
uilleag irish m
uilleam scottish m
uilliam irish m
uinseann irish m
ukko finnish, mythology m
uland english m
ulbrecht m
ulf danish, swedish m
ulick irish m
ulises spanish m
ulisse italian m
ulisses portuguese m
ulla scandinavian f
ulric english m
ulrica swedish f
ulrich german, french m
ulrik scandinavian m
ulrika german, scandinavian f
ulrike german, danish f
ultan irish m
ulyssa english f
ulysses roman mythology, english m
uma indian, hindu mythology f
umar arabic m
umberto italian m
ume japanese f
una irish, scottish f
undine literature f
unice english (modern) f
unique english f
unity english f
upton english m
urania greek mythology (latinized) f
uranus greek mythology (latinized) m
urbain french m
urban english, danish, swedish, polish, czech m
urbana ancient roman, italian f
urbano italian, spanish m
uri biblical, jewish m
uriah biblical m
urias m
uriel biblical, jewish m
urien welsh, welsh mythology m
urjasz polish m
urs german m
ursel german f
ursella english f
ursula english, scandinavian, german f
urszula polish f
urvakhsha m
usagi japanese f
usama arabic m
uschi german f
usha indian f
usko finnish m
usman turkish m
usoa basque f
ustinya russian f
ute german f
uthman arabic m
utz german m
uwe german m
uzi biblical, jewish m
uzma arabic f
uzziah biblical m
uzziel biblical, jewish m
vaclav czech m
vaclava czech f
vadim russian m
vahan armenian m
val english m,f
valarie english f
valary english f
valda english f
valdemar scandinavian m
valdis f
valencia spanish f
valentin spanish m
valentin scandinavian, german, french, czech, russian, romanian m
valentina italian, russian, romanian, ancient roman f
valentine (1) english m
valentine (2) french f
valentino italian m
valere french m
valeria hungarian f
valeria italian, spanish, romanian, ancient roman f
valerian history m
valeriana ancient roman f
valerie french f
valerie english f
valerija serbian, croatian f
valerio italian, spanish, portuguese m
valeriu romanian m
valerius ancient roman m
valeriya russian f
valery french m
valeska f
vali romanian m
valkyrie norse mythology f
valora esperanto f
valorie english f
valter scandinavian, portuguese m
valtteri finnish m
van (1) english m
van (2) vietnamese m
vanamo finnish f
vance english m
vanda italian f
vanessa english f
vangelis greek m
vanja scandinavian f
vanna khmer f,m
vanya russian m
varda jewish f
vardah jewish f
varfolomei russian m
varg norwegian m
varinia ancient roman, spanish f
varinius ancient roman m
varius ancient roman m
varlam russian m
vartouhi armenian f
varvara russian, greek, bulgarian f
varya russian f
vasant indian m
vasanta indian f
vasco spanish, portuguese, italian m
vashti biblical f
vasil bulgarian, macedonian m
vasile romanian m
vasili russian m
vasilica romanian m
vasilios greek m
vasilisa russian f
vasilka bulgarian f
vasily russian m
vassily russian m
vasu indian m
vasya russian m
vaughan english, welsh m
vaughn english, welsh m
vavrinec czech m
veasna khmer m
veca serbian f
veera finnish f
velda f
veli finnish m
velia italian f
velma english (modern) f
velvel jewish m
velvela jewish f
vena f
vencel hungarian m
venceslao italian m
venceslas spanish m
venceslav czech m
venetia f
veniamin russian m
venka esperanto f
venkat indian m
venus roman mythology f
venyamin russian m
vera russian, english, german f
vercingetorix ancient celtic m
vere english m
vered jewish f
verena german f
vergil english m
verity english f
vern m
verna english f
verner scandinavian m
vernon english m
verona f
veronica spanish f
veronica portuguese f
veronica english, italian, romanian f
veronika russian, czech, scandinavian, german, hungarian f
veronique french f
vesa finnish m
vesna croatian, serbian, slovene f
vespasian ancient roman m
vespasiano italian m
vespasien french m
vespera esperanto f
vesta roman mythology f
vester german m
veva f
vi english f
vibeke danish, norwegian f
vibol khmer m
vic english m,f
vicente spanish, portuguese m
vicki english f
vickie english f
vicky english f
vico italian m
victoire french f
victor spanish m
victor english, french, portuguese, spanish, romanian m
victoria (1) english, spanish, romanian, ancient roman f
victoria (2) roman mythology f
victorine french f
victorino spanish, portuguese m
victorius ancient roman m
vid slovene m
vida hungarian m
vidal spanish m
vidar scandinavian, norse mythology m
vidya indian f
vien vietnamese m
vienne french f
viggo scandinavian m
vijay indian m
vijaya indian f
vikki english f
vikram indian m
viktor scandinavian, german, hungarian, polish, czech, bulgarian, russian, cr m
viktoria hungarian f
viktoria german, scandinavian f
vilchjo esperanto m
vilem czech m
vilfred danish m
vilhelm scandinavian, hungarian m
vilhelmi finnish m
vilhelmiina finnish f
vilhelmo esperanto m
vilhelms latvian m
vilhjalmur icelandic m
vili hungarian m
viljami finnish m
viljem slovene m
vilko slovene m
ville finnish m
vilma hungarian f
vilmar m
vilmos hungarian m
vilppu finnish m
vin english m
vina f
vinal english m
vinay indian m
vince english, hungarian m
vincenc czech m
vincent english, french, dutch, danish, swedish m
vincentas lithuanian m
vincente spanish m
vincenza italian f
vincenzo italian m
vinh vietnamese f
vinko croatian m
vinnie english m
vinzenz german m
viola english, italian, scandinavian f
violet english f
violeta romanian, bulgarian f
violetta italian f
violette french f
viorel romanian m
viorica romanian f
vipul indian m
virgee english f
virgie english f
virgil english, romanian m
virgilio italian, spanish, portuguese m
virginia english, italian, spanish, portuguese, danish, swedish, romanian, anci f
virginie french f
vishal indian m
vishnu hindu mythology m
visitacion spanish f
visnja croatian f
vit czech m
vita english, danish, ancient roman f
vitale italian m
vitali russian m
vitalia italian f
vito italian, spanish m
vitor portuguese m
vittore italian m
vittoria italian f
vittorino italian m
vittorio italian m
vitus ancient roman m
vitya russian m
viveka swedish f
vivian english m,f
viviana italian, spanish, ancient roman f
vivien french f,m
vivienne french f
viviette english (modern) f
vivyan english f
vjeko croatian m
vjekoslav croatian m
vjekoslava croatian f
vlad russian, romanian m
vladilen russian m
vladimir russian, czech, serbian, croatian m
vladimira russian, czech f
vladislav russian, czech m
vladislava russian, czech f
vlaho croatian m
vlasi russian m
voirrey manx f
voitto finnish m
vojtech czech m
volkan turkish m
volker german m
volodya russian m
volodymyr russian, ukrainian m
volos slavic mythology m
volund norse mythology m
volya russian m
vonda russian f
vortigern history m
vosgi armenian f
vreni german f
vsevolod russian m
vulcan roman mythology m
vyacheslav russian m
vytautas lithuanian m
waclaw polish m
wade english m
waheed arabic m
waheeda arabic f
wahid arabic m
wahida arabic f
walburga f
waldemar german, scandinavian m
waldo english, german m
walenty polish m
walid arabic m
walker english m
wallace english, scottish m
wallis english m,f
wally english m,f
walt english m
walter english, german, scandinavian m
walther german m
walton english m
waltraud german f
wanda english f
wapasha native american m
ward english m
wardell english m
warner english m
warren english m
warwick english m
washington english m
wasim arabic m
wassim arabic m
wasswa african m
wat english m
wawrzyniec polish m
wayland english m
waylon english m
wayne english m
webster english m
wei chinese m
wekesa african m
weldon english m
wen chinese f
wenceslas history m
wenda english f
wendel german m
wendell english m
wendi english (modern) f
wendy english f
wenona english f
wenonah english (modern) f
wenzel german m
wenzeslaus german m
wera polish f
werner german, dutch, scandinavian m
werther german m
wesley english m
weston english m
whitaker english m
whitney english f,m
wibeke german f
wickaninnish native american m
widad arabic f
wiebe dutch, frisian, german m
wiebke german f
wieland german m
wielislaw polish m
wieslaw polish m
wieslawa polish f
wigburg f
wikolia hawaiian f
wiktor polish m
wiktoria polish f
wil english m
wilbert m
wilbur english m
wilburn english m
wilda f
wiley english m
wilf english m
wilford english m
wilfred english m
wilfreda english f
wilfredo spanish m
wilfrid english m
wilfried german m
wilhelm german m
wilhelmina german f
wilkie english m
will english m
willa english f
willard english m
willem dutch m
william english m
willie english m,f
willis english m
willoughby english m
willow english f
willy english m
wilma german, english f
wilmer english m
wilmot english m
wilson english m
wilton english m
wim dutch, german m
wincenty polish m
windsor english m
winfred english m
winfried german m
winifred welsh, english f
winnie english f
winnifred welsh, english f
winona english, native american f
winston english m
winter english f
winthrop english m
winton english m
wiremu maori m
wisdom english f,m
wislaw m
witold (1) german m
witold (2) polish m
wladyslaw polish m
wlodek polish m
wlodzimierz polish m
wlodzislaw polish m
woden anglo-saxon mythology m
wojciech polish m
wojtek polish m
wolf german, english, jewish m
wolfgang german m
wolfram german m
wolodymyr ukrainian m
woodrow english m
woody english m
wotan germanic mythology m
wouter dutch m
wren english f
wright english m
wu chinese m
wyatt english m
wybert anglo-saxon m
wymond english m
wyn welsh m
wynfor welsh m
wynn welsh m
wynne welsh m,f
wynonna english f
wynter english (modern) f
wystan english m
xabier basque m
xander dutch m
xandra dutch f
xanthe greek mythology, ancient greek f
xanthia f
xanthippe ancient greek f
xara f
xaver german m
xavia f
xaviar english m
xavier english, french, spanish m
xaviera english f
xavior english m
xena english f
xene greek f
xenia greek, english f
xenocrates ancient greek (latinized) m
xenon ancient greek m
xenophon ancient greek m
xerxes english m
xiang chinese m,f
ximena spanish f
ximun basque m
xiomara spanish f
xoan galician m
xochilt spanish f
xochipilli new world mythology m
xochiquetzal new world mythology f
xochitl native american, spanish f
xose galician m
xuan vietnamese m,f
xue chinese f,m
xun chinese m
xyleena ? f
xylia english (modern) f
xylina f
xzavier english (modern) m
yaa african f
yachin jewish m
yachna jewish f
yadira f
yael jewish f
yaffa jewish f
yahveh theology m
yahweh theology m
yahya arabic m
yakim russian m
yakov jewish, russian m
yale welsh m
yan m
yanick breton, french m,f
yankel jewish m
yann breton, french m
yannic breton, french m,f
yannick breton, french m,f
yannis greek m
yarden jewish m
yardena jewish f
yaromira russian f
yaron jewish, english m,f
yaropolk russian m
yaroslav russian m
yaroslava russian f
yasamin iranian f
yasha russian m
yashmine english f
yasir arabic m
yasmin iranian, english f
yasmina english f
yasmine english f
yasser arabic m
yasu japanese f
yavuz turkish m
yaw african m
yazmin english (modern) f
yechezkel jewish m
yehiel jewish m
yehudah jewish m
yehudi jewish m
yehudit jewish f
yejide african f
yelena russian f
yelizaveta russian f
yen vietnamese f
yente jewish f
yentl jewish m,f
yered jewish m
yermolai russian m
yesenia spanish f
yessenia spanish f
yeva armenian f
yevgeni russian m
yevgeniya russian f
yevgeny russian m
yewande african f
yidel jewish f
yildiz turkish f
yin chinese f
yitzhak jewish m
ylva scandinavian f
yngvar danish, norwegian m
yngve scandinavian m
yoav jewish m
yochanan biblical (original) m
yoel jewish m
yoko japanese f
yolanda english f
yolande french f
yolonda english f
yonah jewish m
yonatan jewish m
yonca turkish f
yong korean m,f
yorath welsh m
yori japanese m
yorick english m
york english m
yosef jewish m
yoshi japanese m,f
yoshiko japanese f
yoshiro japanese m
young korean m,f
yousef arabic m
youssef arabic m
yrjana finnish m
yrjo finnish m
ysabel english (modern) f
yseult french f
yu chinese f,m
yudel jewish m
yuki japanese m
yukiko japanese f
yuko japanese f
yulia russian f
yuliana russian f
yuliya russian, bulgarian f
yumi japanese f
yun chinese f
yuri (1) russian m
yuri (2) japanese f
yuriy ukrainian m
yusef arabic m
yushua arabic m
yusra arabic f
yussel jewish m
yusuf arabic, turkish m
yutke jewish f
yuval jewish m
yvain welsh mythology m
yves french m
yvette french f
yvo german m
yvon m
yvonne french f
zabel armenian f
zacarias spanish m
zacchaeus biblical m
zach english m
zachariah english m
zacharias biblical, english m
zacharie french m
zacharjasz polish m
zachary english m
zachery english m
zack english m
zackary english m
zackery english m
zahir arabic m
zahira arabic f
zahra arabic f
zahrah arabic f
zaid arabic m
zaida arabic f
zain arabic m
zaina arabic f
zainab arabic f
zaira arabic f
zak english m
zakhar russian m
zaki arabic m
zakiah jewish f
zakiyya arabic f
zalman jewish m
zalmon biblical m
zan chinese f
zander english m
zandra english f
zane english m
zara english, spanish, italian, portuguese f
zaramama new world mythology f
zarathustra history m
zaray arabic f
zareen iranian f
zaria arabic f
zarita spanish f
zavanna english f
zavia english f
zavier english m
zayd arabic m
zayn arabic m
zayna arabic f
zaynab arabic f
zbigniew polish m
zdenek czech m
zdenka czech f
zdislav czech m
zdzislaw polish m
ze portuguese m
zebadiah biblical m
zebedee biblical m
zebulon biblical (variant) m
zebulun biblical m
zechariah biblical m
zed english m
zedekiah biblical m
zeev jewish m
zeke english m
zeki turkish m
zelda jewish, english f
zelde jewish f
zelig jewish m
zella german f
zelma english f
zelpah f
zelpha f
zena english f
zenia f
zeno ancient greek (latinized) m
zenobia ancient greek f
zenon ancient greek m
zenovia greek f
zenzi german f
zeph english m
zephania m
zephaniah biblical m
zephyr greek mythology (anglicized) m
zephyra f
zephyrine french f
zerachiel judeo-christian legend m
zeta f
zeus greek mythology m
zev jewish m
zhen chinese f
zhenya russian f
zhou chinese m
zia arabic m
ziba iranian f
zilla english f
zillah biblical, english f
zilpah biblical f
zimri biblical m
zina russian f
zinaida russian f
zinnia english f
zinovia russian, greek f
zion jewish m
zipporah biblical, jewish f
zisel jewish f
zita italian f
ziv jewish m,f
ziva jewish f
zivit jewish f
ziya arabic m
ziyad arabic m
zlata croatian f
zlatan croatian m
zlatko croatian m
zlota polish f
zoe french f
zoe english, greek, polish f
zoey english (modern) f
zofia polish f
zohar jewish m,f
zoie english (modern) f
zola english f
zoltan hungarian m
zona f
zopyros ancient greek m
zora czech, slovak, croatian, serbian, slovene f
zoraida spanish f
zoran croatian, serbian, slovene m
zoroaster history m
zosia polish f
zosime ancient greek f
zosimos ancient greek m
zosimus ancient greek (latinized) m
zoticus ancient greek (latinized) m
zowie english (modern) f
zsa zsa hungarian f
zsanett hungarian f
zsiga hungarian m
zsigmond hungarian m
zsofia hungarian f
zsofika hungarian f
zsolt hungarian m
zsuzsa hungarian f
zsuzsanna hungarian f
zsuzsi hungarian f
zuberi african m
zubin english m
zula english f
zuleika literature f
zulekha arabic f
zuri african f
zusa jewish f
zusman jewish m
zuzana czech f
zuzanna polish f
zvi jewish m
zvonimir croatian m
zvonimira croatian f
zvonko croatian m
zygmunt polish m